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Cough from Smoke Inhalation – 3 Year Old Boy

Written by Chetna Rochani

Dr. Chetna Rochani shares a brief acute cough case in a boy of 3.  The problem resulted from firecracker smoke during the Diwali festival.

A 3year old boy was brought by his mother on 8/11/18.

Chief complaint:coughing due to smoke from fire crackers.Mild fever since yesterday. Every year during Diwali festival he suffers the same way. His cough (Homeopathy Treatment for Cough) is worse while lying down and also at night.Running nose, but blocked when lying down.Watery eyes. Head was hot in the morning.  Sore throat with hoarseness of voice.

Appetite lost


Desires to go out in open air though he feels chilly.

Clingy and hugs and kisses his mother all the time. He does the same while sitting for his haircut.He is playful.He is scared of ghosts, PMH: Pneumonia at age of 9 months.

Observation :

Mild, gentle, shy.

No eye contact at all.

No irritability.

Hoarseness of voice.


MIND – AFFECTIONATE – children kiss and caress

GENERALITIES – SMOKE, smoke inhalation agg.



COUGH – NIGHT – agg.

COUGH – LYING – agg.

EYES – LACHRYMATION – fever, during

Rx  :Pulsatilla 1M – 1 dose

Within 4 hours I received a message from patient’s mother that the boy had started taking food, hoarseness is gone. No lachrymation, No running nose. He can lie down peacefully without coughing.

About the author

Chetna Rochani

Dr. Chetna Rochani has been practicing homoeopathy since 2009 at Baroda, Gujarat, India. She received a B.H.M.S from Baroda Homeopathic Medical College in 2009 with internship. She got her MD (Materia Media) from R.K. Anand Homeopathic College and Research Institute. She also received an N.D.D.Y. (Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Yoga) from Gandhi National Academy of Naturopathy. She as conducted monthly camps on thyroid and diabetes and health awareness programs with the help of the Lions Club of Ajwa regarding homeopathy. She is currently working as visiting faculty at Gujarat homeopathic Medical college, Savli, Baroda.

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