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Covid-19 Omicron Variant in a Male of 75

Homeopath Kathrine Dehn shares a case of Covid-19 Omicron variant in a man of 75. Intermittent fever, extreme coldness and debilitating perspiration were among the remedies leading to the simillimum.

Male of 75- Covid-19 the omicron variant 04.1.22

Previously patient has been treated homeopathically for arthritis and a burning in his eyes which made him unable to use them and which no ophthalmologist has been able to diagnose, and kidney stones in both kidneys but worse right. Remedies given in the past have been Carcinosin, Calc-phos., and Lycopodium.

Patient is tall, lean, of dark complexion and usually very active.

“On my way to bed just after midnight I got a dizzy kind of sensation and then I started to freeze and tremble. I trembled so much that the whole bed was shaking. I did not sleep at all. I was so cold and then I became hot and perspired, then I became cold alternately. Trembling for 4 hours the first night. Had to have 2 duvets on.  My temperature was 39.2 degrees Celsius. I was urinating a lot, four times at least I had to go. “

“The following day I slept all day. Felt nauseous from drinking. Also pain in the stomach from eating. Pain in the stomach from hunger, but cannot find anything I want. And when I have eaten, I feel uncomfortable and tired and I need to lie down and sleep especially after breakfast. The only thing I can bear to eat and that does not totally disagree is a little toast. Lost 8 pounds.”

“Cold in the same way the following 2 nights. The following nights the cold and trembling came on a bit earlier. Drenched in sweat when getting hot.”

I have very cold hands

During the night last night I had pains in my right kidney.

A lot of pain in my lower back. Can hardly find a position to lie in. I had it a bit before the Corona, but it is much worse. Also pain in the morning. Very difficult to lie down. Cannot describe the pain. It is a constant pain near the spine in the lumbar region.

I am very confused. Cannot think clearly and I am very tired.

Nights are the worst. I am restless and it is so difficult to lie down.

But today I have also got a dump pain at my heart. The pain is there in tune with the heart beats. It is like a hidden pain deep inside the heart. It has been there with a few hours in between and it lasts 5-6-7 beats. I am not nervous but I am attentive. I am not afraid of Corona.

Gradually I have also started to cough. Expectorations are yellow and a little tough. And I have a very dry mouth.


In this case the differentiation was between Nux-Vom., Lyc., Bry., and China-Off.  Firstly Nux-vom was looked at as it came up as one of the only remedies in pulsating pain of the heart. But on looking at Hering’s Guiding Symptoms under Heart, Pulse and Circulation, the pain is described as: “a sense of fluttering at pit of stomach, on lying down after dinner, in frequent short paroxysm, with pulsating throbs in direction of heart; from mental emotions or protracted study.” Not quite fitting either the sensation or the aetiology of the patient. The feverish state could fit in with that of Nux-vom., including pain in small of back during fever, although the perspiration would usually be milder, and usually Nux-vom is worse for bread.

Under neck and back in Hering’s guiding symptoms of China he has: “Pain in small of back, at night, lying on it.” And under fever: “Coldness every night at 12 o´clock, followed by light fever and sweat. – Intermittent.”

Under Eating and Drinking: “The slightest portion of food causes much pain.” And: “After eating: weariness, desires to lie down and sleep. Drowsiness, oppressive fullness of stomach and general malaise. Worse after breakfast.”

“Frequent and urgent desire to urinate.” Under Urinary Organs

There seemed to be too much restlessness for Byonia. Lyc. fit the pain in the right kidney and has the inability to eat great amounts of food. The time of the chill starting at midnight and lasting through the night favored China as the fever of Lyc. would usually come on in the afternoon round 4 pm. Also the stomach symptoms were mirrored in China.

China-off 30 c given on 08.1.22

“Quite quickly worse in my back. Within 20 minutes. Did not feel any other changes. Took one more China 30 c dissolved in water 1.5 hours later. 2 hours later the pain in my back disappeared and I have had no return of the back pain. I have slept much better and today (Jan 9th) my temperature is 36.5 degrees Celsius, which is my normal temperature in the morning when not ill.”

“I did not have any trembling in the night. No heat nor chill. This morning I had a bit of cold sweat on forehead, but that disappeared quite quickly. I feel better today than I did yesterday, I have eaten too much breakfast though. I had more appetite, but ate too much and that made me feel uncomfortable.  Much better energy today. Went for a shower and shaved for the first time. Have a feeling that everything is going the right way”

Repeat China if necessary.


“I have not repeated remedy. No pain my back. Slept well. I have not felt the pain in my heart. Still no fever nor chill. Felt my left kidney in the night the night before last. Just a couple of times and only for a short while.”

“I am very tired. I can eat a little more, but I still feel worse after eating, still ok with toast. The cough is better, but not gone entirely, and I have got a lot of mucus from the nose now.”

Repeat China 30c


“No change although I can eat without getting worse. But I have no more energy and the cough is no better than yesterday. “

(As it was better to eat, the patient was told to wait and see if the energy would pick up and the cough get better during the day, and if not take a china 50c.)


“Took a China 50c yesterday at 5.30 pm. More energy this morning on rising. The cough has gone and the mucus. I feel a lot better in myself, and when I got up in the morning, I felt I was free of Corona. I do, however, still get tired during the day and my appetite is still not as good as it was.”

Repeat China 50 c if necessary.

Phone call on 18.01.2022.  I have not repeated the China. I am very well, eating better and energy completely back to normal – life is wonderful.


Hering, C.(Reprint 1991) Guiding Symptoms of our Materia Medica (Vols.3, 4,5,7, 8, B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi India.

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