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A Cured Case of Hydrocephalus

Written by Punit Sarpal

Dr. Punit Sarpal presents a case of hydrocephalus in a four year old boy.

“A” is a 4year old boy who had suffered from Hydrocephalus (Homeopathy for Hydrocephalus) since he was one and a half years old. His parents were not able to identify the problem at first. But soon they saw the head of the child was growing remarkably in size and the child found difficulty in moving it. They first took him to an allopathic Hospital for evaluation. The parents were poor and not able to afford the expense of allopathic treatment, so they turned to Homeopathy.

When they came to me, the child in pain, was not able to move his bulky, huge head at all, and had obvious drooping of the eyes.  In such cases drooping of eyes is obvious so we should not consider it as a unique symptom.

The boy did have a very noticeable feature, the excessive secretion of saliva. Based on this and a few accompanying symptoms, I prescribed Merc Sol 200 and asked to see him again after 15 days.

The next day the father came to my Clinic just to say that the boy was not suffering from any pain and everyone was happy about it. I waited for one month and saw there was reduction in pain and agony. However, there was still no reduction in the size of the head nor any movement of the head. The excess salivation continued.

I then gave child Merc Sol 1M and waited another month. His pain was reduced remarkably with slight reduction in saliva. The size of his head was marginally decreased, but he still couldn’t move it.

Now I had two options, either to further increase the potency of my medicine or to reconsider the case. This time, instead of increasing the potency, I reviewed the case.

To my surprise, I found another medicine with excess salivation that also fit the symptoms.  It was Lyssin. I asked the parents whether the child was afraid of dogs. They replied affirmatively.  I chose Lyssin this time over Merc Sol, because Merc Sol is a remedy of the Syphilitic Miasm. We were able to see the reduction in pain, as pain is a syphilitic character. But now our target was to remove the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. This is actually covered in the Sycotic Miasm, which has excess. I prescribed Lyssin 1M this time, feeling I was on the right track.

Now the results seemed almost miraculous. Within one month the size of his head started decreasing and slight movement of the head was observed by the child’s mother. Also, the excess salivation stopped. I didn’t repeat any medicine after that. In 4 months his head started moving and the child recovered from the  Hydrocephalus.

See photo below:


About the author

Punit Sarpal

Dr. Punit Sarpal has been practicing Homeopathy since 1980. He was a graduate of Yuvraj Pratap Singh Memorial Homeopathic Medical College, Alwar, Rajasthan and now practices in Bareilly. He has contributed to research and rural health and advisory services through lectures, articles, press conferences and publications. He has also sponsored and donated to health benefit programmes and events. He has been successful with serious chronic ailments such as kidney stones, Brain tumors, gangrene, diabetes, Dengue and Nephrotic syndrome. He also worked on infertility, PMS and Phobias.


  • you have a good result though, the baby’s head is still big from the picture. have you recorded any change in head shape after treatment completion ?

  • DEAR DR,

  • Thank you for sharing the case. As it helps learning..

    “Based on this and a FEW ACCOMPANYING SYMPTOMS,”

    Curious to know those FEW ACCOMPANYING SYMPTOMS..

    And I would like to suggest to case writers and also Hpathy team to please also include in the cured cases analysis as a screen shot..

    Thank you.

    Dr Mirza Bilal Baig

    • Dr Baig,
      I am from Saraialamgir and want to consult a homoeo physician for my child. Kindly help me out. Regards
      Junaid Asif

  • It’s miracle, my son is eight years old and I am also worried about his hydrocephalus. I studied Dr. Punit success I salute you sir and your this case study gave me a hope that my child will also be cured.
    Junaid Asif Ch

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