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Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever

Dr. Jayakumar Pannakkal discusses his success in treating Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever with homeopathy

Kerala, where I practice is not an endemic state of Dengue. But for the past few years during monsoon season, outbreaks of the hemorrhagic form of Dengue have been common and increasing every year. It is believed facilitated by Konkan Railway which comes through Kaisur forest, where abundant Aedes aegepti mosquitos (carrier of dengue virus)   reach into Kerala. DHF (Dengue haemorrhagic fever) is so common now that in my daily clinical practice almost every day there will be 2 or 3 cases. Since homeopathy clearly proved its value here, many patients prefer homoeopathy when the infection is diagnosed.

Patients alarmed by learning of a rapid fall in their platelet levels are seeking homeopathy. In one case that I eventually treated, the patient had platelets of 135,000, the next day 56000 and the next day 24000 during the treatment in an allopathic hospital. After homoeopathic treatment it became 58000 the next day and on the fourth day 92000 and he was discharged. In one case after one week stay in an allopathic hospital, platelets were a mere 3600, but after homeopathic treatment of dengue fever, it reached 2 lakhs in five days. Platelets as low as ten thousand have reached normal within 5 days under homeopathic care.

What is Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a mosquito borne (Aedes aegepti) tropical disease caused by arbo virus-flavi viruses. The mosquito bites during the day, early morning or evening. The initial symptoms are sudden onset of fever, headache (pain behind eyes), body pain (break bone fever), muscle and joint pains, weakness and rash. In some cases there is continuous high fever, and in others it is intermittent . During the initial phase we will not give medicine for suppression of fever, but only according to the symptoms and state of the patient. The medicines usually needed are Gels, Bell, Bry, Arn , Eup perf , Rhus t., according to the symptoms. There may be a measles-like eruption all over body (islands of white areas in a sea of red), and minute hemorrahagic spots are seen in the mucous membranes of the mouth or palate. This is due to capillary leakage caused by Dengue virus. The first stage usually lasts a week (sometimes 2 to 3 days).

The fever becomes less but weakness continues in some. There will be nausea, bitter taste, or vomiting. We have to look for liver enlargement and platelet count. The normal platelet count is between 1 – 3 lakh. Platelet count will be checked every day or alternate days. Arn, Phos, Crot h, Gels, Kali phos, Xray , Chel, Bapt, Gels, China , Carica pap etc. are indicated according to the case in this stage.

Complete bed rest and sufficient fluid intake is a must. Light food is preferred. Frequent intake of Orange juice with glucose or tender coconut water will lessen weakness. In this stage it is life threatening due to the sudden fall in platelets, leakage of blood from capillaries, fall of blood pressure and pulse and shock. Many deaths occur in hospitals due to this. For this condition they give blood transfusions. This stage can be worked through safely with homeopathic remedies that increase platelets. Daily monitoring of the patient’s Pulse, BP ,and platelet count is a must until they are past this stage. When this stage is over the weakness becomes less and within a few days they regain their health.

Some warning signs are: worsening of abdominal pain, continuous vomiting, liver enlargement, mucosal bleeding. On routine blood exam we can see raised ESR, low WBC. Platelet count should be done daily. Liver Function Test
NS1, IgM, IgG are also indicated. Management involves absolute bed rest with plenty of fluids.
Case 1:

This was a case of a 3 year old DHF patient. She was admitted in the medical college. Her platelets fell drastically to 7000 and blood transfusion were done. After this her platelet count rose to 20 000. This value remained the same for 2 days and her condition was no better. One of her uncles was under my treatment for DHF and got quick relief, so her parents discharged the girl and straight way brought her to my clinic. After 5 days of treatment platelets increased to 2 lakh twenty eight thousand.

Case 2:

A man of 36 consulted me with fever, severe weakness and joint pain. His platelet count was 81000. After 4 days of treatment as shown below, platelet become 2 lakh two thousand.

Pannakkal 2015image001 Pannakkal 2015image002

Case 3:

The third case given below is not of Dengue but of ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytoplenic Purpura). Her platelets fell suddenly after some allopathic treatment. The patient was under medical college treatment for the last one year. The maximum level attained after one year of treatment was 75000. The girl has blue coloured ecchymosed spots here and there, appearing and disappearing. The girl was under my treatment from Sept 20 this year. After ten days, the blood exam was done and both results were normal as shown below.

 Pannakkal 2015image004

 Pannakkal 2015image003

Homoeopathy is the most efficient treatment for DHF. Patents are succumbing to DHF every year and much money is spent treating it. Homoepathy is fast, very cost effective and curative. The WHO should study the value of homoeopathy in such cases.


About the author

Jayakumar Pannakkal

Dr. Jayakumar Pannakkal BSc, BHMS, MD(Hom) treated thousands of patients over twenty five years in practice. Much of his family has been involved in medicine and his father, Dr. Mathai Pannakkal MA, DHS, practiced homeopathy for 45 years.


  • Dengue is a self liming desease. People die from dehydration or lack of fluids. Platelette count increases by itself after 7 days . Please dont mislead people.

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