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Depression in a Man of 23

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Written by Jan Bot

Jan Bot presents a case of depression in a man of 23.

(Causticum case )

A man of 23 years, dark hair, a stooped figure, complains of neck, shoulder and upper back soreness.  He feels as if his muscles are too short. Also he is in a constant state of depression.

Date March 7th 2017.

Can you tell me what bothers you the most at this moment?

Since 6 years if have complaints of my neck, shoulders and upper back. It is as if the muscles are too short and it feels very sore. It hurts. Maybe I am imagining things and it’s something between my ears. A lot has happened.  I think and ponder a lot. The physical complaints keep coming back.

What is on your mind?

Usually nothing. I worry a lot and I have chronic fear of failure. I have the tendency to be stressed.

Can you tell me more of what keeps your mind occupied?

I think I need 40 hours a day instead of 24. I just do not have time enough. I cannot sit still, because I am afraid to fall in that black hole.

What is that black hole for you?

The fear of being confronted with my feelings. I have difficulty about how to express my feelings and to actually feel at all.

Can you tell me more?

I am afraid what might come. I feel like a hunted animal. I have the idea that I am in a space of lost time. I am always busy studying. I have the feeling that I must learn as much as I can.

Or otherwise?

Time is lost and I feel useless.

To return to your physical complaints. Can you tell me about the time it started?

Six years ago my parents had a bar/restaurant. It was always busy and we had to help.  It was an accumulation of 3 things, namely first my mom got breast cancer and was treated intensely. The business had to keep on going. Thank god mom recovered, and now she is well. Secondly one and a half years later my best friend, who was also my sister’s husband got killed in Afghanistan. Thirdly one year after that my parent’s business went broke and we had to move a couple of times in one year.

That is a lot to take. How did you cope?

I felt I was shut off, blocked. I did not feel like anything. I was very sad and started to isolate myself. I felt empty. I did not have energy. It felt as if I had internal damage. Grief. Pain.  I started to isolate myself and read a lot and study a lot.

What are your areas of interest?

Astronautics, astronomy and quantumtechnology.

And what do you want to study at university?

This autumn I will start my law education. But that is really easy. Mostly looking up stuff and understanding things.

Why law?

I cannot stand injustice. When I am a lawyer I want to help people who have been unfortunate.

Is there anything else you want to share?

Yes, since a few years my clothing feels as if it is dirty. Like a long sleeve shirt feels dirty, sweaty, uncomfortable.  It’s usually right after I shower, then it is very irritating. I feel dirty, sweaty, uncomfortable. I do not put a shirt on for at least half an hour. It feels like I am trapped in my clothing, not free. Also I have cramp in my lower arms, neck and calves of my legs. It started together with the dirty feeling of clothes. I feel dirty the most on my arms, neck chest and sometimes my legs.


My first thoughts were Natrium M. because he had the symptoms of it, most of all the old grief. But I chose Causticum as I had a feeling he was blocked emotionally and physically. He also mentioned the blocked feeling. Like caustic soda cleans the drain I felt his “drain” should be cleaned. Also the keynote: cannot tolerate injustice.

I gave him Causticum C30 diluted water, to be taken one teaspoon once a week and every time 2 shakes before taking.

First follow up 6 weeks later: April 14th: depression is almost gone. Complaints of neck, shoulders and upper back are some days gone other days not, but less painful. Fear of failure is almost gone. The awkward feeling of his clothing is completely gone!

Second follow up: May 27th:  Much more energetic. Had no depression since a few weeks.  Still off and on complaints of neck, shoulders and upper back.

I gave him Causticum C200 in water to be taken once a week and every time 2 shakes before taking.

Third follow up: August 8th: Emotionally very stable and enthusiastic and more free. He is undertaking a lot more, like seeing new friends. He is dealing with the loss of his friend. He rarely complains of neck, shoulders and upper back.  Nothing like before. The awkward feeling of his clothing never came back.

I tried to look up the specific feeling of clothes feeling dirty, uncomfortable, sweaty especially on the arms and chest, could not find anything. But in this case Causticum did the trick.

About the author

Jan Bot

Jan Bot is studying at The Academie voor Klassieke Homeopathie in the city of Zwolle, The Netherlands. He is in the final stage of the program. His current profession is artist-painter. He hopes to combine homeopathy and painting in the near future. His interests include gardening and the outdoors.

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