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Depression: Palliation Case


Dr. Maurizio Paolella treats a man of 82 years, who suffers from  horizontal diplopia, depression, fits of anger, aortic stenosis and aneurysm.

This is a palliation case involving a man who was under heavy medication for depression for the last 30 years. There was no possibility but to keep all his medication in place. Also, he is severely affected on the cardiovascular level as well.

In spite of this one can see how classical homeopathy can do a lot!Here’s the case  verbatim.  It is a supervision I did, and I received only the summary of previous consultations made by a Swiss colleague with whom I do regular supervision work.


82 years

Retired, his job was on trains

His actual therapy:

Lithium 660mg  1+1/2 die

Citalopram (antidepressive)

Eutero  75mg  one daily

Clopidogrel  75 mg one daily (PLAVIX- anticoagulant)

Transipeg  forte (Salts for stools)

First consultation:


Horizontal diplopia his main problem at the moment, and his reason for consulting.

< looking down (shaving, walking down stairs)

Using horizontal press ons to apply on glasses

Husband to a lady with whom he has 5 children

He had a very heavy depression when the children were young, (at least 40 yrs ago)He has been on lithium since then

Diplopia could be a symptom of lithium over dosage?

Before the depression he saw a man whose clothes were on fire, and who died in the fire in spite of the ambulance.  It was a real shock that made him very anxious especially about his family and relatives. Has anxiety was for his family, not so much for himself. He grew up in the mountains and as a chile was punished a lot.

He eats most everything but does not like seafood, because he is sorry for “these poor crevettes!” (shrimp).

He did not want to drive because is afraid of falling asleep. He is afraid also of

taking a plane.

Twice he had ischemic attacks and his right arm and face (in 2001) remained paralised.  In 2004 his left arm and speech were affected. Since 2012 he’s had sleep apnea and has to use a mask at night.

He now has aortic stenosis and a severe aortic aneurism.

He’s experienced nose bleeds for a longtime

Stool: very constipated, hard and large movements

Running nose when eating

Warm blooded

Not sweating much

Herpes labialis sometimes

Slight trembling of hands

He can have have fits of anger, which end after five minutes.  He also tries to prevent arguments or quarreling.


Rx:  Gelsemium  Lm1

27.4.18  –  Five drops daily from 17.10

Diplopia gone! Said he feels 80% better.  Walking faster also.

His wife said two months ago that he is much more open in his mind, talking more to her, “He is the person I met when I was a young girl.”

He has an aortosclerosis that that became worse in the meantime

Had a new valvular implantation  –  TAVI (trans catheter aotic valve implantation) because aorta was very stenotic (one month after the remedy)

Besides this and in spite of some weakness he is much more vital than before.

Plan :  Wait

Received more remedy and now he is taking Gelsemium LM5

Still very fine – no diplopia, good energy and mood confirmed by his wife (July 2018)

Loganiacee Family by Rajan Sankaran

About the author

Maurizio Paolella

Dr. Maurizio Paolella is an M.D. practicing Classical Homeopathy in Rome since 1986. He trained with A.Geukens, M.Mangialavori and Jeremy Sherr (Dynamis Course 200/2002) among others. He also studied at the Clinic of Dr. Dario Spinedi from 2008 until 2014, mostly for Oncology followed by Classical Homeopathy. Dr. Paolella worked for 9 months in 2014 as Assistant Doctor at Clinica Santa Croce (Orselina, Switzerland) directed by Dr.Dario Spinedi. He is available for medical homeopathic consultation in person in Rome and also via Skype (dr.pao) Visit Dr. Paolella at his website


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