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October 2008

Female patient, 45 years old, came to see me in October 2008, on recommendation of another patient. The presenting complaint was depression; she had been on antidepressants for the past eight years. The depression was currently fuelled by the breakup of a relationship and the sudden death of her dad three months back.

The mental symptoms the patient presented were:

• Low self esteem
• Feeling to be a victim
• Feeling alone, lonely
• Grief, due to the sudden death of her dad
• Resentful
• Lack of help from others, but doesn’t ask for it anymore
• Lack of trust; has been let down often; has been cheated on
• Desire to cry and send people away
• Desires comforting
• Anxiety, panic attacks, dread – as if she had done something wrong; cannot relax
• Doesn’t see anything nice about herself
• Anxiety of not having control
• Fear of failure
• Dreams of punching people
• Short term memory weak < alcohol
• Dreams and reality are not distinguishable at times – scary

General symptoms

• Severe lack of sleep; cannot sleep without sleeping pills during day or night; wakes 3.30 am. Has taken sleeping pills for last five months. Wakes exhausted.
• Warm person
• Poor appetite and thirstless
• Tidy
• Observation: exaggerates (never/ always/ …)
• > wet cold weather
• > open air
• > movement
• < 2 to 4 am
• Desires spring
• Desires cooking and eating
• Desires salami and cheese
• Desires red wine – high alcohol consumption
• Bread upsets (gets bloated)
• Aversion being late
• Aversion hot weather
• Aversion wind
• Aversion noise
• Aversion crowds
• Clenches/ grinds teeth
• Saw psychologist twice, but is not convinced about him

Physicals – Top to toe

• Tension headaches, occipital; sensation of constant stabbing from blade of knife from inside out. Intensity is sometimes ten on scale of ten and causes vomiting
• Hearing of voices difficult
• Vomiting < strong anxiety < strong pain
• History of chronic tonsillitis; tonsils were removed when she was 19y of age.
• Under active thyroid – takes thyroxine
• History of bronchitis
• History of kidney problems; too much protein in urine
• Thrush often through her life, excoriating < hard intercourse, > contraceptive implant for four years now
• 17y old: constant leucorrhoea, was stopped through surgery
• High blood pressure – is on beta-blockers
• Bruises easily
• Hay fever < last four years


MIND – CONFIDENCE – want of self-confidence (194)
MIND – DELUSIONS – wrong – done wrong; he has (45)
GENERALS – COLD – amel. (116)
STOMACH – APPETITE – wanting (348)
GENERALS – PAIN – Internally – cutting pain (160)


YELLOW (psora) RED (sycosis) BLUE (syphilis)
Eye lids
Forehead shape
Teeth gaps
Forehead shape
Hairline shape
2 4 6

This patient needs a blue (syphilitic) remedy
The repertorisation brings up the following remedies
Puls, Sil, Lyc, Sul, Ars, Merc, Aur, Cocc, Alum, Lach
Merc, Aur and Cocc are blue remedies – Cocc was chosen because it read best in the materia medicas.


5-NOV-08 Cocculus 30, single dose; observe for three days. If OK, take daily thereafter. Recommended no consumption of coffee.


Follow up three weeks after remedy was prescribed:

Took Cocculus 30C as instructed; takes dose right when she wakes up.

– Haven’t been angry at all – noticed difference after the initial dose
– A lot calmer; things don’t bother her as much anymore
– Doesn’t get upset or anxious
– Has been able to get two hours sleep a day – in the afternoon – without sleeping pill
– Still takes sleeping pill at night; wakes at 4am now.
– For the first time in 30 years she read a book for leisure
– Went to see new psychologist; very happy with her
– Appetite normal; probably eat more then I should. Dieted for 7 days: fruit, veg, no alcohol
– Don’t feel I need the red wine anymore; cut down to two glasses a night (from a bottle most nights)
– Hasn’t had tension headache since initial consultation
– Bruise a bit less easily
– No longer resentful
– Have been a lot more assertive
– Aloneness has not been a problem
– I do what can be done to have as much control as possible
– I am handling things so much better
– More positive and initiative
– Haven’t had any problems to distinguish dreams from reality
– Vomiting hasn’t occurred; both known triggers are no longer existent.

Complaints still present:
Acute hearing except for voices

Prescription: Cocculus 30 once daily. Keep fluid levels up and alcohol level down.


– Has seen her GP since last consultation, who advised to halve the dosage of Beta blockers and antidepressant.
(Blood pressure (medicated) now 109/79; was 153/111 in September 08.)
– Feels so much calmer; things don’t upset anymore
– Takes everything in her stride
– Things she doesn’t have control over, she lets go and doesn’t get anxious anymore.
– Has cleaned up relationships “so they are done and dusted and the old stuff can be put away”.
– People apologised to her about their behaviour.
– “Self esteem is increasing slowly”. – comment from patient
– Doesn’t feel as needy for help anymore.
– Hasn’t felt lonely at all
– She now sees nice things about herself
– Feels pretty in control in the moment
– 1 to 2 glasses of wine per day; there are two alcohol free days a week.
– Every now and then she wakes at 4.30am, but now can go back to sleep. Still takes sleeping pill at night.
– No headaches other than from dehydration.
– No hearing difficulty

Complaints still present:
• Appetite not very good; hasn’t been eating fruit or veg

Prescription: Cocculus 30 every second day.

6-JAN-09 Patient contacts me asking if dose could be taken daily again as some symptoms start to return.
Prescription: Cocculus 30 once daily.


Rogér Walti, Homeopath
Ad Dip Hom Med, Prof Memb AHA, AROH regd
Health Unlimited, Geelong, Australia.

About the author

Roger Walti

Rogeor Walti, Homeopath
Ad Dip Hom Med, Prof Memb AHA, AROH regd
Health Unlimited, Geelong, Australia.


  • I was wondering if you gave her a dose of 200CH you could find a great improvement which would last, cause it sounds like COCC is her constitutional. This would help her not to get her symptoms back.

    • Dear Yvonne,

      Thank you for your question and suggestion. The short answer is “no”. Read on and you’ll see that the 30C got her free of symptoms also:

      I saw the patient again in February 09 and learnt the following:
      ** Patient had only taken daily doses for ten days and then started to stretch out the doses first to every second day and then to every third day, and she was feeling fine. The stretching out had been going for two weeks when she saw me.
      ** For the past two weeks she had not been using sleeping pills, which was unthinkable for her when she came to see me three months ago. She was very happy about this.
      ** She has been off Beta blockers for five days, which had been suggested by her Doctor.
      ** Less appetite, less alcohol consumption. She now eats three meals a day and is planning to loose some weight.
      ** Self confidence is 7 out of 10.
      ** She hasn’t felt lonely.
      I encouraged her to find the minimum repetition necessary to stay well.

      I contacted her in July 09, as I hadn’t heard from her since the appointment in February.
      ** Patient had reduced dosage down to zero and was fine without. She kept the bottle in a safe place, just in case.

      Haven’t heard from her since.

      Kind Regards
      Rogér Wälti

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