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Dermoid Cyst of Left Ovary – Woman of 28

Written by Piyu Amit Chandani

Dr. Piyu Amit Uttamchandani presents a case of left ovarian cyst in a woman of 28. Moaning in sleep, desires salt and sweets and left ovarian complaint were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

Name: KP
Age: 28 years /F
Occupation: worker
Date: 06/12/2014

Chief Complaints:
Irregular periods since 1 year
Periods once in two months
Flow scanty for 1 day
Pain in abdomen which is mild <physical exertion

Past History:  H/O asthma in childhood, treated with allopathic medicine.

Family History:
Maternal Side: Mother: H/O Hystectomy & Asthma

Personal History:
Diet: Salt++, Sweets++
Aversion: Not Specific
Thirst: Hardly 2-3 glasses a day. Thirstless
Urine: Satisfactory.
Stool: Occ.Constipated. Unrefreshing
Perspiration: All over body especially in summer
Thermally: Ambithermal
Sleep: Un-refreshing. Moaning in sleep. Talking in sleep (as reported by her husband )
Dreams: Temples, daily routine
Constitution: Average build
Weight: 58 kg

Menstrual History:
Recently interval at 2 months
Scanty flow for 1 day
Previously regular interval of 30 days with 3 day moderate flow.

Mind: Pressure of job after marriage. Trying at many places but in vain.  Weeping during interview. Marriage in metro city so difficult to cope. Anxious about financial issues after marriage.

O/E  Per-abdominal examination: Tenderness present left side of abdomen.

Investigations done:
MRI scan of pelvis:  Dermoid cyst of left ovary
Working up the case, I selected the rubrics below:

Final Prescription:
Thuja Occidentalis: It acts on left ovarian cysts and has affinity for the female reproductive system.
Thuja Occidentalis 30 Single dose.
SL x 15 days

Follow up :

22-12-2014 :
Menses appeared on 18/12/2014. 3 days flow. Flow was scanty.
Pain in abdomen during menses.
White discharge per va-gina present++. Occ. constipation.
SL x 15 days.

White discharge present. And inter menstrual bleeding present.
Bowel movement good.
Sleep: Refreshing.
Thuja 30 single dose
SL x 1 month

10/02/2015: Patient disappointed as no periods this time.
Repeated: Thuja 200 single dose. SL x 1month

12/3/2015: Menses appeared before 15 days. 3 days flow
Follow up continued with repetition of Thuja 30, 200, 1M as per susceptibility of patient.  (sos)
After a year: Menses are regular and USG Pelvis shows normal ovaries.
Patient has conceived a baby boy. Both mother and baby healthy.

About the author

Piyu Amit Chandani

Piyu Amit Chandani M.D. completed her MD in Organon of Medicine and has had her own private homeopathic clinic in Baner-Pune, India for the last five years. In her PG thesis she worked on psychiatry with the topic, “Anger: It’s Interpretation and Importance In Homoeopathic Prescription.”. She is author of a Materia Medica book titled, “Portrait Materia Medica”. She runs a Holistic Homeopathy Academy and teaches many students and beginners to practice classical Homeopathy. Dr. Chandani uses homeopathy in routine practice, where common people can take advantage of it. She has been successful in solving PCOS and Infertility cases where IVF fails.

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