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Diabetes in a Man of 70

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Written by Madhuri Balivada

Dr. Madhuri Balivada presents a case of diabetes in a woman of 70. Anxiety about money matters, delusion she is poor and aggravation from cold were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

My uncle aged about 70 informed me that he had been suffering from type 2 diabetes for the past 10 years and that despite allopathic medication his pp sugar levels were never coming down to less than 300 mg/dl.

He came to my clinic and I collected all his physical generals like thirst, thermals and all his physical troubles.


  • History of hard pimples on face in teenage (still he has scars on face)
  • Recurrent gum boils (hard)
  • Fissures of anus, sore cracks in lower bowel
  • Sensitive to cold air
  • Anal itching night time

Selected rubrics for physical symptoms:

  • Mouth abscess gums; of
  • Rectum fistula
  • Rectum fissure
  • General cold air agg

I asked what significant events happened in his life the last 10 years.

He said: “That was the most stressful period of my life. My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was scared a lot. that was so unexpected. What would I do if I lose my wife?

Doctors advised surgery and I did not have enough money at that time. How can I arrange money for radiation, chemo and surgery? I was scared a lot.  I sold my home and a few of my relatives helped me financially. I am a very independent person and don’t like to depend on someone. While depending on my relatives regarding money I felt like “I am slowly losing all my independence and someday I will be completely lost”.  By God’s grace my wife survived but fear of poverty remained inside me. Still I am struggling for money. Still I am paying money back which I borrowed from my relatives. I get dreams of poverty.

Understanding The Case

This patient has a lot of fear about his source of security – both mentally and financially. His main feeling was if he lost his wife, he will lose his strength and relationship. Fear of losing especially money, is the key point of this remedy.

Mind Rubrics

  • Mind Anxiety money matters, about
  • Mind delusion poor he is
  • Mind fear poverty, of
  • Mind delusion what he will come to

After repertorisation the remedy that came up was Calcarea Fluor.  The main physical indication for Calc. fl is hardness.  If there is no hardness in boils or acne or tumours you should not think of calc.fl.  Indurations of stony hardness is a key symptom.  To confirm the remedy, I asked him to describe his acne in his teen years. He told me ‘very hard pimples and sometimes green pus oozes from it’.

Sensitive to cold air and sensitive to change of weather are also very important modalities in Calc.fl. Fears are common in the Calc group. In Calc. fl “fear of losing” is a main symptom. He feels that some day he will come to want. This fear is more prominent in financial issues. In this case the patient expressed fear of losing in his wife. .

After repertorization Calc fl came as leading remedy, and some remedies which were close included Bry and Dulc.

BRYONIA:  The main feeling of Bryonia is feeling of loss which has to be made up very fast.  One of the commonest ways of making up a loss is by business. Here he invests what he has, takes risks and tries to increase his wealth. Concentration is mostly on business. But in Calc. fl his concern is not to enhance his business to overcome his financial crisis but is to preserve what he already has, and therefore Calcarean fluorica does not take any risk. Again, the complaints of Bryonia are more acute whereas Calcarea fluor will develop a slow, chronic illness which can make one dependent.

DULCAMARA:  In Dulcamara there is also anxiety about money, fear of poverty but Dulcamara comes the under Solanaceae family, the main feeling of which is especially fear of sudden death. Sudden fear of losing money is a main concept. That sudden fear of danger is absent in this case. The main modality of Dulcamara is sensitive to cold, Sensitiveness to cold and damp runs through the Solanaceæ, and is marked in Bell. and Caps., but it is supreme in Dulc.


Initial sugar levels before homoeopathic treatment:  fasting: 360mg/dl,  pp: 480 mg/dl

Date:  5- 4- 18                   Remedy : CALCAREA FLUOR 1M (Single dose)

Date : 15-4-18                   Remedy : CALCAREA FLUOR LM 1(ODX 15)

Result: no improvement   fasting:  377mg/dl, pp: 460mg/dl

Date : 1-5 -18                     Remedy: CALCAREA FLUOR LM2 (OD X 15)

Result :  no improvement  fasting : 350 mg/dl , pp: 400mg/dl

Date : 20-5-18                   Remedy : CALCAREA FLUOR LM3 (OD X 15)

Result: fasting : 260mg/dl, pp: 360mg/dl

Every 15 days I enhanced potency.

After 6 months:

Date: 10-10-18                Remedy: CALCAREA FLUOR LM 9 (ODX15)

Result: fasting: 190mg/dl  ,pp: 250mg/dl

Date : 11-12- 18              Remedy: CALC.FL LM 11( ODX15)

No further improvement fasting 186mg/dl  pp 260 mg/dl

Date: 18-1-19                  Remedy CALC.FL 10M (Single dose)

Result: fasting: 156 , pp: 197mg/dl

Date: 5-2-19                    Remedy : SAC LAC 200C (OD X 30)

Result: 160 mg/dl, pp 180mg/dl

Date: 7-3-19                    Remedy : CALC. FL LM11 (OD X 30)

Result:  130 mg/dl,  pp  150 mg/dl

Date: 8-4-19                    Remedy : sac lac 200C (OD X 30)

Result: 101mg/dl, pp 135mg/dl

Date: 31-8-19                 Remedy: sac lac 200C (OD X30)

Result : 101mg/dl, pp 130mg/dl

After that he discontinued treatment for some time, as his levels came to absolutely normal and his all physical troubles improved. Mentally he became much calmer, his fears and anxiety related to poverty had gone in the initial months of treatment.

During the ten year period of his suffering, this never happened before. His allopathic doctors reduced his dose gradually. Initially he was on Inj H. MIXTARD 70/30, 15 units in the morning and 10 units in evening.

After 6 months his allopath stopped H. Mixtard and prescribed Metformin 500mg twice daily, and he further reduced his dose to Metformin 500mg once  a day. After one year (8/4/19) of treatment he further the reduced dose.

He was on Glycomet 250mg for next 5 months. After that his allopath further reduced his dose of Glycomet 250mg to a half tab / day. After he discontinued my treatment he went abroad. Recently he called me after 4months and informed me that his sugar levels are absolutely normal and he is free from all his physical and mental sufferings.


anxiety about health gone

more confident

feeling more happy

no fear of poverty

all his physical troubles improved a lot

Laboratory Results:     Before:   Fasting = 360 mg/dl

After:     Fasting – 101mg/dl

He is completely healthy and happy both physically and mentally.

While treating diabetes and thyroid like cases with homeopathy, we should not stop allopathic drugs at once. We need to slowly and safely reduce the dose.

About the author

Madhuri Balivada

Dr. Madhuri Balivada, MD(hom). I graduated in an alternative system of medicines program and post graduated in homoeopathy from Central Calcutta Research Institute. I also hold a Diploma in the Indo Allopathic System of medicine from Midnapore alternative medical college. I have been practicing classical Hahnemannian homeopathy at Visakhapatnam since 2012. I manage my own clinic called Chandra Homeo Care. The past four years I have been associated with the Rotary International Club running free homeopathic clinics for the poor. I am an honourable member of the international Rotary Club and received recognition for service as a homeopathic doctor. I conduct regular free medical camps for orphans and seniors and have gained skill in treating respiratory diseases. I also have special interest in heal issues of mothers and children.


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