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Diabetes with Albuminaria

Dr. Anaswara Dev presents a case of diabetes with albuminaria.

CASE 18/3/14

Mr. X, 29yrs, Accountant

Provisional Diagnosis – Diabetes 2 with Albuminuria and Low level of HDL Cholestrol

Relevant Details

P/H – 22yrs- high eosinophilic count and breathing difficulty

Etiology :

Possible factors in etiology: He failed in one subject and it was a blow to his ego. Also, one of his friends was diagnosed as cancer.

F/H- Uncle – Liver Cirrhosis. No history of Diabetes in Family.

Physical Generals – sweat during stool

Hot +Thirsty


Timid, yielding, soft spoken, attached to his father, affectionate. Won’t react at office but will react at home (indicates cowardice and mild disposition). Anxious nature, obstinate but at last will yield to the other person. Desires company, extrovert, slow speech, mild disposition, dependent, contented.

Came with Albuminuria, Diabetes 2, Low level of HDL cholesterol. Rapid loss of weight from 73kg to 69kg and dryness of mouth.



Micro Albuminuria- 34.11


Hb A1c- 11.48%

High sensitive reactive protein- 5.14

HDL- 30

LDL- 129

VLDL- 23

Initial Rx : Yoga, counselling and dietary changes

Reason: Aphorism 4:

“He is likewise a preserver of health if he knows the things that derange health and cause disease, and how to remove them from persons in health”.

My first intension was to remove any maintaining cause, to check whether the problem was due to dietary errors. I prescribed only dietary changes, yoga and exercise. Note: FBS is 285 with Albuminuria and also there is no history of diabetes in his family; if you are not sure that values can be brought down without medicines, please don’t take risk with these values.

Within three months, on 2/6/14

Micro albuminuria – 8.6

High sensitive CRP- 0.6


FBS- 123 / FUS- Nil.

PPBS- 131 / PPUS-Nil

28/6/14 – Started fluctuating and reports showed raised levels again and weight came down to 63 so I concluded that the disease origin was not fully due to errors in diet and the time had come to intervene with homeopathy. As his body responded well with physical exercise and yoga, the vital force could easily respond to our medicine and make him healthy.


thuja occidentalis18/10/14 – Rx Thuja Occidentalis 200 single dose

Based on Aphorism 4,5 and 7

Aphorism 4- He is likewise a preserver of health if he knows the things that derange health and cause disease, and how to remove them from persons in health.

Aphorism 7- Now, as in a disease, from which no manifest exciting or maintain cause (Causa occasionalis) has to be removed, we can perceive nothing but the morbid symptoms, it must (attention being paid to the possibility of a miasm- Aphorism 5) be the symptoms alone by which the disease demands and points to the remedy suited to relieve it…

Basis for selection of remedy:


Perspiration – cold, sweat stool, during



Plant drug


His character seemed to be plant and I placed him in the plant category. The plant kingdom common characteristics are sensitivity, both mentally and physically, and they recover fast. They can have emotions of the animal group like suspiciousness and jealousy but in a milder form (Hyoscyamus, Stramonium etc). Good resistance to fight back or recover. Mentally more strong than physically.

Drugs of choice were Pulsatilla and Thuja, both being hot drugs. Thuja was thirsty, so I selected a drug based on mild disposition, plant character, cowardice, slow, soft spoken, hot and thirsty and which has action on diabetes.

26/11/14 – FBS-121, PPBS-143

29 /12 /14 – FBS-92, PPBS – 123

Perfectly normal within two months.   Last report   2/3/15


I believe nature has its own power to heal from the inner-self and we need to stimulate the deranged immunity to overcome disease with the least medicine and if possible without medicine, by removing the maintaining cause. So First we can try on the basis of Aphorism 4 , that is remove any maintaining cause then treat with homeopathic medicine that will act fast and restore health.

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Anaswara Dev

Anaswara Dev

Dr. Anaswaradev Atmadev ( B.H.M.S., M.Sc. Psychology, YTTC ) is Director and Chief Physician at Unique Homeopathy. She is from Kochi, Kerala, India and has been practicing Classical Homeopathy for 10 years. She is a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Therapist as well. Dr. Dev is the granddaughter of late Dr. Nemath Krishnan Moosad (1923 – 2009), founder of the parent Clinic in 1965, which was later made into the first private Homoeopathic Hospital in Kerala, India in 1984. Her father and mother are both Homeopaths and all other family members have been devoted to the healing arts ( Homeopathic Consultant - "Natural Health Clinic of Des Moines", Seattle, Washington, USA with Dr. Lynn Mikel, ND.


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