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Different Cases – Different Approaches

different approaches
Written by Gaurang Gaikwad

Dr. Gaurang Gaikwad presents different approaches in case of seronegative arthritis, facial paralysis and PUO.

In clinical practice, every case requires a different approach and thus the need to know different approaches of analysis.

Here are 4 different cases with 4 different approaches


Case of Seronegative Arthritis:

  • 23 yrs old female with Seronegative Arthritis.
  • Knee and Ankle are swollen – unable to move.
  • Can’t move or walk.
  • I feel very restricted
  • Aggravates April – May when I go to Village.
  • Has been on steroids for past 10 years.
  • Is in a bad state.Last medicine given by homeopath – Abrotanum in all potencies
  • Past history:
  • 2005– developed Arthritis
  • 2007– ulcerative colitis- diarrhea then arthritis
  • 2011– ulcerative Colitis- relapse followed by arthritis
  • Then again arthritis – before that also ulcerative colitis and diarrhea
  • Is there any cause you can tell me that might have caused it? No
  • How did it start first?
  • I had gone to village and developed diarrhea (especially during May and Oct when I go I develop both the joint knee problem)
  • After that knee swelling started.
  • After 5 days of loose motions – knee Swelling Started (this has been happening every time)
  • Generals:
    • Can’t tolerate heat.
    • Perspiration: profuse all over the body
    • Doesn’t feel hungry.
    • Food desires fruits; Soya bean
    • Sleep: takes time often requires more than 2–3 hours sleep.
  • State of Mind:
    • Mother stays in village she lives here with father
    • There are constant fights previously in the house.
    • This would affect her.
    • She is planning not to get married.
    • Her Father says she is just thinking and worried about family and how she can take care of family in near future.
    • Who will be with the father.
    • She does get worried about this.
    • Generally calm.


Understanding the mind: after finding the remedy to check the rest of the puzzle.

Remedy:Kali-bi- 30 one dose every week

Follow up:

After 6 Months

  • Arthritis > better by 70%
  • Pains reduced by further 90 %
  • Now even reduced the allopathic medicines by 80%
  • Sleep is better
  • She would often get recurrent Iritis – which improved on Homeopathic medicines
  • Now able to walk , do her own work on her own
  • Started feeling freedom rather than restricted


Case of facial paralysis:

  • 30 yr old lady suffering from facial Paralysis since 3 months
  • Distorted face
  • Initially – Aconite and Causticumdidn’t help much
  • As it affects her career she is fashion designer this is extremely annoying for her
  • This is affecting her now she is mainly at home.
  • Past history of: PCOD
  • Now her menses are better.
  • State of Mind:
    • Very emotional by nature.
    • Gets affected by slight if anyone criticizes her work or her efforts.
  • Fears:
    • Just about her facial paralysis
    • Will it get better or no
    • That’s her only worry
  • Dreams:
    • She is walking on Road suddenly she finds the road blocked.
    • Feeling- Shocked- I didn’t expect this.
    • I am trying to cross the road unable to something Come in the way
    • I don’t know why even if I try I am unable to cross.
    • There is some Hindrance
    • Feeling: Confused I don’t know – where I am and why did I try to cross
  • Generals:
    • Gets affected by HOT
    • Craves: ice cream; Sweets
    • Perspiration scanty
    • Sleep – is good. Position: on abdomen


In this case dreams are peculiar so dream analysis is important.

  • A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensation usually occurs involuntarily in the mind during stages of sleep.
  • Dreams mainly occur in the REM- rapid Eye Movement Stage of Sleep – when the Brain activity is high and resembles that if being Awake.
  • REM sleep is revealed by continuous movement of eyes during sleep.
  • Dreams May occur during other stages of sleep.
  • However, these dreams tend to be vivid or memorable.

The brain areas involved with long-term memory and emotion are highly active during REM.

  • Dreams are the clearest window into the subconscious, especially those that are intense and repetitive.
  • Do not interpret the dream.
  • Take the dream at the starting point of an exploratory process.Take the patient into his/her experience of the dream.


  • Facts
  • Understand the experience of the dream, to let the patient narrate what his experience in that dream situation.
  • Each Individual has his own experience of his dreams which ties in with his experience in all other areas of life chief complaint, moment of crisis, childhood, nature, fears.
  • Components – SPIRIT
  • Explore to Depth, where experience that has common ground with experiences in all other areas can be discovered.


Aristolochia Clematis 1M- one dose every month for 2 months

Follow up:

  • Within 15 days there was a change in the palsy distortion.
  • Went on improving steadily.
  • After a month – distortion better by almost 50 %
  • No dreams in between.

With 7 Months – there was definite change.

Distortion is totally better

Almost back to normal

Recurrent dreams have stopped

Feels more relaxed and emotionally stable


Indian remedies are often unused and neglected in our practice. I have used them with good results.

  • I had a Case of PUO, of a child who was not responding to any remedy when I noticed the peculiar symptom of burning of palms and soles in fever.
  • When I analysed it in repertory I found the remedy OCIMUM SANCTUM.


Just you see by drsarkar )

Clinical Tip:

Ocimum sanctum


This remedy is known as “Tulasi” in Bengali. In history, this remedy has been considered the most sacred plant of the Hindus, dedicated to Vishnu. It has been used traditionally in religious ceremonies and strewn on graves. According to legend, Brinda was favored by Krishna and transformed into the plant. In Greek mythology the plant was said to have appeared when Oceanus, the arranger of combats given for Pallas, was killed by a gladiator.Overall, this remedy is a good replacement for the modern day Tuberculinum patient.It easily supersedes the use of Tuberculinum in my clinical practice in children, especially in acute cases – many children need this remedy. It has a Cina-like mind state + Bryonia-like headache + red lips + recurrent infections.

Forgetfulness is a special keynote symptom of this drug – the patient forgets to perform his usual duties, and commits mistakes in talking. The children become irritable, always cry, and become quiet while they are being carried. Use this remedy when they are fretful and peevish, start from sleep and do not allow the physician to examine them.It is especially indicated if diarrhea, cough and cold are present with fever. The peevishness of children is very easily removed by the administration of this remedy.It is similar to Baptisia – indifference, falls asleep easily and drowsiness is present.This remedy has Bryonia-like headaches (heavy, throbbing, better with pressure). The characteristic symptoms of headache are that it is relieved by application of cold water on the head or by fanning the head; if the patient keeps quiet or the head is wrapped up with a cloth, considerable relief is experienced, headache is worse while walking or by motion, the eyes get congested, eyes become red and there is lachrymation from the eyes. If these symptoms are present in common cold, Ocimum is used with great benefits.

Other indications include:

– Eyes red.

– Lachrymation hot.

– Hot flushes.

– Bitter taste in mouth.

– White coating on tongue, bright red

– In asthma, can’t lie on bed.

– Red lips – congested.

– When I see red lips in acute cases – just think of Tub, Sulphur, Bacillinum and Ocimum.

– The lips are red, face is red and flushed, salivation takes place from the mouth and putrid ulcer is found in the mouth and teeth.

– Involuntary urination.

– No appetite.

– Not better after stool.

Fever symptoms for this remedy include:

– Fever with cough.

– Cough with pain in chest like Bryonia.

– Headache with fever.

– Agg by change in climate.

– Drowsy with fever.

Ocimum has a wonderful action in checking the attacks of intermittent fever. The fever comes on in the afternoon with extreme chilliness and there may be shivering present. The hands and feet become cold and do not become warm easily. Numbness and tingling sensations are felt there and chilliness does not disappear even when exposed to the sunrays. There may be thirst or absence of thirst. Aching pains are felt in the feet and legs, and pains are felt all over the body. During hot stages, extreme heat and flushes of heat are felt over the face and eyes. Burning sensation is felt in the palms of hands and soles of feet, which is relieved by cold breeze and by placing cold water on the head. Along with the heat, sweat breaks out. Heat and sweat, and chilliness and heat may appear alternately.

It is used in fevers prevalent in rainy season, winter or spring or in other seasons. In typhoid fever, it is very useful. There may be chilliness, there may be heat, there may be burning sensation felt all over the body, there may be sweat, delirium, drowsiness or comatose condition or other symptoms present.

These are the symptoms and disease conditions for which Ocimum is generally used with excellent results. In short, it has turned out to be an excellent homeopathic remedy. Many cases have improved and benefited by its timely use.

Ocimum Sanctum200, a few doses in water and the fever reduced and the child was much betterwithin 36 hours .

Now 3 months have passed no episode of fever


Case of  Fibromyalgia

  • 45 yr old male with Fibromyalgia
  • extreme weakness, unable to do anything feels very weak and tired
  • Sudden increase in neuromas in last 2-3 Months.
  • Painful: unable to come in control.
  • Effect?
  • I won’t be able to do some good for society.
  • Even if I drive Taxi I will go out of the way to do something. Give back to society (kuchBadhiyakarnahai logon keliya) want to do something good for society.
  • Stress:
    • I am follower of Guru
    • I know we all have less time so I work very hard and I try to live daily 36 hours.
    • I would try to finish my work in 50% of time.
    • I know time is less I know from my guru – need to do something out of ordinary for humanity
    • I want to contribute.
    • When I don’t contribute I feel stressed
    • (Bas acchakaamkarnahai)- just want to do something good.
    • (yeh man main lagarehta- hai)- this is always in mind
    • (Ussiliye logon ko aapkepaaslekeaatahoon)- so that I bring patients to you often.
    • I even sometimes pay for their treatment
    • For me this is what I am living for
    • I haven’t got married – have no one – this is my life


Need to do something important/useful:


Cereus Bonplandi 1m

1 dose a month

Follow up:

5 months after:

  • Weakness is much better >
  • Better by 70 %
  • No new growths.
  • The face growths have started reducing.
  • No dreams.
  • Now I feel much calmer.
  • Previously I would be too hurried.


Master different Repertories and MM

Need for Flexibility

Learn new approaches and use it in synergy with older approaches.

About the author

Gaurang Gaikwad

He has been working for ‘the other song’ academy and with Dr. Rajan Sankaran who has inspired and mentored him. He has worked on Dr. Sankaran’s books including Synergy in Homeopathy, Synergy Synopsis, From Similia to Synergy, and The Art of Follow Up. He has been working with Dr. Sankaran in his private clinic and also his own private clinic in Dadar, Shivaji Park, Mumbai. He has been closely associated with Dr Sunirmal Sarkar and compiled his book – Just You See on Dr. Sarkar’s experience. Dr. Gaikwad has been invited to Europe to teach classical homeopathy and repertory. He has done extensive clinical research in thyroid cases and written 6 books: Psyche of Homeopathy for Beginners, Homeopathic Approach on Thyroid Disorders, Art of Repertorisation, How to Use BBCR - Phatak’s Repertory, Understanding Mind Rubrics, MM of Nosodes and Sarcodes He is current working on 2 Books, on mind rubrics and how to use different repertories in practice.

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