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Difficult Concentration in a Boy of 7

Dr. Vibha Mevada shares a case of concentration deficit in a boy of 7. Difficulty memorizing, mistakes in writing, slow to memorize were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

ABSTRACT: Treatment of poor concentration and weakness of memory with homeopathic medicine is a holistic approach that treats the main cause behind the problem. The presented case is of difficult concentration and patient presented very prominent mind symptoms which indicated the simillimum.

CASE HISTORY:  This is a 7 year old male child with difficulty in concentration during study, according to his parents. His school teachers are always complaining about him having lack of concentration in class.

He is making mistake in writing. His writing speed is very slow. He can’t grasp things in one or two times, but needs to read many times. He takes long to learn even simple things and forgets easily.

He always wants his mother’s touch. Gets angry very easily and fights with his younger brother during anger. He repeatedly gets throat infections since early childhood and every time his tonsils are swollen with redness and pain.

He can’t eat by himself and his mother has to feed him. He cries loudly if we don’t fulfil his demands and if we scold him he use cries silently hiding his face with his hands. He doesn’t talk much and has only one friend.

Desire for cheese 4, spicy 4, cabbage & cauliflower, green vegetables
Aversion to paneer
Bowel & bladder are normal
Thermally he is hot
Sleep is sound


  • Teething and walking are on time.
  • Talking was late, started talking at 3 years
  • 8 pound weight at birth



  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Difficultly in memorizing
  • Stubborn
  • Mistakes in writing words
  • Need to read many times to remember
  • Delayed talking


  • mind; CONCENTRATION; difficult; studying, reading, while (147)
  • mind; FORGETFULNESS; children, in (3)
  • mind; MISTAKES, making; writing, in (182)
  • mind; LEARNING; difficult; learns same thing over and over again yet remains untrained (2)
  • mind; TALK; slow learning to (6)
  • mind; EAT, eating; refuses (44)
  • mind; OBSTINATE, headstrong (208)
  • throat; INFLAMMATION, sore throat; recurrent, tonsils (40)







1st prescription:  21-1-20
BARYTA CARBONICA 1M single dose, SL bd 4 weeks


20-2-20 Not as stubborn now for things but no other significant change Slight improvement Rx,

Baryta Carbonica 1M   single dose

SL  TDS  4 weeks

25-3-20 Concentration is better, taking interest in studies. Still mistakes in words sometimes.   Doesn’t get throat infection in last 2 months. Better



SL  TDS  8 weeks

26-5-20 Concentration improved up to 60%.                     Doesn’t destroy toys.                                                      Not stubborn about anything.                                  Got throat infection.  Redness of throat.                                                             Frequency of pain is not like before. Acute exaggeration of chronic disease. Rx,

Baryta Carbonica 1M  single dose                                           SL  TDS  8 weeks

30-7-20 Concentration > remembers words, infection better, doing own homework. Better. Rx,                                                  SL  TDS  4 weeks
28-8-20 No complaints Much better. Rx,                                                 No medicine

CONCLUSION: The central theme of the case revolves around Baryta Carbonica, i.e., difficult concentration, weakness of memory, delayed talking, difficult learning, stubborn. The prescription of Baryta Carbonica is very strongly supported by repertorisation and key note symptoms from materia medica.


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