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Difficulty Swallowing in a Man of 55


Mr, X, a leather Engineer, Age 55, was serving in a Leather Factory in Hazaribag Dhaka. He was referred to me by Dr. Sarwar Jan for Dysphagia. For the last 3 years, the patient had been suffering from excessive salivation. As a result, he has to keep a pot beside him for spitting. The next year he developed a problem swallowing food or drink, which became a difficult task for him. A spasm or choking occurred during swallowing solids or liquids. He had to drink in between taking solid food.

The patient stated he had no mental shock, fear or other problems. About family life he said that he was leading a normal life, and did not have any physical contact with his wife for the last 12 years. They stay in the same house, live in separate rooms, do not meet each other and necessary communication, expenditures etc, are passed through the children. She cooks his food , washes his cloths etc, but no direct conversation. He requested that I not ask more  of his background. He says that he does not suffer from such an abnormal relationship.

The following Rubrics were considered:

  1. choking during eating. RM, Throat, CHOKING, Gen, eating While- acon, anac, hydrog, kali bi, Kali carb,  kalin, Lach, Meph, Merccor, ni ac, zinc, val.
  2. Choking during drinking,RM,Throat, CHOCKING, Gen, Drinking while- acon, cimex, HYOS, iod, kali n, manc, meph,NATM, phos, rhust.
  3. Chocking while swallowing food. RM, Throat, CHOCKING, gen, Swallowing on- acon,ambr, ars, Barc, bell, bry, china, cic, cupr,  gent c,  Graph, Hyos, Kali c, Laur, LYC, magp , manc, meph, Merc, mur ac, Natm, ons, par,  Plb,  PULS,  rhust, stry, tarent, verat, zinc.

Repertorization Result:

RM, Mind, GRIEF, feelings, silent, unhappy, love with IGN(single)

RM, Mind, GRIEF, ailments from, convulsion causes- ars, caust, hyos, ign, op.

RM, Mind, DISCORDS, ailments from between friends- ars, GRAPH, hep, Ign, lach, merc, NAT M,  ni ac, nv, sulph.

RM, MIND, Disappointment , ailments , from- acon, alum,apis, ars, AUR, Bry, caust, Cham, cocc, colch, Coloc, Gels, grat, hyos, IGN, Lach, LYC, Merc, NAT M, Nuxv,Op, PH AC, plat, PULS, STAPH, verat.


  1. Ignatia
  2. Arsenic alb
  3. Natrum Mur
  4. Lachesis
  5. Merc


Related  symptoms of Ignatia

Apart from “aliments from grief, emotional shock.” we see the following symptoms under Ignatia:(Radar Key note):

Hysterical tendency and symptoms

Numbness. Cramps. Spasms. Tics. Chorea.

Sudden momentary paralysis.

Mouth( SR Pathak)

– Spasmodic closing of the jaws; bites inside cheek or tongue when talking or chewing.

– Sudden attacks of salivation.

Throat( SRPhatak)

– Feeling as of a lump, when not swallowing or that cannot be swallowed;amel. eating solids.

– Tendency to choke – Globus hystericus.

– Cramps in gullet.

Respiratory(SR Phatak

– Choking; spasms of glottis.

– Constriction of the chest, feels as if too small.


Apart from covering the mental symptoms fully, Ignetia  also covers the dysphasia Condition of the patient well.


1st Prescription:   Ignatia M/2- Once a day for 8 days. One teaspoonful Then, gapfor  8 Days.

Result:About  50% better in all respects. Drooling much less.

2nd prescription.  Placebo for 8 days.  One teaspoon from 2nd glass of water.  Then gap for 8 Days.

Result: Improvement halted at the end.

3rd Prescription- Ignatia M/3.  for 8 days. Then, gap for 8 Days.

 Result: Swallowing problem almost gone.

4th Prescription–  Ignatia. M/4. For 8 Days. Then, gap for 8 days.

Result : No more swallowing problem, no salivation or spitting.

Medicine discontinued  

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