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Doomed to Be Blind!

Doomed to Be Blind!
Written by Edson Sampaio

Dr. Edson F. Sampaio reports on a case of severe eye injury and disease, treated with Peter Chappell’s Source Resonances remedies.

Aug 2016 Edson F. Sampaio1

Or not, so it seems! A recent case (one year ago), but an old eye trauma treated exclusively with Peter Chappell’s SOURCE RESONANCES, not by choice, but in absolute lack of it, achieves success despite the patient’s peculiar experiences, bizarre symptoms well to our liking, but without repertory matching, which is something that happens and is not uncommon.

The patient retired on disability at 48, resident in Imbituva (Paraná state, Brasil), came to me with his wife (Oct,6, 2014), and said that at age 11, he was with two other boys playing with wooden swords, and accidentally he was hit on his left eye: “I had surgery and vision returned, but an ulcer grew in the eye and then it simply turned off!”

He was left with the right eye, meno male! (Thank God!)

1st consultation

Patient (P) “I suffered an accident years ago … (prior to submission of this, I asked for details of that accident: he, his wife and daughter prepared this report):

“About the circumstances of the second accident and events’ trajectory:

We were married on July 24, 1993 and the accident happened 13 days later (05-08-1993): When we were realigning a fence, a nail escaped from a distance of about 10 meters and hit my right eye. I immediately went to Ponta Grossa hospital where Dr. Renato examined me and performed a surgery on Aug, 08,1993. After the surgery I was hospitalized eight days before I was discharged. Then I was referred to Curitiba (our Capital), where I was examined by Dr. Naoye, a specialist in eye fundus, who performed another surgery, during which I was bleeding and he had to remove the lens. After a few days I went home and when I returned to Curitiba for further tests, he detected a small wrinkle in the retina, and I went through another surgery for ‘smoothing’ it.

Sometime after, I returned to Ponta Grossa hospital and was submitted to Dr. Renato’s new consult, who implanted an intraocular lens (IOL); I returned to my town and within days an infection occurred; I was medicated and from then on the vision stabilized at approximately 70%, according to my idea.

In 1995 I fainted and fell, hitting my head. Within a few months I developed some problems in my vision; returning to Ponta Grossa I learned that the IOL had moved, and new surgery was necessary, “to put IOL in place.” After a period of about three years, the lens moved again, I returned to Ponta Grossa and went through another surgery, but with a complication: the lens fell to the back of the eye, so it was not possible for the doctor to remove it. So another lens was implanted behind the cornea. I was referred to Dr. Naoye in Curitiba to see what could be done with that lens in the background. Dr. Naoye told me: “If one day this lens causes a problem, we apply a laser on it, punching it.”

In 2001, I did not feel well and returned to Ponta Grossa, where a retinal detachment was diagnosed and I was submitted to a new surgery by Dr. Renato, during which he realized that the problem went beyond the retinal detachment; halted the surgery and I was referred again to the attention of Dr. Naoye. In his assessment, further surgery would be too risky, but he performed a surgery to remove the loose lens in the back of the eye and put another behind the cornea. In his explanation, he said it was a success! In his view the loose lens in the back of the eye hit the place where the nail had pierced, whereby the liquid leaked forward, detaching the retina. I recovered well. He said: “Despite all the trouble, you made a profit: We managed to remove that lens.” I said nothing to him, but the vision had diminished enough. Since then, Dr. Renato diagnosed me as having glaucoma, whose treatment would be carried out with Betoptic-s eye drops. On September 25th. 2002 I returned to Curitiba because I was noticing something different.

Dr. Naoye diagnosed:

“Mr. TB has:  Corneal edema; bullous in hemi superior cornea + synechiae + likely handle touch of the IOL in the cornea.

IO pressure: 25mmHg

Eye Fund: accolade retina with macular epiretinal membrane.

Suggestion: corneal microscopy to evaluate endothelial cells.

If necessary: corneal transplant + fistulizing procedure for glaucoma + implant IO lens (sutured to the sclera). The peeling of epiretinal membrane would be left for another opportunity (Signed) Dr … ”

Dr. Naoye asked me to return to Dr. Renato to prescribe other eye drops, which he did: Travatan, and I’ve used the Betoptic-s, these two were used. Later it was changed to Betopetic-s and Combigan.

In 2003, my sister put my name on the transplant list and was called to the Sorocaba-SP

Letter from Dr. Roberto to colleagues in Sorocaba:

“As the ‘population’ of endothelial cells is decreasing, a corneal transplant was proposed and removal of the IOL anterior chamber with new suture of the same in the posterior chamber.

For us it is important to have your opinion for this proposal.  As it is difficult to perform this operation in this hospital, the patient was informed that it would be easier in Sorocaba and because he is a ‘fighter’ who deserves all respect, I am giving support so that he explores this possibility. Thanks … ”

At Sorocaba-SP, I was subjected to various tests, diagnosed that the transplant could be delayed since the pressure was controlled, which was nothing but an excuse.  I returned to Ponta Grossa, and Dr. Roberto prescribed Combigan and Diamox (tablet). After a long run on Dec,19,2013, I went to an ophthalmologist who serves in my town (Imbituva-PR) to measure my eye pressure, which was at 12. But he said, “Let’s use Ocupress (eye drops)”, advising me that Diamox would be dangerous for my kidneys, he replaced it, knowing Ocupress would have the same effect on the eye and he prescribed Hypertonic 5% (4 in 4 hours), manipulated to wipe the cornea, believing it would improve vision. After two months, in beginning 2014, returning to the latter doctor, the pressure was 13. He took off the Hypertonic 5% as it did not present improvement. I used it a couple of months and stopped because it was not bringing any positive results. On Sept,11,2014 I went to Curitiba, to try a transplant with a different doctor than those already mentioned. He told me that this surgery would be very risky and the pressure was 20. He said that my eye was like a pressure cooker, the optic nerve was weak and had calcifications. Thirty days before seeking this new clinic, uric acid attacked me in both big toes and an ankle. Then (one week) I had a strong allergy in the body; I did not report to the doctor because I guessed he wouldn’t take care of it. Imbituva, Dec,18,2015. (signature)

Continuing 1st  appointment – Oct,06,2014

“About two months before, uric acid affected my toes and my vision deteriorated a lot…”

Wife (W): “His feet swelled and the big toes enlarged (measured 6,4cm), but that time he was better after taking some capsules against the pain.”

(P) ” I had high fever from the uric acid: my whole body turned red and was burning, and allergic skin reactions showed up. I used to have high fever at night, every three to four months; it started suddenly, I sweated a lot and then it went down … I was 33 when uric acid affected me the 1st time, but only lately has it been so strong … I have tinnitus in my right ear, just the affected side … I have some strange symptoms: When I wake early in the morning, it seems that everything is gone from my head, with a fainting feeling and tremors; it is a horrible feeling like everything is mixing inside my head. This improved after drinking orange peel water.”

(Ah, so good if I had such a ‘delusion’ in the Repertory!  What about ‘Brainstorm’ – for example, which at first glance could be a storm in the brain, but the dictionaries disappointed me)

(W) “He used to be much calmer. Now he wants to work and couldn’t, so he becomes anxious; Often he becomes depressed, silent.”

(I notice him as quiet, talking undisturbed, smiling from time to time)


of treatment

Aug 2016 Edson F. Sampaio2            Aug 2016 Edson F. Sampaio3

Right eye                                                                                Left eye

(P) “I eat well and like everything, but I’m not so fond of sweets, I rather prefer the traditional foods. I sleep well, but I had nightmares lying on my left side. This was better, but now it returned. Those nightmares began at age 28 with labyrinth problems ”

Prescription: PC 201j for Injury. (Resonant remedy for physical trauma)

This same day, daughter (D) emailed me: “We were today in your office. My father forgot to tell you he has glaucoma – the intraocular pressure is very high, and it undermines his vision further. We also realize that when he gets anxious the eye turns red”.

My answer: “These are inflammatory signs that your father has in his organism. The remedy isn´t addressed to any particular symptom; it works to bring the body to a new equilibrium. In time, everything will find its place.

Oct, 15, 2014 – (D) email: “Because of glaucoma, even using two types of eye drops, the pressure remains high. Could we use homeopathic eye drops?

(Answer (A): This isn’t a good idea!)

Today my father said the vision is very whitish, like a cloud covering the little bit of sight he has left!

(A: This means that the medicine is working and it’s a good hint. Ask him to be patient because soon this will be gone.)

Should we seek an ophthalmologist? Or wait a while?… ”

(A: Better wait a few days; otherwise, the ophthalmologist will give eye drops and then we would be lost. When reactions come from a remedy for injury, the symptoms disappear the same way they came, leaving health better. Your father’s case is a hard one and we must be careful!)

Oct, 21, 2014: The bottle’s water became cloudy. The daughter came to replace it, and says:

“During the first days he had pain in his chest; the rheumatism returned and that cloud in his sight that blinded him reappeared. He became very anxious and closed on himself. Now, he isn’t closed nor anxious anymore and doesn’t complain at all.”

Nov, 25, 2014: Daughter by another email: “About my father’s follow-up, would it interfere if he drinks some natural teas, while taking homeopathic medicines? Suggested teas: wooden-andrade, rope vine, horsetail and ginseng.

(A: Once your father has chosen homeopathy and he is improving, it would be advisable not use these things because, improving or worsening, we don’t know what caused it. Give me a few months; if his improvement stops, give up homeopathy and try the teas.)

Dec, 17,  2014 (D) email: “My father does not know I’m emailing you, but I think it is  relevant to comment on his temperament (daughter is studying psychology): The last few days have been difficult because he is constantly depressed , has no desire to leave the house and prefers to be alone. He is very nervous and for me, it is a kind of revolt. His vision is varying, sometimes the picture is sharp and sometimes he sees almost nothing. Maybe nervousness is the reason. I thought it important to communicate this to you because I know he will not mention it during the consultations”.

(A: Please convey to your father the message that healing is a slow process and moves with certain sluggishness, most of the time, slower than the patient wants. However, the important thing is to advance. After the holidays, let’s sit down and talk again, re-evaluating the symptoms. Agree?)

In response, I got this message from him through his daughter:

“Here Teodor: I’m writing to keep you informed about my treatment. I know that homeopathy seeks the cause of disease. During the 1st half of the treatment, I slept well every night, without those bad feelings in the head, only with tinnitus. This 2nd time, again I had those feelings and I am always waking up early, this is accompanied by obstructed breath, as if I am drowning, choking. Sometimes, I also feel a burning sensation in the stomach, which already happened months before the homeopathic treatment and it is clear that my vision is affected. I removed the Ocupress™ because I thought it was not helping, so I guess. I was just using the Tratavan™”.

April, 01, 2015 (3rd consultation)

(P) “The first dose was a marvel. Since starting the 2nd bottle of PC Injury, the pressure in the chest started again, it lasted 10 days and then I slept better again. I have not had nightmares and also have no more sweating at night. Similarly, I do not have that thing in my throat that choked me”.

How about your anxiety? “Since 10 or 20 days I am very calm, normal.”

(wife interferes)”He still gets angry easily; it is not 100%. He gardens, plants vegetables, cleans the house, helps me making snacks”.

How would you rate the improvement on a scale of 1-10? (P):”7!”

Prescription: Again PC Injury.

May, 12,  2015: (D) email:”… a few days ago we noticed that the bottle is opaque again … Since the last visit he was doing very well, both regarding the mood and even the eye. Last night he did not sleep at all, his eyes are bloodshot and watering constantly, he complains a lot of burning. I noticed that his vision is not good for his behavior indoors. It might be he caught a cold, since last night we went out to walk and it was cold and windy. Do you advise us something? ”

Next morning, new email: “Dad said that they recommended dripping boric acid in his eyes. During the night he did and each time he drips much infection comes from within the eye. It is preferable to continue dripping? He said that today his vision is very blurred, everything blurry, bad. So much so that he is in bed all day and it is difficult to talk to him. Before lunch his temperature was almost 37ºc”

(Answer: Blurred vision is due to the presence of secretion (pus). Wait until tomorrow because it may be a fleeting reaction. Otherwise, you may want to come to my office again…)

May, 14, 2015: The patient returns to my office and his right eye was very inflamed “as if it had been operated”, he says. “But now the pain is gone!”

Aug 2016 Edson F. Sampaio4

Prescription: Still with PC Injury, initially taken every 3 hours and gradually returning to the previous dosage, once a day.

June,12, 2015: From, I sent the following email to his daughter:

“Link tune for T…:

Hello! There goes:

With this link the sound will be released – then you will see the following page:

For T… Expires: 11th Jul 2015

Eye Injury – Start: listening to this for a week, once a day.


Glaucoma – Listening to this for a week, once a day.


Antibiotics – Listening to this for a week, once a day.

June, 26,  2015: (D) by email: “His eye was burning all night. He took the remedy every 3 hours during the acute phase and it took 15 days to subside. Since 10 days it is no longer burning. He tried to use the eye drops and the burning returned. It seems that the eye is not accepting eyewash anymore.  When there is a birthday party he likes to eat a lot and drink beer, then his vision turns blurred and has some yellow points in it.”

July, 12, 2015:

(D emailed: “His emotional state is good, the vision remains the same, but stabilized towards that ‘crisis’ that he had long ago.

(Answer: Emotional stability is a very important thing, your father’s injuries were very serious, of a most delicate and intelligent organ. Let’s wait a while until he finishes the medicine. It is important that he keeps the hope for improvement, because without this, who can stand to live?”)

Dec, 12, 2015: (D) email: “This month it was not possible to return to your office and we will be back in January”. He did a makeover in the kitchen behind the house, almost alone , where Mom works making orders

Aug 2016 Edson F. Sampaio5

About the sound-resonances from the website: the more disturbing for him were the second one for glaucoma and the third one for detoxification of antibiotics, they caused reactions (agony, distress, shortness of breath, especially at dinner). The 1st one (eye injury) did not bother him. He never again had night sweats, fevers and troubles with uric acid problems as before. He still is waking up at dawn (every 15 days) with the drowning sensation, but it soon subsides after he fully wakes up. He rarely feels that burning sensation in the stomach anymore.

Usually, he sleeps on the right side and his dreams are always hopeful (this word caught my attention) or pleasant. To test, he tried to sleep on the left side, which causes nightmares of escape and dangers, but its intensity diminished.

His health in general is 99% better, compared to mothers and mine. Very few times has he come to take medicine from “pharmacy”. During the period of homeopathic treatment he did not consume other drugs, except your preparations.

During the last visit you requested an evaluation by the eye optometrist, and although this was not possible, at least we’ll try to control the pressure of the eye every week by an ophthalmologist serving here in our town. He promises to be more attentive to his symptoms.


Dec, 13,  2015:  (D) email: “… father had his eye pressure checked yesterday … it was at 14. Note: the eye pressure was checked by the ophthalmologist’s assistant.”

Jan, 27, 2016 – (his last visit) – (P) “Since last Dec, 8, my feet were burning and my sleep was disturbed.”

What happened? I ate too much fat meat (roasted ribs), then ended in the first aid room and my blood pressure was high. A couple of days after, my sleep was normal. (He brings some test results, all of them within acceptable levels, except: urine with some (+) uric acid crystals. Serum uric acid: 8.

Tell about your sight! “It seems that my eye is stronger, more resistant.”

How is that? “Before, it was red and burning at trifles. Now this is not often.”

His wife adds: “Sometimes in the past his eyes turned red. Recently he doesn’t have this anymore.”

Tell me about your sight now! “It is white, everything is white, I can barely notice the colors.

Sensation? “It is as if there was a frosted glass in front me, something related to water. This happened last time the surgeon injected silicone and the vision turned white. BP rate: 170×110 – Pulse 120 bps.

Prescription: PC Injury is repeated.


Despite the case difficulties, in which each one did his best to help, it seems to me that there are evidences that the PC SOURCE RESONANCE was effective, because it rebalanced the patient, not only on the physical aspects, but he also reported improvement on the emotional level. He sleeps without nightmares and even symptoms disappeared that had been disturbing him for a long time.

Add the fact that not only the patient discontinued the use of medications (eye drops) on his own, and also that the measure of intraocular pressure revealed levels acceptable as normal, even despite the fact that the story of glaucoma can be questioned as episodic and occasional reactions, what, in this case, could not be questioned? Even to the patient’s fate, as it was done on the title.

As commented by one of the ophthalmologists: “He is a fighter”; a deserved title, in my view, considering his long history of physical and surgical traumas, not to mention the positive role of his family.

What absolutely cannot be disputed are the multiple traumas and their emotional reflexes, which served as the basis for prescribing PC Injury Resonance which performed brilliantly in this case.

I am grateful for the cooperation of the patient and his family allowing me this publication.

(Special thanks to Nico Beentjes to have debugged my English)


About the author

Edson Sampaio

Edson F. Sampaio, MD, is a brazilian homeopath, 74 years of age, practicing at IRATI, Paraná State, South Brazil, near Curitiba, the state"™s capital. His training was at the Curitiba School of Homeopathy (1968), learning mainly from Argentinian teachers. He was granted the title of "Specialist in Homeopathy" from the Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Association.

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