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Duodenal Ulcer in a Patient with Complete Hysterectomy and Cholecystectomy


Dr. Kamal Jalodia presents a case of duodenal ulcer in a woman of 50.

First consultation on 21.07.15

A female patient aged 50 years presented with severe burning pain in region of stomach.+++< by eating ++ >by cold drinks+.  Nausea <Eating ++. This pain was there for the last 25 years and the patient was on Pantoprazole daily before breakfast. She underwent two surgeries in the past: Cholecystectomy 18 years back and Partial Hysterectomy 13 years back. She has occasional sneezing which is violent and watery discharge from left nostril with obstruction. On enquiry it was found that she had a partial hysterectomy because of heavy bleeding, without any SOL in uterus and it did not responded to oral conventional medication.

Eruption finger.  Since 10 years.

Fear of high place ++

Fear of water++

Fear of dark ++

Desire- Sweets ++, Salt +++, Cold drinks ++, Ice cream+++

Mental/ Emotional – Patient is very open type. Communicates easily and openly +++.

Energy level- gets tired easily.

Latest high fever- No high fever since many Years.

Level of Health (state/Strength of Vitality )- This patient belongs to Group-C (according to the theory of levels of health by prof. George Vithoulkas) since  she’s had no high fever for many years, but she’s on upper levels of Group-C as time to time she is getting coryza with violent sneezing.

Prescription – Phosphorus 200-1 Dose in 10ml aqua dist.

Patient was advised to discontinue conventional prescription .

Choice of potency- As the patient belongs to Group-C and pathology is mainly on the physical level, I started with moderate to high potency:  i.e 200.

Follow up-08.08.15

There was an initial aggravation in burning pain for 3 -4 days. No nausea on eating, No burning. Energy level showed no change. She becomes lazy and sleepy after eating especially afternoon+++.

Prescription – Placebo

Follow up on 08.10.15

Coryza with discharge and sneezing from left nose. C/C much better.

Prescription- placebo

Follow up 02.04.16

Recurrence of burning pain and nausea. Pain right heel like a boil+++>

Blood examination shows elevated uric acid 6.8


05.05.16 patient reported over phone that the heel pain is still persisting and there was no change from last Rx.

Prescription- Phosphorus 10M-1Dose.

Follow up-25.07.16

Patient reported no burning pain in stomach, no heel pain, coryza left nose off and on. Once she had a headache during airplane journey. Slight coughing.

Prescription- placebo

Note- The patient is better in burning pain. But still there is no high fever in the case. Onset of acute high fever will be an indicator of annihilation of the chronic disease completely. As is the case of two dissimilar diseases as stated by Master Hahnemann in Para 35-40 of Organon of medicine, .and Levels of Health by George Vithoilkas.

07.12.16  fullness of abdomen, cough and cold, vomiting cough during, once itching sole, once frequent stool for 2 days, cough > vomiting, < eating Rx- Sanguinaria Can 30-1Dose+placebo(acute prescription)

14.01.2017 over phone again cough < eating > vomiting. since 7 days. Rx-Sanguinaria can 30-1D (acute pres.)

15.02.2017 Recurrence of fullness of abdomen with mild burning in region of epigastric region, laziness, respiration difficult with flatus, left ear pain           Rx Phosphorus 200-1D (Chronic)

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Kamal Jalodia

Dr Kamal Jalodia is a Classical Homoeopath practising since 23 years. He completed D.H.M.S from Kolkata India, further studied the Dip. IACH (Greece) under Prof. George Vithoulkas from 2006-2008. He also trained at the PG. Course on “Levels of Health” by Prof. George Vithoulkas in 2011, and the Advanced PG course at IACH (Greece) in 2015&2019. He is the coordinator of the IACH E-Learning Programme for Kolkata (India).

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