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Eczema in a Woman of 33

Written by Vasudha Vij

Dr. Vasudha Vij shares a case of eczema in a woman of 33. Sarsaparilla gave some progress and was followed by Sepia to complete the cure.

A married woman of 33 years having one child, a teacher by profession came to me on 21st Jan 2021 with the complaint of eruptions on the fingers of both hands. She had this problem for two years and mostly the eruptions arise in summer.

When she came to clinic, she was on Fucibet cream (Fucibet cream is used in the treatment of eczema (dry, itchy rashes of the skin) and dermatitis. It contains two main ingredients, Betamethasone, a corticosteroid and an antibiotic called Fusidic acid.)

Eruptions are vesicular and it easily suppurates and develops cuts and cracks and used to burn a lot. She had of itching on the fingers, the itching and cuts were worse from water as when she used to wash clothes.

Sometimes she had pain in the fingers while working. There was swelling on the fingers also. Her menstrual cycles were normal. She is a possessive woman for her family and family is very important for her.

She has a reserved nature and is less talkative and likes to be silent and by herself.  She likes bright colors, desires spicy food and does not like sweets. Thermally she is a chilly patient.

Referrance from Boericke Materia Medica

Jan 29th 2021:   Rx-Sarsaparilla 200 twice daily for 7 days

Follow Up After 7 Days

The eruptions were better by 20%.  Itching was less but still there. She still had aggravation from contact with water. Burning was less up to 50%


1 March 2021:  During a follow up after 35 days, the theme of  indifference came very prominently which was not there so strongly in the first interview. Now  she was irritable with her husband and child though she loved them but at the same time very indifferent to them.  Sarsaparilla and Sepia follow each other well

When Sarsaparilla was given it did its work and after 35 days the Sepia layer emerged.

Hering Materia Medica

RX:  Sepia 1M 2 doses

Follow Up After 3 Months    May 5, 2021

Eruptions were totally gone. There is no itching. Now she can happily work in water.  No burning is there.  There are no marks on her fingers now.

About the author

Vasudha Vij

Dr.Vasudha Vij, B.H.M.S ,C.C.A.H graduated from medical school in Punjab. Her passion for homeopathy brought her to Mumbai and she completed a certified course in advanced homeopathy at The Other Song. It inspired her to assist Dr Sujit Chatterjee from whom she learned about cancer and other pathological cases. Dr. Vij also took a course at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, Alonissos Greece. She has a special interest in deeply understanding every patient. She currently has her own clinic in Jammu.

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