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Elaine Finally Has Another Toothache!

When I have a tooth infection on the upper right side, it’s Pyrogen 99% of the time!”

I’m sure a lot of people have been looking at their clocks and saying, “Isn’t Elaine over-due for her next toothache?” It has been a long time, hasn’t it? I hate to disappoint our Hpathy readers; so, in the middle of the night, towards morning, I was awakened, again, by, yet, another toothache! There, I hope everyone’s happy now!

It hurt when I pressed on it with my tongue–a premolar, upper right side. It wasn’t an intense kind of pain, more of an annoying pain; frankly, I just felt like I wanted to take a pair pliers and rip it out, and it felt like it would come out easily too, like there would be nothing to it!

I didn’t get up, I figured I’d deal with it later. I went back to sleep. When I got up this morning, it was worse. I had the feeling I would not be able to eat breakfast, that biting down would be too painful. Now I was worried. Not to be able to eat my whole wheat blueberry pancake? OMG! No way! And as always, I was afraid homeopathy wouldn’t work!

But, after so many toothaches, I knew which remedy to pick without having to check the repertory; which is good because this remedy is very under-represented in the tooth chapter, namely–Pyrogen!  And in case you didn’t know, Pyrogen is potentized rotten meat!  Now don’t freak out!  We’re the people who dilute a substance over and over again, right?  So we’re not really ingesting rotten meat; just wanted to be sure everyone understood that!  This is a great remedy for all conditions where the situation consists of “rot”!  Think of it in a septic condition, tissue break-down, blood poisoning, a burst appendix, etc.  You can see how valuable this remedy is! 

I have especially noticed that when I have a tooth infection on the upper right side, it’s Pyrogen 99% of the time!  Here were the rubrics I used in The Repertory:

Teeth: pain, toothaches, brushing agg (3)

Teeth: pain, toothaches, biting teeth together, when (3)

Teeth: pain, toothaches, cold, drinks, from (1)

Pyrogen isn’t in any of these rubrics, but obviously should be! You can only find it (as a 3) in Teeth: abscess, roots. That’s it, that’s the only rubric it’s in. Anyway, less than half an hour after taking Pyrogen 200C in water, I could tell a shift had occurred. (Some people are going to want to know why I took a 200C potency. In an acute, there is probably a range of potencies that will work. The idea is to match the severity of the complaint with the appropriate potency. This acute was moderately severe with the potential to get worse. I thought 200C was a good match. The idea is to match power with power. If the illness is recent and strong, 200C is about right. When a complaint is brand new, you can knock it out of the park with one hard swing; it hasn’t “calcified”, turned to “cement” like a ten year old chronic state has; for that you’ll need slow, careful chipping away of the complaint to start with, like a 6C three times a day–always in water with a few succussions before each dose. But what we have here is not “calcified” and one good whack should take care of it! I took the remedy at 7 a.m. By 9, I was eating my pancake. Now, 6 hours later, I can bite down hard on my tooth and I feel almost nothing! Whew! Another close shave.

I hope you realize what happens to people, “regular” people, in my situation?  They’re canceling the day’s activities and they’re trying to get into the dentist on short notice! They’re going to get a prescription for antibiotics, which may or may not work; but, will cause stomach pain and who knows what else! Plus, think of the cost! What’s the cost of this toothache? It cost me nothing! Why? I’ve got my Pyrogen 200C in a vial of water and brandy. When the vial gets low, I’ll just add more water and shake; I’ll have this vial for the rest of my life! What does the dentist charge?  What’s the cost of the antibiotic?  I’d be afraid to ask!

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