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The Enigma of Calcarea Iodata

Abstract: Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea presents a case of Calcarea Iodata.

Female 44yrs.

Presenting complaints-26/12/2012

1. Dsypnoea since 17yrs.There is a dry cough which brings on the asthmatic attack. It’s worse from dust and smoke , new & full moon.

2. The patient catches cold easily resulting in sneezing and itching of the nose.

3. Pain in both heels worse on first motion, >continued motion.

4. Burning vertex worse in summer

5. Itching and eruptions in the arms from taking eggs and shell fish.

6. Thick, profuse leucorrhea <before menses.

7. Pain in the right breast, <during menses


Hot patient++

Desires : sour, sweet, eggs, cold food

Stool- Constipated, stool every alternate day

Temperament- Angry++, Stubborn,  Fears-ghost, darkness, dogs. Absent-minded++


FOLLOW UP 1:26/02/2013-Asthma-25%>, Pain in the heels-25%>. PLACEBO

FOLLOW UP 2:23/04/2013-Sneezing and Itching eyes-50%>, Asthma-40%>PLACEBO

FOLLOW UP 3:05/06/2013-Asthma did not occur in last 2months. Burning vertex-60%>PLACEBO

FOLLOW UP4:28/08/2013-Asthma-100%> .Heel pain-75%>PLACEBO

Case Analysis-

Symptomatic Analysis

Features of Calcarea:

1. Catches cold easily resulting in sneezing

2.Pain<1st motion>continued motion

3.Breast pain <during menses

4.D-sour,eggs,cold food

5.Constipated,stool every alternate day.


Features of Iodum:

1. Burning vertex

2. Thick profuse leucorrhea

3. Hot pt+++

4.Tubercular miasmatic preponderance Of Iodum.

Miasmatic Analysis

Easily catches cold-sneezing and itching eyesàTubercular miasm-Psora: Hypoimmunity+Syphilis: Destruction of immunity leading to the recurrence which is a feature of Tuberculinum Miasm.

Itching and eruptions from eggs, shell fishàTubercular miasm: Allergic diathesis is tubercular

Burning vertex  is Syphilitic: Burning, Bursting pains are syphilitic

Thick profuse leucorrheaàSycotic

Pain in Rt. Breast <during mensesàSycotic. Key word of Sycosis is Inco-ordination. This can be interpreted as Hormonal incoordination, which causes the breast pain.

Calcarea Iodata as a medicine is Syco-Tubercular which covers the miasmatic background.

Characteristics of Calcarea Iodata :-

(i)                Head : (a) Rush of blood to head(Tubercular ). (b) Head sweats: sour odour. (c) Headache from cold exposure.

(ii)              Nose: (a) Nasal discharges have a tendency to be profuse and yellow.(Sycotic) (b) Grand medicine for nasal polyps.

(iii)            Throat: (a) Prone to massive swelling of tonsils. (b) Tonsil: crypts or lacunae in tonsil: honeycomb appearance is diagnostic of Calcarea Iodata. (c) Predisposition to glandular enlargements. (d) Nodules in thyroid. Thyroid tumours and goitre, especially during puberty.   (e) Uvula swollen(++). (f) Cervical lymphadenopathy: glands swell from cold.

(iv)            Breast: (a) Fibroids and nodules in the breast. (b) Mostly soft (can be hard also, but never stony hard like Calcarea Fluor) and mobile.

(v)              Gastro-Intestinal: (a) Desires: Sweet, sour, salt, salty, cold food, cold milk, egg (+++), Meat (++). (b) Mostly constipated,sour odour of stool. (d) Swelling of inguinal and mesenteric glands and becomes painful. (vi) Heart: Palpitation from least exertion.

(vi)           Female: (a) Irregular menses from hormonal imbalance. (b) Cystic tumours in ovary (a grand medicine).  (d) Profuse yellowish leucorrhoea.  (f) Profound weakness during menses.

(vii)         Extremities: (a) Rheumatic pains < new moon & full moon. (b) Cold and clammy hands & feet.

(viii)       General Tendencies: (a) Takes cold from every change of weather (catches cold easily),but pt. Craves fresh open air (b) Scrofulous, allergic, haemorrhagic  diathesis.  Glandular swelling is a denominating feature of this medicine (Goitre, PCOD, Fibroid, Breast tumors)

(ix)           Thermal Relation Hot patient but long for fresh air (+++).

Appearance: Scrawny, cachectic, hot; or Fair, fat, flabby, hot.(Tubercular miasm-Polarity of symptom

About the author

Saptarshi Banerjea

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea was born in Calcutta, India, the fifth generation of a distinguished and widely respected homoeopathic family. His insights into prescribing with his magnificent grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make his lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives him the confidence in prescribing especially in cases with pathology. He acts as Clinical Consultant in various rural and slum clinics. In India, he often sees around 50 patients a day in his medical centres. Such volume requires the use of extensive ready knowledge of Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica coupled with profound intuition and application of ancestral wisdom. Saptarshi inherits his clinical acumen and wisdom from his illustrious father, Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea, the successful clinician and internationally respected teacher of Miasms and author of widely acclaimed books, "Miasmatic Prescribing"; "Authentic Cures". E. Mail: [email protected] Web:


  • Dr.Saptarshi Bannerji’s case description is very illustrative. It is interesting to note that cal. iodata is such a good medicine. Your service is appreciated

  • Congratulation Saptarshi! I like to convey one suggestion . Try to incorporate improvement index scientifically even in single case. …Keep it up ….

  • Hi Saptarshi ! Congrats for a good case report. As for a youngster it is O.K. Try 2 maintain the conventional protocol of case representation subsequently. One question. An asthma of 17 yrs. duration was removed completely within very short period keeping aside the other symptoms to go later. Is it not against the Hering’s law of cure? Well, as a youngsters this deserves to be look after. Keep it up. Thank u.

    • Dear Dr.Mondal,
      Thank you for your kind suggestion.But,you might not have read the case carefully.I have never used the word ‘cure’. A person suffering from asthma for 17 yrs obviously cant be cured within a short time period.The case needs to be followed up over a period of time.
      Again,if you have a look only the asthma was not better.The heel pain,burning vertex,the recurrence of catching cold were other parameters,by which I judged improvement.
      Yours,In Health,Homoeopathically,
      Dr.Saptarshi Banerjea

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