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A Case of Enlarged Liver

Dr. M. Ejaz Farid Ahmed presents a brief case of enlarged liver.

Mrs. Z. P, age 40. 90 kg. had enlarged liver, chronic soreness in region of liver, red face. Gouty constitution and worse in wet weather. She wakes with a bad taste in her mouth and even water tastes bad. She experiences pain in the coccyx, fullness in her head and cold hands and feet. Menstrual flow and urine are scanty, no pains. She has been treated by many doctors.

Nat Sulph 30. Three doses starting on March 4th (one a day ). I choose the remedy after taking into consideration the sycotic nature, the hydrogenoid constitution (always worse in wet weather) and heredity. This remedy has an action upon the liver and stomach, producing a bilious disturbance. Whenever we find a liver and stomach disorder together, it is a true biliousness condition. and Natrum Sulph comes to mind. The mental symptoms include irritability, anxiety, desire to die, aversion to life and to things in life that would generally make people feel pleasant and comfortable.

March 10 : Pain and swelling in sides was much batter. Now old symptoms started returning. Scanty menses (old symptom). Feeling of hotness in body without perspiration.

April 10: Soreness and swelling in liver region disappeared entirely. A common symptom, fullness in head and pain in back of head remains all the time as an old symptom. Bad taste in mouth still present. Drinks very little water. Perspires more with cool lower limbs. Bowels constipated. Scanty leucorrhoea.

May 15, 2014: Nat Sulph 200. Severe rheumatic pains in back of legs such that she cannot lift legs up. Must keep clearing throat all the time. Pain in lower back and cracks on feet. Dryness in nose and in back part of throat. (A cup of green tea advised daily for a least a week and along with other dietary changes.)

June 23: Cracks and dryness in various body parts cured. Back pain is much better. Various kinds of sharp pains come up, eg .in heart, sternum to left breast. Gouty pains. Fullness in head. Menses regular but scanty and just for two days. Bad taste in mouth.

Nat.Sulph 200

July 14: pain in front and back of head. Leucorrhoea thin. Sight seems blurred. All symptoms aggravate from 6 am to 1 pm. Bad taste in mouth and pain in liver region returns. Great suicidal tendency. Eructation bitter, heartburn, pain in the top of stomach.

Nat. Sulph cm

July 27 not any noticeable change in symptoms.

October 10, 2014 : Entirely free from symptoms.. Patient now perfectly well. No pains or aches.

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