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Epilepsy in a Woman of 25


Dr. Prabodhchandra Meshram presents a case of epilepsy in a woman of 25. The nosode Tuberculinum was required to complete the treatment.


Date: 17/12/17

Name: XYZ -Female – Age 25 years

Married 1 ½ yrs. Female

Education: BSc, D. Pharmacy

Spouse: ABC, 30 Yrs, BHMS

Father, Mother, 3 Sisters

C.C. Epilepsy



NO. Location Sensation & Pathology Medications Other

O- Gradual

D- 23 Yrs


Start at 2 years of age

1st Episode as Febrile convulsion


Severe seizure was 1-2 times in a year, these symptoms are suppressed  2 Yrs

Other symptoms From aura to Post convulsive phase persists, now frequency is Every 15 days, last for 2- 3 days.

Right side more

Aura: Disagreeable smell, Heat sensation3+

Heat steams at Head & abdomen extend to whole body,

Heart rate and RR ↑

During Convulsion: She stops her activity → Blackouts or unconsciousness

While working suddenly stops and remains like statue.


Unrolling of eyes, Incontinence of urine,

Clenching of teeth, Biting lips 2+, then motion of Hands

Urging to stool

Post convulsion: Headache3+, vertigo3+, Sleepiness3+

 Allopathic medicine

Gardenal, Eptoin, Carbamazepine, Oxycarbazepine, Levigress, Frisium,

Took regularly Anti convulsive medication

Time to time

1 ½ years Along with Allopathic medicine Homeopathic medicine from Different Homeopath taken but Frequency and Episode



< Alone while2+

< Tries to Wake her3+


> Wraps or Covering3+



Fear, Palpitation & Sighing  3+


  1. Appearance: fair complexion, average build
  2. Perspiration: Upper lip
  3. Digestion: Chicken → Acidity (heartburn), Hunger <2+, Craving chicken, meat, Aversion Curd 3+
  4. Elimination: Stool, hard
  5. Menstrual function: Menses regular, last for 5 days, LMP-27/10/2017
  6. Sun2+ <, Fan: S & R- Full, W- Low, Covering: S- NR, W- Blanket up to neck, Bath: Tepid- S & R, Luke warm-S.
  7. Past history: Meningitis, Granuloma Mammary gland took AKT for 8 months
  8. Family history: Epilepsy to sister
  9. Physical examination: T- Afeb, P- 80/min, RR- 18/min, BP- 110/80, conjunctiva-pink, Tongue- Trembling, RS- NAD, CVS- NAD, CNS- NAD


Her maiden family includes father, mother and 3 sisters. At the age of 2 -3 years, during a fever, convulsions develop. Her elder sister has severe epilepsy so the family was aware of this illness. Hence, they prepare the whole family for the social consequences of such illness. They took extra care of patient and started early antiepileptic medicine. In her younger days, patient was not aware of her sickness. She enjoyed a lot tension-free life but soon she has episodes while playing games and gets memory deficits. She noticed her behavior was different from her peer group. Her family was afraid the social stigma would potentially hinder marriage. Her family warns her not to disclose her sickness or any trace of her odd behavior to anyone.

She was fair, chubby and lovable, wanted to play, enjoy trips and socialize, but loses her confidence day by day due to adaptive avoidance social patterns. In order to hide sickness, she gradually reduced her socialization and nervousness and irritability increased. Dullness and sleepiness overpower her health with increasing antiepileptic medicine which blocks her scholastic ability and teenage vigor. She tried to stop those antiepileptic medicines but exacerbation occurred and life with medicine was inevitable.

She is fair complexioned and well built. She is a science graduate and married to a medical doctor (BHMS). Her in-laws family are unaware of her illness and still don’t know. Her husband came to know about her illness but he does not communicate it to his family. She is in constant fear that in-laws and relatives will observe her sickness. They tried homeopathic treatment from reputed homeopathic consultants but without result.  They subsequently consulted me. Now she conceived a child, and her fear and anxiety increased.



Past History:        Febrile Convulsion, Tuberculosis Mammary Gland (Tubercular Miasm)

Emotional Type:           Timidity, Irritability

Physical Type:     Chilly Patient

Diathesis:             Tubercular, Predisposition To Convulsion

Functional Phase:         Epilepsy

Aggravations in General: Contradiction, Chicken, Hunger, Sun

Sensations & Complaints in General: Epileptic Convulsions

Characteristic Particulars:

Brain and Ns, Convulsion

Aura– Heat sensation starts at head and abdomen and extend to whole body

Post Ictal– Headache, Vertigo, Sleepiness

<Alone While

>Covering, Wraps

Concomitants: Irritability ↑, Socialization ↓, Timidity



  1. Timidity / Socialization / Irritability
  2. Aura Epileptic: Smell & Heat flashes
  3. Blackouts / Unconscious spells
  4. Biting of lips
  5. Post seizure: Headache / Vertigo
  6. Seizure frequency / Month
  7. Recovery period
  8. Drowsiness period

Date Symptoms Changes I & E Prescription
> > 0 > 15D 2-3min
Gels 200 7PHS

Rii Pills BD For 7 Days

Medicine for 2 month.

15/02/2018 Lips bite Gelsemium 1M 3PHS

Rii Pills BD

25/02/2018 Acute Gelsemium 1M 4 Hrly For 2 Days
27/02/2018 Acute not much improvement,

Glonoine 200 for Acute episode given which stopped convulsions.

Recurrent convulsion episode was reduced but not completely stopped by Gelsemium hence considering Tubercular as Dominant Miasmatic Predisposition  Tuberculinum an Intercurrent medicine given.

Glonoine 200 4Hrly for 3 days

Tub 1M 1PHS

Gelsemium 1M 6PHS

Rii Pills BD for 7 Days

20/03/2018 Tub 1M 1PHS

Gelsemium 1M 6PHS

Rii Pills BD for 7 Days

19/04/2018 Ct all for 1 month
19/05/2018 Ct all for 1 month
19/06/2018 Ct all for 1 month
20/07/2018 Ct all for 1 month
25/08/2018 She delivers baby safely. No Convulsion during and after pregnancy, baby is healthy. Ct all for 1 month

DISCUSSION: Under purely allopathic medication even after changing many medicines and with combinations and increasing doses of medicine, convulsion episodes and frequency was not controlled. It was every 15 days. Only some gross manifestation like Incontinence urine, clenching teeth, biting lips and convulsive movements were suppressed. Her anxious disposition increased.

After administration of Gelsemium she shows sign of improvements.  Her anxiety improves a lot. Physical sensory and motor disturbances ceased. She remains uneventful during her pregnancy period. Mother and baby are healthy. Overall, no aura, convulsion and post convulsion headache or vertigo remain. She becomes active and sleepiness and dullness are gone. Sometimes a slight dizziness comes for fraction of second and leaves. Still she is under my care. Her homeopathic and allopathic medications continue.

Gelsemium alone improved her a lot, hence she did not receive Tuberculinum initially.  The patient was better under Gelsemium 200 nightly doses for 2 months. Sensory and motor manifestation was reduced but frequency was not significantly changed and the acute episode intensified once. Here Glonoine relieved her. I identified her acute episodes as evidence of strong genetic predisposition. Gelsemium does not seem to touch the genetic predisposition, hence I later gave the deep acting Tuberculinum. After adding Tuberculinum 1M weekly one dose, recurrence of episodes stops and overall mental and physical wellbeing were manifest.

About the author

Prabodhchandra Meshram

Dr. Prabodhchandra Meshram has his B.H.M.S., M.D. From Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute, Palghar, Maharashtra state, India. His has been practicing homoeopathy in Warora, Dist-Chandrapur, Maharashtra state, India.

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  • Do you do consulting work over the internet?
    My wife of 51 with no history of seizure activity suddenly had a general seizure for no apparent reason. No family history, no illness or head trauma, nothing to cause the situation.
    The only change in her life was that she had a new pacemaker put in 3 weeks earlier. This was her 3rd pacer – the first two without issue. This pacer is the new MRI compatible one and they did not replace the leads so it is of no benefit for MRI usage without replacing the leads as well. My suspicion is that her body has reacted unfavorably to this new pacer and hence the seizures.
    We are avid nutrition users but homeopathy is somewhat new for us.

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