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Erratic Behavior in a Man of 25

Homeopath Mehmood Abdul Hayee shares a case of erratic behavior in a man of 25. Shameless and violent behavior were clues leading to the simillimum.

This is a case of a male age 25, student of economy. whose main complaint was excessive masturbation and violent behaviour.  I was busy in a meeting at night, I think at around 10’o clock and received a phone call from a lady. She said, “Please Dr. Mehmood, come to my house right now”.

When I entered her house, I saw that the face of that lady was full of wounds and she was bleeding. I saw broken furniture and other things in the house. She was looking frightened and talked in secretive way.

She narrated this story about her son. (Note: This family belongs to a noble group of people and they do not like to share their problems with others. That’s why they didn’t call police or a doctor).

History (story of the patient):

He had a friend in his childhood and he developed sexual relations with him and became a homosexual. They loved each other and whenever the family tried to separate them, they reacted very harshly. The family migrated from one city to another, but his friend used to visit him there also. The family members couldn’t tell this to others, so they just tried to suppress this matter and did not tell anyone.

He was also very angry at his family as he thought his family didn’t like his friend. The patient has been masturbating since childhood. He used to do it excessively, and his behavior would change and he behaved like a mad man.

He was very much close to his mother and not to his father. He mostly used to tell everything to her. He had a strong desire for masturbation and marriage, and he also used to insist his family to find a girl as soon as possible, preferably from the country outside Pakistan, so that his future can also be very good. He used to argue with his mother about this matter. He did not want to visit a hospital because he used to say, “I will visit the hospital if you promise that you will not admit me to hospital”.

He would get naked or use vulgar words.  He used to call his sisters “whores”. He was shameless during these attacks and he didn’t care who was in front of him even his sisters, who were young.

He was very brilliant in studies but when he used to do excessive masturbation, he felt powerless and couldn’t even do his work. He was taking higher education in economy. His mother said “We tried to handle this problem, but we couldn’t. Now it’s over, look at our house, he broke the furniture and hit his sisters and brother”.

His sister and brother were bleeding at that moment. She proceeded, “Now we have to do something for him”.  I said to her that I want to meet him. She said, “He is ok now but everyone is scared of him, and he is trying to talk with everyone. But you can meet with him”

When I entered in the room, I saw broken furniture, wounds on the face of his brother. When I met him (patient), he was calm and smiling. But his smile was not real or pleasant. In other words, it was a strange smile. Rather I saw ugliness and shamelessness in his smile, and it was really a superficial and foolish smile.

I shook hands with him, and asked, “How are you?” He said, I am fine” I saw redness on his face, felt his body very warm. He asked me, “Would you like to see my sketch that I drew one or two days ago”


I couldn’t understand the pictures but the theme which I got from all those pictures was of someone is trapped in a difficult situation or someone trapped into circles. He drew a sheep, which was surrounded by animals. I gave him Belladonna 200 at that moment, which helped him to come out of his violent behavior.

The next day I decided to talk with the patient. When I met him, he was very calm and had no impression of disease on his face and behavior. But, I could see that strange smile on his face.

Analysis & Prescription:

I prescribed Hyoscyamus 30D. April 2004 –  3 times a day for 3 weeks. Then, after 3 weeks, just once a day. And after 3 months he stopped repeating.

Follow up:

After 2 weeks he told me that it worked very nicely and his violent feelings became less so. No more shamelessness (according to his mother). During follow up consultation his smiles also changed. He didn’t mast-urbate for 2 weeks. He felt weakness in his body.

He was urged to do work but he felt weakness in mind so he could not read or study. He was feeling relaxed from inside. He was still a bit serious in his behavior. His mother said she saw no more violence or violent sexual behavior at home, and he was usually calm and friendly now. He usually slept well at night, but sometimes he got these wild feelings in his head at night but that didn’t make him aggressive.

After 5 weeks -I meet him after 3 more weeks when he was feeling much better, but he still complaining about concentration issues and mental and physical weakness. He still had a wild feeling, so I switched to once a day.

After 6 months:

He started going to his university and was ambitious to complete his studies and find a job. Now he doesn’t complain about weakness in his mind and body. He no longer has wild feelings.

What comes up?

Hyoscyamus is well known for shameless and violent behavior. It also has shameless talking, increased sexual desire and hitting people as well as foolish behavior.

A patient may have the delusion that “he is going to be sold and his wife is faithless” (The patient said “I will visit to the hospital if you promise that you will not admit me into hospital”). The person has the delusion that “enemies are surrounding him ” (as he drew this in his picture). They also laugh at serious matters.  This was really a perfect case of Hyoscyamus.

Hyoscyamus is a useful remedy in disappointed love, where after disappointment people want to kill the other person because they say, “I am suffering and why she is happy.” Also for those male and females who like to expose their genitals.

About the author

Mehmood Abdul Hayee

Mehmood Abdul Hayee is a homeopathic consultant, an author and creator of Homeopathy For Everyone mobile app. He has spent the last 16 years in research, studying chronic diseases and has personally helped thousands of sufferers. He has done his research masters from Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands. He runs his practice in the United Kingdom, where he is involved in dealing with both acute and chronic cases. He is a member of the U.K Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH). He has given several talks in different homeopathic schools in the Netherlands. Family treatment is one of his specialties.

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