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“My Face is Being Blown Off” A Case of Fumaria Officinalis

When I started my homeopathic treatment I could only stay awake for an hour at a time. I was given herbals, too. Tomatoes and meat would go right through me, always liquid.

One the birth control pill my legs swelled and I would laugh uncontrollably. I went into hysteria. I have scar tissue around my heart caused by the birth control pill.

Wounds heal slowly. I have keloids. I avoid looking in people’s eyes. I get into staring, a fixed state. If I look at someone I feel like I fall into them. People can get drawn into that. I can encourage things I don’t want to know about someone. When I did acupuncture I knew that one man was beating his wife, and that he was having an affair. I pick up on emotions. One lady that couldn’t have children, I would get sick when she’d leave. The connection was overwhelming.

When I go to the planetarium, looking up at shiny objects, I get paralyzed, like asleep in a weird dream. It can also happen driving at night. My eyes water.

I couldn’t play video games with the dark screen behind. Or watching water, the reflection. If I bend backwards I will plummet into oblivion. Being shot upwards from chest and navel. I can’t see or hear, I’m gone. Everything is white.

Rx  Fumaria officinalis

First Follow-up (4 weeks after the remedy):

The leg turning out comes and goes. My hips are still really bad if I’ve been sitting.

The rash got really bad. It’s now going away. I never had it on the lump on the back of my neck. It’s usually been on the centre or bilaterally. I have shadows of the rash everywhere. My arms are not as red.

I had the bleach smell when walking the dogs in the first week. It was different, not in the front, more in the back of the nose. It was not as strong as I’ve had it before and it didn’t develop into a seizure or where I feel I have to lay down and sleep.


I dreamt I had pins and cardboard holding my face together.

Dream just as I’m falling asleep I am up a ladder picking oranges, I miss, fall, and wake up.

There seems to be a reconnection with my psychic ability. I had a premonition about a dog I saw yesterday and I saw a ghost in the store I work at. I wondered, “am I going to have a crazy episode?” But there is no out-of-control feeling with it that I get at the top of my spine.

Dreams come from the pathway that leaves from my spine and goes out the top of my head. It’s occurring without resistance. Now seems natural rather than part of crazy!  It happens that when I’m walking along a street I can trip and fall. I have had that quite a bit before the remedy.


No change. (fine)

Overall energy?

Good. Less anxious. When I’m tired I still have to lie down. Yesterday I had to go back to bed, couldn’t cope.  I haven’t been fretting, worrying, unable to keep a coherent thought – that’s good! I am not overly worried with my stuff.  I have been able to think about things that are bothering me. I am making sure that I take a day off.

My eyes were bloodshot two days ago. My eyes get red when I’m tapped out, had enough. My blood pressure might be high. I get a weird headache. It used to happen a lot when I flew and it will happen when I’m around a lot of electrical stuff.

The anxiety and fear was not at the same intensity and didn’t stay for long. It used to be an ongoing thing.   The remedy so far has taken away the vibrating feeling. I didn’t get the chattery teeth. It’s less intense. It brought out the itchiness – hot, tingly, irritated itchiness.

Coping is better..the fatigue…wanting to be in a cave…well, I’m enjoying being with people more. I am able to be more in the moment, not getting messed by others energy. I used to be incredibly shy, an identity crisis. I would imagine being my sister to deal with things. I used to throw up if I had to be with more than 3 people at a time. I’m not getting overwhelmed by a group. All of those energies…I couldn’t separate them. It’s connected with epilepsy. I went to a wedding since the remedy and I was fine. I got the eruption on the back of the neck 5 or 6 days ago, but it’s going away.

The psychic stuff – I have a curiosity but I’m not overwhelmed. I’m relieved! Not second-guessing what I know to be truth for me. I am putting my words together much better, not finding it so hard to get a point across. I don’t have to tell my boyfriend not to talk. The vibrating feeling is more frequent but less intense. The other day it happened when I got into a hot bath. Usually only happens in cold.

I used to have lumps the size of chickpeas on the tendons along the gall bladder meridian – they are gone.

I’m not feeling like I’m insane.

This patient continued to respond to this remedy at varying potencies for over a year while in my care.

My understanding of this case came through Sankaran’s description of the sensation of the Papaveraceae family with its heavy sleep, anesthesia, fainting, narcolepsy, intense suffering, paralysis, clairvoyance, convulsions, tremors and vivid, violent dreams.

While well-known Opium would have fit the case well, the rubric, Mind; DELUSIONS, imaginations; Watching oneself (2) *: bute-j., fum., led me to look into Fumaria officinalis. Though a lesser known remedy, Rajan Sankaran’s designation of Fumaria as a Leprosy miasm remedy in the Papaveraceae seemed to fit the case. As Sankaran defines it, in Vital Quest, the Leprosy miasm sensation is “intense oppression and things are closing in and narrowing down on him so that he is completely isolated and alone. He feels that he

is dirty and disgusting and unfortunate and so subject to this kind of oppression and isolation. He desperately desires a very radical change to overcome the oppression but there is almost no hope of succeeding.”  The reaction is “violence, he shuts himself up, and avoids the sight of people. There is desperation with almost no hope of succeeding, the feeling of being doomed, that there’s nothing that can be done about it.”

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Linda G Miller

Linda G Miller

An alumnus of the Vancouver Homeopathy Academy, Linda Miller is a homeopath known for a paediatric specialty, working in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 2007. As founder of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, she directs a four-year programme whose mandate is to raise the standard of homeopathic education in Canada. Linda Miller is certified with the Council for Homeopathic Certification and a member of the Alberta Homeopathic Association. Her summary of the proving of Niobium metallicum, was published in the fall 2009 issue of the Journal of the American Homeopath. In 2012, her rubrics from the Niobium proving have been added to Schroyen’s Synthesis. A practitioner in the student-run medical clinic at Calgary’s Drop-In Centre in 2012, Ms. Miller has seen the potential of homeopathic treatment for the homeless, and continues to offer treatment at a low cost in Student Clinic at the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine. A dynamic speaker, she has been seen and heard on local television and radio giving her views on alternative medicine. A homeopathic product formulator, she has been involved in the creation of Health Canada approved Mozi-Q and Mederi line of products.

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