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Five Year Old Boy Wakes Up Screaming.

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Written by Hung-Yeh Peisinger

Homeopath Hung-Yeh Peisinger presents the case of a hyperactive and aggressive child of 5.

Parents brought their 5 yr old boy on Feb 2017 to see me.

Case notes:

Pregnancy overdue and scheduled C –section. Baby came out screaming and he was a very whiny baby. We would change a diaper and he would be screaming.

He had enlarged tonsils and adenoids – operation age 2.5.  Iron levels very low.

Breast feeding only.

He likes to stay at home. Each time we want to go out there is screaming.

Very hard to calm him down.  Very hyper and runs around in circles for 20 minutes at night. Wakes up every 30 minutes screaming suddenly, eyes open. He stretches himself and then kicks legs, pushes them away and flailing arms,

kicking hitting, stiffens body.  During sleep he sits up and mumbles. Often he screams with open eyes. Last night he woke up 12 times. During the day when he gets mad, he screams until he is gets hoarse. Hits parents.  Bedwetting every night when going to sleep.

Aversion to milk

He was given TUB 1M

Based on:  His being hyperactive, disobedience, kicking, maliciousness

Follow up visit in 03 April, 2017

He is less aggressive, less hitting, more cooperative

Night times are a bit better. There are 2-3 good’ nights where he would only sit up and mumble something and then go back to sleep right away.

TUB was repeated April 28

Visit May 23, 17

The last two weeks his behaviour is aggressive again, the rage, shrieking, hitting brother very hard. When we crossed the road he just ran across the road to the store. We could barely drag him to the car shrieking, veins on his throat swelling, he was thrashing around while putting him in car seat.  In the car he opened his seat belt and tried to choke his father, tried to open the car door while we were driving.

bedwetting is >  –  1-2x week bed wetting

Appetite : What he usually was eating he rejects – now he only wants to eat bread with cheese.

He was very jealous when his brother was born. I wasn’t home for 3 days during birth. It was a shock for him. He was angry, hitting me and everybody.

He’s very interested in animals eating each other and biting each other.

He knows that the deer eats only grass still he would ask “If I am going to meet the deer in the woods is he going to eat me ? “

When younger he would hit himself, scratching himself and hitting his face.

I prescribed Hyos 1M split dose based on:


Delusion, animals devour him Striking, himself

Shrieking, screaming, shouting, night children in.  Cries and sobs without waking (Hyos is the only remedy.)

Stiffening of body

June 23, 2017

His sleep is much better. He wakes up a few times a night and and I can shhh him back to sleep. He had only 2-3 incidents where he would cry. His behaviour is bad, he screams.  Very rude.  Likes to destroy boxes. Takes a knife to stab a cardboard box. Takes the garden scissors to cut trees.

Rx Continue Hyos because of improvement in sleep.

Last visit was Sept 18, 2017

At start of school a few nights were bad but then he settled down. Complains about his leg pains. He really likes school and he is willing to go to bed without fuss.  Since start of school his behaviour is better, since he is less at home.

He is still doing all that (hitting his brother and yelling etc) but much less

Now. He has only 4-5 bad nights a month (vs almost every night of the week where he wakes up every 30 minutes).

The case is not completely ‘cured’ and still a work in process. Still, Hyoscyamus brought a definite and continued improvement to his sleep and overall behaviour. The parents are very grateful for the improvement in sleep.

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Hung-Yeh Peisinger

Having been born in Taiwan, growing up in Germany and having raised a family in Nova Scotia, Canada, I think of myself as a citizen of the world. I was already introduced to homeopathy as teenager in Germany. Then in 1992, while pregnant with my second child, I started to delve into the alchemical world of homeopathy. After earning my Practitioner Diploma with The School of Homeopathy, Devon, UK in 1997, I opened up my practice - White Lotus Homeopathy - in Halifax. My mother's brother and uncles were all practitioners of Chinese Medicine, and my intrepid Chinese mother always had a deep interest in this ancient healing form. However, when she begged her uncle to train her, he told her curtly: "Women don't do this". So despite thousands of years of Chinese history that said "women-don't-do-this", I have the great fortune to be able to break the family tradition where only men were medical practitioners.

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