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When We Forget Why We’re Here

Written by Maja Letić

Homeopath Maja Letić offers a case that required rethinking, when the obvious remedies didn’t work.

On a June night in 2011, I was invited to help with an acute anxiety attack. It seemed like an easy case with quick recovery. A young woman in her thirties, mother of two school children, was pacing restlessly around the house. She would lie down for a moment, get up again, make up a few steps, and then lie down again. She urinated every few minutes. Her anxiety attacks were extremely strong and coming in waves. In those moments she seemed totally lost. She was afraid she was being consumed by the devil. Her right hand was stiff and she felt as if she was paralyzed.

Her husband told me she had been having these attacks for a few days, several times a day and that they were stronger and more frequent in the evenings when it was dark. He couldn’t leave her alone then. They were hiding her condition from the children as best they could.

It was acute miasm, a clear case of Aconitum.

1 1234 1 MIND – FEAR – sudden 24
2 1234 1 MIND – FEAR – evil; fear of 121
3 1234 1 MIND – RESTLESSNESS – fear; from 12
4 1234 1 BLADDER – URINATION – frequent 286
5 1234 1 EXTREMITIES – STIFFNESS – Upper arm – paralytic 1


carb-v. arg-n. kali-c. ruta
5/6 4/6 4/6 4/6 3/7 3/6 3/5 3/4 3/4 3/3
1 2 2 1 1 1 1 2
2 1 2 2 1 3 2 2 1 1 1
3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
4 1 1 2 3 3 3 2 2 1 1
5 1


Improvement came very quickly after administrating the medicine and it seemed as everything would be fine. But..

Attacks came the next day and the days after. The effects of Aconitum were growing weaker and intervals between attacks shortened. After a few days it was clear she needed another medicine. Medical tests were done. Neurology findings were normal. Physically, she was totally healthy. She was given sedatives, but it wasn’t helping, as the attacks continued.

In the moments she wasn’t feeling that bad I managed to collect the following data. She had been severely depressed the summer before. She had been on anti-depressants and had slept constantly. She had stopped taking medications on summer vacation and developed terrible migraines. She mentioned nothing else.

There was this one thing that kept reoccurring. During the anxiety attacks she kept on talking only about God, religion, remorse. I heard her say several times: “ A man is not made to enjoy this world and to be happy, but to grow spiritually. God is our Creator, our Father and we’re on a mission of obeying Him and learning… to try and fulfill every task He puts in front of us, because He knows what’s best for us”. She saw every “wrong “word, even a thought as temptation. She started going to church regularly and started singing in a church choir. “It’s important to get the point, not just stand there. If you don’t go to church on time and stay till the end of the service, and be present in spirit not just body, it’s as if you never came”, she would say. She was constantly reviewing her words and actions and scolded others if they were angry or sad about anything. Every one of her bad thoughts caused remorse, and those thoughts were many. She refused to read anything accept religious literature and started only listening to spiritual music.

During one of her attacks, she was alone in the house. She called me on the phone, her voice sounding strange. She begged me to come as soon as possible. I gave her a stronger dose of Aconitum, but it wasn’t working at all. She repeated the story about God creating us not to enjoy ourselves, but to learn and prosper, so I decided to take that into account and change the medicine. Stramonium was the logical solution, but I didn’t have it on me. I asked her to wait, as we live very close by, and it would take me five minutes to come back with the medicine. She wouldn’t hear of it. I had to take her with me to my house, give her the medicine, take her back to her house and stay with her until it started working. She followed my every step. I choose the next rubrics:

1 1234 1 MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion – bible all day; wants to read the 2
2 1234 1 MIND – FEAR – evil; fear of 121
3 1234 1 MIND – CLINGING – persons or furniture; to 10
4 1234 1 MIND – RESTLESSNESS 536
5 1234 1 BLADDER – URINATION – frequent 286


6/9 5/13 5/10 5/7 4/10 4/10 4/10 4/10 4/9 4/9
1 1 2
2 1 3 1 2 2 1 2 1 2 1
3 1 1 1
4 3 3 3 1 2 3 3 3 3 3
5 1 3 3 1 3 3 2 3 1 2
6 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3


Stramonium gave good results at first. It worked very quickly, attacks ceased for a couple of days and then the remedy stopped working. I increased the dose and each time it worked for a little bit, but the attacks returned . Problems in the family multiplied, children were upset and I was helpless. All I could do is talk to her. That meant something to her, but it wasn’t solving the problem. Months went by and I had to face the fact that I couldn’t help her. It seemed as nothing could. Here an unknown disease needed an unknown medicine, one I couldn’t determine. I was able to recognize the symptoms of Aconite and Stramonium, but neither one was the right medicine for her.

One more attack occurred on November 2011. During our conversation I watched her, almost uninterested, as I didn’t expect to discover anything new. She went on and on with the same story about us not being created to enjoy ourselves, but to develop, and if we don’t, we fail to fulfill our duty to our Creator. I waited for her attack to pass and her husband to take her home.

At one point, I started listening more carefully. And again she was talking about God, our Creator, someone who teaches us through religion what to do, what our mission is and what is good for us. It sounded like she was talking about a father, strict and fair, who loves and punishes us. Her religion was a bond between a father and a child. I played around with rubrics:

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion

MIND – ATTACHED – father; children are attached to the

MIND – DELUSIONS – neglected – duty; he has neglected his

I was finally satisfied to find a medicine that covered all of the three rubrics – Cyclamen

 Wrongly taken rubrics:

There were many. I could recognize Aconitum and Stramonium keynotes and the only thing that came to my mind were rubrics belonging to these medicines.

MIND – CLINGING – persons or furniture; to. This rubric was just a guess. The patient wasn’t clinging to me or anyone else at any point. She had fear of the devil; she didn’t want to be alone. But she wasn’t clinging. The right rubric would be MIND – FEAR – alone; of being .

She urinated every few minutes and I wrongly associated the rubric BLADDER – URINATION – frequent. A need for frequent urination was a consequence of extreme thirst and the enormous quantities of water she drank every few minutes.

She said she could hardly feel her right hand. Rubric EXTREMITIES – STIFFNESS – Upper arm – paralytic seemed like a good choice, but Cyclamen has also has a rubric MIND – DELUSIONS – paralyzed; he is. Why did I take this for a delusion? Two things mattered. First of all, neurology tests were normal. Secondly, although she claimed she could hardly feel her right hand, she used it. She poured water, used the bathroom on her own and had no problems with clothing. Physically, she wasn’t paralyzed, she only felt she was.

That’s when I gave her the first dose of Cyclamen 30C. It worked very quickly and after just a few minutes the attack was stopped. Later on, she had several mild attacks, only one was strong but it went by without intervention. She took it well. She no longer asked me for help. She started reading Eckhart Tolle, Lazarev, Osho and other non Christian literature. She said all religions explain the same thing in different ways. She took it easy on going to church. She was tolerant to others.

Four months later she had a reoccurring case of Candida. It went away spontaneously, without medication.

After 6 months, in May 2012, she got a job for the first time. She had never worked for a big company before. She was hired as an assistant in one of the stores belonging to a big trade company. It was clear from the first day, that it was a job for someone else. She was given too much work, exposed to mobbing; she often had to stay longer, go to work on her days off and so on. Her shifts were brutal. She lost a lot of weight and started having migraines followed by vomiting. Although they let her go home in that state, she couldn’t get there. She would vomit in the streets and public transportation and her husband had to leave work many times to drive her home or directly to the emergency room. She was advised to leave her job, that it’s not worth it, badly paid and endangers her health. She answered: “This is a field of manifestation of all of my frustrations and insecurities, all of my internal problems. The solution lies in dealing with it, not running away. There’s a reason for my being here. “

I didn’t take headaches as a symptom. Fear attacks were gone, and then came headaches, but her mental state remained the same. In November of 2012, I increased the dosage to 200C. In December that same year she quit her job. The migraines stopped and the anxiety attacks haven’t reoccurred.

She was determined to find another job, so in February 2013 she started working in a beauty salon. She quickly and successfully passed training for managing the cavitation device. She has a good communication with her boss, works hard and acts responsibly. Until August 2013 everything was fine, but then suddenly migraines reoccurred. She got desperate…”What am I doing here, I wonder. All these women are coming here to lose their fat asses. All this is affecting me. I’m actually harming them by doing cavitation. We should develop spiritually, not invest in our bodies. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I should start slacking.”

MIND – DELUSIONS – evil – done some evil; had Cyclamen

Dosage increased to 1M. She calmed down and started working.

One month later, in September 2013 she developed severe abdominal pain. It looked like appendicitis, but exams showed nothing. She was told to see a gynecologist.

She had tests: TSH, T3, T4 and tumor markers. All results were normal. Ultrasound found ovarian cysts size 3.5 and 2.5cm. She refuses further examination. She says she feels fortunate and ready for any sort of outcome. She is thankful to God for the disease, and wants to carry on as He wants. It all makes sense.

I increased the dosage to 5M. All pain stopped. She refuses further examination. She hasn’t had any problems for over 9 months now. She still has the same job. Referring to her work she says:

She said, “When an average European says he has no money, it’s not true. What he means is that he doesn’t have the money for a boob job, or something else. That’s what it means to forget why you’re here. It’s certainly not to do a boob job or Botox. I don’t mean you should accept inhumane conditions like having a husband who hits you every day. God is good to put us in the place we are. Everything is ok. Even when it seems not to be ok, it’s ok. We can’t see the bigger picture. God will not punish us. It’s not what He does. If he punished, we’d all drop dead. There would be no life on Earth.”

What can we conclude from this case?

– That Cyclamen totally eliminated anxiety attacks

–   That it triggered the process backwards restoring Candida which spontaneously retreated by it self

–   That the pathology moved from the mental (fear, panic) to the physical level and from more consequential to less consequential organ (headaches, ovaries)

–   Rigid thinking and religious fanaticism were replaced with an open mind and tolerance.

–   She had no more fear of God and she started seeing Him as a big support in her life.

Having all this in mind, we can conclude that the totality of symptoms was reached and that this case refers to Herring’s law. We can say that the simillimum is achieved.

Correct rubrics for this case are:

MIND – DELUSIONS – evil – done some evil; had

MIND – DELUSIONS – neglected – duty; he has neglected his

MIND – DELUSIONS – paralyzed; he is

MIND – FEAR – evil; fear of

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion

MIND – ATTACHED – father; children are attached to the

MIND – DESPAIR – religious despair of salvation

MIND – RESTLESSNESS – walking, while – amel.

STOMACH – THIRST – extreme

I found out the truth in the end –

Just like in detective novels, I found out the truth after it was all over. She admitted she had met a man over the internet and that they had been corresponding for a while. She called him her virtual lover. She says: “I felt so lucky. My body could hardly endure so much happiness. No one’s ever talked to me that way. I felt like he knew my soul. I got married early in my life and had children. I had no other partners before my marriage. It was a miracle for me. I felt like it was destiny. Then we agreed to meet. We met once, but nothing happened. Then my husband figured it out. Only one look from him could trigger my fear. He started spying on me, eave dropping on my conversations, going over my cell phone. He made a false profile as a woman, befriended him and flirted. He wanted to show me that the man was bad and I am nothing special for him, that I am only one of many women on the internet. I was thinking my husband steals my happiness. At the same time I hated my husband and feared him. One day he told me to take care of the kids because he is going to kill himself. He had a drink and went out. I didn’t know if he would return. It was the longest night of my life and I felt a terrible remorse. I judged myself for keeping in touch with that man, wanting to be with him and hating my husband. My husband is a good man. I cut all contact with that man. It’s all over now, thank God.”

If I had known this at first, I would have given her Lilium tigrinum. I can only assume if it would have worked. We’re left to think about the difference between Lilium and Cyclamen regarding sexual and religious conflicts.

All Rights Reserved   “Copyrighted” Simillimum Society for Spreading, Promotion and Improvement of Classical Homeopathy, Belgrade, Serbia

Copyrighted 2014

About the author

Maja Letić

Maja Letić was born in 1970 in Belgrade. After studying sociology and law, she acquired knowledge of gestalt psychotherapy in the Gestalt Studio "Belgrade". She graduated from the Homeopathic School "Simillimum" in 2011 and continued her ongoing education at SAKH (Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy). She published 17 articles in her country and abroad. Her work has been translated into several languages. In 2022 she was presented with the "Award for excellence in homeopathy" for Accomplishment and Years of Contributing to Hpathy and to the Homeopathic community. She is the founder of the AUDE SAPERE association, focused on the education and training of homeopaths. She cooperates with the Slovak Academy of Classical Homeopathy.


  • Bravo Maja – You told the tale from beginning to end, step-by-step explaining your thinking after listening and watching. We could understand your selection of remedies, even potencies and the gradual shifts in the patient as life presented choices along her journey. The surprise ending gives us more to think about and a comparative study on two remedies. Thank you. Debby

    • Thank you Debby. I am thinking about differenece between Cyclamen and Lilium tigrinum. Maybe we can start discussion about it and try to understand it better. Neither Cyclamen is highlighted medicine for fear, nor for religious affectation. Lilium is more specific for this condition.

  • Maybe we are not understanding the “anxiety” attacks. What were the woman’s exact words and feelings? Why was she so restless getting up and down? The emphasis might need to be directed more toward the physicals, instead of the emotional/mentals.

  • Hi Maja, Great article and really interesting. We are like detectives aren’t we, and we keep searching and looking and reflecting till we can see more clearly and find the best remedy. Your article has helped me look at one of my own cases with fresh eyes and useful insights – Thank you. Lyssa x

  • Very nice case. I enjoyed thoroughly reading it. Only thing I didn’t understand was the relationship between father and child. Everything else was good reading. I have never used Cyclamen, and when I have, I have failed. But I have used LIL-T and for me a prominent symptom of this drug is the very high energy level in females as well as the conflict between religion and sex.
    Thank you esp. for the long follow-ups. Very few people actually give follow-up over period of years.

    • Thank you for your comment Sir. I will try to make relationship between father and child more understandable. Father is a person of authority, someone who created us, who manages our lives until we grow up and furthermore. Actually, with God is the same. we use to see God as father… we were created by God who has plan for us in this life. We have to fulfill his will. God is supreme authority, as if father is on the Earth. Unlike other religious remedies who see the God as a vengeful (Kali-br) or protector (Stramonium) etc… Cyclamen has sensation that he/she neglected her duty given by God.

  • Dear Team,

    Love reading and learning from this many other articles that are shared.

    One advice: Please include the contact details of the author for people who wish to send them a personal feedback or want to reach them for consultations.

    That would be very helpful.

    I spent 30 minutes on YT and google to find this authors email address, but had no luck.

    Best wishes,

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