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Gall Bladder Polyps in a Man of 47

Dr. Paramjot Saini shares a case of gall bladder polyps in a man of 47. Responsible, striking head against wall during anger, sleepless from activity of thoughts, desire for spicy, salty food and aversion to green vegetables were among symptoms that led to the simillimum.

Name Mr. Ravi –  47 years

A 47-year old male patient diagnosed with Polyps in Gall Bladder presented with the following symptoms –

– Heaviness in epigastric region after eating

– Retching after eating, with water brash

– Anorexia for the last month

C/O  – Hypertension since 1 year.

T/ t Allopathic for hypertension.

C/O – Dysuria with intermittent flow of urine the last 5-6 years.

T/T  Allopathic

C/O – Mental Activity during sleep since 1 year.

Thoughts anxious, about misfortune during sleep.

– Insomnia until 1:30 a.m.


– Worm infestation in childhood treated by allopathic medicines

–  Jaundice 20 years ago

– Surgery for piles 2 years ago

–  Recurrent urine infections for which allopathic medicines were taken

– Apthae mouth many times.


Cancer – Bladder- Father

Hypertension – Mother

Asthma  –   Paternal Grand Mother

Aortic stenosis – sister


Patient is a businessman, non- vegetarian, takes alcohol occasionally.

Appetite- Diminished since 2 months

Desires –   spicy food, salty things, potatoes

Aversion-  green vegetables, mushrooms

Thirst-  Diminished.

Perspiration  – Offensive, more on the forehead

Thermals    –    Chilly Patient.

Sleep-   Mental Activity during Sleep. Sleeplessness due to anxious thoughts about his business during sleep.

Sleeps on sides

Dreams   –  N.P.

Mental Generals

– Jovial

– Sadness due to disease.

– Violent Anger (Shouts or strikes his head against wall during anger)

– Anticipatory anxiety

– Anxiety in morning on waking

Diligent / responsible

Obedient since childhood.

Hurried in all activities


– Striking his head against wall

– Responsible

– Shrieking in anger

– Miser

– Sleeplessness from activity of thoughts about business.

– Desires Spicy food

– Desires Salty things

– Aversion to green vegetables

PRESCRIPTION –   Phosphorus 200 on the basis of above mentioned symptoms. Phosphorus 200 followed by placebo for 2 weeks on 16.12.17.  His sleep and mental activity during sleep improved.

5.2.18– Apthae appeared in mouth (old symptom) Sleep and mental activity better. Urine flow intermittent in morning on waking. – Placebo was given for 6 weeks.

11.3.18- Insomnia since 3 days.  Sadness with weeping. Pain in legs. –Phosphorus 200 was repeated followed by placebo for 2 weeks.

25.3.18- Depression and sleep better . Appetite better. Mental activity during sleep persisting – Placebo was given for 2 weeks.

10.4. 18- Depression reappeared. Anger increased. Insomnia due to increased mental activity during sleep. Patient had onions dipped in vinegar 3-4 days back before reappearance of depression – Phosphorus 1M was given followed by placebo for 4 weeks.

14.5.18 – Depression and sleep better. Pain and stiffness in upper arm. – Placebo was given for 1 month.

15.6.18   –  Depression better. Pain in forehead and eyes since 15 days. (old  symptom)- Placebo was given for 1 month

9.7.18 – Depression reappeared since 3 days. Insomnia since 3 day.- Phosphorus 1M was repeated followed by placebo for 1 month

14.8.18- Headache with pain in eyes since 1 week. Depression and sleep better. Appetite better. Retching after eating better.

17.10.18- Patient was advised for ULTRASONOGRAPHY. Ultrasound showed  NO POLYPS IN THE GALL BLADDER .

I am attaching the reports of this patient before and after my treatment



About the author

Paramjot Saini

Dr. Paramjot Saini, B.H.M.S has been practicing classical Homeopathy in Chandigarh since 1996. She started her clinical practice in a charitable dispensary in Sector- 24, Chandigarh where she served as a Medical officer for 10 yrs. Later she worked as a Research Assistant in the Cancer Research Cell in Dr. Castro's Homeopathic Research Center in Chandigarh where she treated cancer patients for 5years. Dr. Paramjot has had her own practice for the last two and a half years in Mohali.


  • I too have a gall bladder polyp that has grown to 3cm in the last year. They want to remove the gall bladder. I am taking herbs but thinking of switching to homeopathic care. Thank you for posting this case.

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