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Gangrenous Ulcerated Wound After Dog Bite

Written by Paolo Campanella

Dr. Paolo Campanella shares a case of gangrenous ulcerated wound after a dog bite. The patient, a man of 83, was cured by a single dose of potentized remedy as well as two tinctures.

On May 15th 2015 my father in law, a strong and courageous 83- year old man, called me by phone while I was attending a homeopathic congress with Dr. Dario Spinedi from Switzerland. He told me that he had just been just bitten by his dog.

In the Emergency Room he simply received an antitetanic vaccination, and for some hidden reason the allopathic doctors forgot (!) to prescribe antibiotics. Just two weeks before his dog ate a processional moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa), a very venomous insect, and suffered with a severe septic state with gangrene of the anterior part of the tongue.

My first phone prescription was Ledum palustre 200. Three day later I was able to examine my patient.  The back of his left hand was very swollen and the least pressure caused severe pain. The wound had an offensive and putrid odor and was partially covered by a necrotic and shining scab with yellow-blackish edges. The patient was chilly (Pictures 1 and 2).

What a good opportunity to prove Homeopathy without the aid of allopathic medicaments!  The repertorization clearly indicated the similarity to Arsenicum album (Picture 3).

My prescription was Arsenicum album 200 CH three globules once + doses of  Echinacea mother tincture in water for one week and Calendula mother tincture in water for 3 weeks.

The day after, the ulcer was a bit less swollen and the pain on pressure slightly decreased.  The eschar had fallen, revealing a raw surface partially covered with a yellowish exudate (Picture 5).

Gradually the healing process proceeded. It was unnecessary to provide anything  other than the homeopathic prescription, beside local medications with Calendula mother tincture. The single Arsenicum album c200 dose administered at the beginning of the cure was sufficient.

After 70 days a round cicatrice could be observed around the previously ulcerated area (Picture 5).  After three months the wound was completely healed. A round cicatrice can be observed in the area of previous lesion (Picture 5).

One year later no scar tissue can be detected at all! (Picture 6). Dr. M. C., a colleague and friend of mine, an experienced plastic surgeon, told me that it was a very striking cure, as normally, that large and necrotic lesion would have required a skin transplantation, which should have been surely followed by scar tissue formation.

A single dose of a high dilution of Arsenicum plus simple and mild topical medications completely cured this severe pathology leading to complete restitutio ad integrum.

About the author

Paolo Campanella

Dr. Paolo Campanella is a homeopathic physician living in Varese, a town near Milan, where he has been running his medical practice since 1993. After his medical degree in Medicine and Surgery from Pavia University he had the privilege to study Classical Homeopathy with some of the most distinguished homeopaths of the worldlike Dr. Radhey Sham Pareek, who worked in Royal London Homeopathic Hospital with Dr. John Weir, Dr. Donald Foubister and Dr. Margery Blackie, his son Alok Pareek, Past President of Liga Medicorum Homeopathica Internationalis, and Dr. Dario Spinedi, founder of Clinica Santa Croce of Locarno (Switzerland), where very complex and difficult diseases are treated with Homeopathy. Dr. Campanella has attended many national and international congresses and he teaches Classical Homeopathy in Similia Similibus of Turin.

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