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Haemolytic Anemia with Jaundice

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Case 2:

Haemolytic Anemia with Jaundice

Mr. P; Age: 26 years; Occupation: Fitter


Haemolytic Anemia with Jaundice


The patient has suffered from Anemia since childhood. There was no history of bleeding from any site. He had 3 attacks of Jaundice in childhood. In 1970 and 72, the concomitant of the illness was feverishness with chills < evening+++ 6pm – 8pm

Since March 1972, there was hyper-acidity on and off with vomiting and pain in the right scapular region < fried food, < oily food, < overeating, < beer+++, alcohol+++, sun+++. Pain > rubbing the sternum.

H/O vertigo from sudden changes of posture eg: sitting and standing. HE also suffered from rumbling in the abdomen with pain and discomfort > Eno’s Fruit salt (a bicarbonate digestive). Urine was dark-colored since a long time with occasional burning during micturition.

H/O Masturbation since childhood+++, the desire for which had considerably reduced. He had become irritable of late, used to brood often and was reserved at home. Adaptability with parents and siblings was poor and he couldn’t enjoy himself at home. However he liked company outside the home.

Bath summer-cold, winter-tepid. Covering-less. Hot+++. Perspiration H/O reddish stains yellow, indelible. Appetite poor in the day but can ear well at night, Craving for spicy food. <Sun+++, > Winter

Physical examination:

Liver palpable ++, Sclera Yellow ++


Perspiration stains red, indelible
Kent Repertory: pg 1301 Arn, Carbo veg, Dulc, LACH, NUX MOSCH, Nux Vom, Thuja

Basis of remedy Selection:

Hot patient.
Destruction – haemolysis
Alcohol < +++
Conflict parents and siblings
Masturbation +++, now desire decreased.
Perspiration – H/O stains reddish and garlic odor
Remedy: Lachesis 30C

Progress Notes:

27/10/77: Lachesis 30C, at bedtime or PRN for 1 week
HB: 7.5 gm%, RBC 2.47 million/
WBC 4600, N 68, E 11, M 1, MCH 24, ESR 55mm
Icteric Index 50, Van Deb Berg – Biphasic,
Sr. Bilirubin 4 mg., SGPT 34 units
Stools: Ova of Ascaris L.

9/11/77: Weakness slightly less. Sclera – same.
HB: 10.5 gm%, RBC 4.4 million/c. mm
WBC 8000, MCH 24, ESR 55 mm,
Icteric Index 50, Van Den Berg – Biphasic,
Sr. BIlirubin 4 mgm, SGPT 34 units
Adv: Lachesis 30C, 4 hourly.

17/12/77: Developed Fear of Unknown-3, Weakness+

23/12/77: Icteric Index 40, Van Deb Berg – Indirect +’ve
Sr. Bilirubin 3 mgm, HB. 11 gm.%
Adv: Lachesis 200 HS and PRN

3/2/78 : HB. 12.5 gm.%, RBC 5 million per
MCH 28, WBC 6400, N 66, E 9, M 1, L 24,
Icteric Index 20, Van Den Berg – delayed Biphasic,
Sr. Bilirubin 3 mgm
Adv: Lachesis 200C 4 hourly

3/3/78 : Weakness absent, Sclera Yellowness absent, Urine – Clear
MCH 28, Van Den Berg direct and Indirect negative
Dr. Bilirubin 0.60 mgm
Adv: Lachesis 200C 4 hourly

Extracted with permission from the ICR Symposium Council Part II – Chapter F1 : PERCEIVING ARTIFICIAL DRUG DISEASE

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