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Handling the Scary Acute Situation with Classical Homeopathy

Handling the Scary Acute Situation  with Classical Homeopathy

Dr. Seema Mahesh discusses handling the scary acute situation
with classical homeopathy.

From a medical point of view, fever is essential to clear infections as all the immune processes responsible for taking care of the pathogens get recruited at pyrexic temperatures. This is a defense that the organisms has developed over millennia of evolution. Yet, the impractical fear of parents and ignorance on the part of primary caregivers has led to indiscriminate use of antipyretics, anti inflammatories and antibiotics. With the growing number of autoimmune disorders and increased antibiotic resistance in the population, this practice is being questioned now. We, as classical homeopaths have been taught that fever is good and we must only support the immune system in its effort and not suppress the fever. Our remedies in fact many times raise the temperature when the organism isn’t able to raise it enough, so that the neutralisation of the pathogen and the resolution of acute inflammation occurs efficiently, restoring the child back to health.

But, we still have to deal with the high fever which is scary for the parents and to the homeopath especially if ignorant of when a fever is dangerous. The following case is one with such features and with the right remedy, health was restored to the child in a considerably short period of time.


A 5 year old boy was brought to clinic with fever since the previous day. By telephone they reported that the temperature was 105 F. The physician had suggested blood tests to be performed before bringing the child to clinic.

Present temperature: 104.7 F

Remarkable laboratory findings:

Neutrophils: 85% (N: 40 – 60); Lymphocytes: 11% (N: 40 – 75)

This indicates very high bacterial infection. The N/L ratio when high is a medical emergency and the bacteraemia must be controlled. Parents were panicked about the temperature.

Symptoms available for prescription:

  • increased thirst but only sips water
  • pain in both tibia
  • crying constantly
  • vomiting after eating
  • very tired and weak
  • tongue – white coated

The repertorisation did not yield a clear picture. This made the physician think that there was more to this fever. On enquiring further, the mother narrated that the boy had become excessively obsessed with gods of late. He performed his own rituals and spent hours worshipping gods. He even dressed and acted like a goddess himself, during a festival dedicated to her, by wearing his sister’s clothes. He cursed people and verbally abused them when angry.

Vithoulkas Compass:

Prescription: Veratrum album 200C every 2 hours was prescribed.

The next day, the temperature was 103.5 F and the second it returned to normal.


The blood test was repeated.

Neutrophils: 32%; Lymphocyte: 56%

Patient was well and afebrile.

Here, we must remember that the acute prescription is usually tricky, yet it is during the acute situation that the symptoms are the clearest. Yet, this boy’s acute symptomatology did not indicate a specific remedy, as they were very general. At such times it pays to dig deeper till we find the nub of the case. The strong and reliable symptom that lie at the centre of the case.

About the author

Seema Mahesh

Dr Seema Mahesh (BHMS, MD (hom) Dip IACH (Greece), MSc Medical Sciences (Malaysia) is a classical homeopath from Bangalore, India, practicing for the past 20 years. She completed homeopathic medical education at the Rajiv Gandhi University and her PG diploma at the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy (IACH), Greece, under Prof George Vithoulkas. She then turned to research and trained at the Taylor’s University Malaysia for her research post-graduation degree in Medical Sciences. She has been involved in the research committee of IACH and is currently the Director of Research at IACH Greece, collaborating with clinicians and researchers from 95 countries. She is instrumental in taking the core concepts of classical homeopathy to the medical journals and conferences. Having published 22 research papers in peer reviewed medical journals, and hundreds of articles on other platforms, she has also presented her research on concepts of health, disease and cure at medical conferences of immunology and autoimmunity, at NewYork USA, Fiji, Dublin Ireland, Krakow Poland, Stockholm Sweden, Harvard Medical School USA, Amsterdam Netherlands, London UK, Madrid Spain,Vancouver Canada, Tel Aviv Israel, Istanbul Turkey, New Delhi, Athens Greece, Basel, Switzerland and Paris, France. Her presentation at Harvard won her an award of excellence. Her research papers have been downloaded a record number of times.


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