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Hay Fever Leading To Migraine

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Homeopath Radka Ševčíková presents a case of hay fever with repetitive sneezing, runny nose and migraines which were greatly relieved in this man of 22.

Hay fever (allergic rhinitis) is a seasonal allergy, which appears mostly in the spring but can occur anytime throughout the year. Hay fever is mostly caused by particles of pollen from blooming flowers or grasses that become trapped inside the nose and agitate.

The body’s immune system reacts to this harmless substance as a threat, and launches an acute ‘attack’. The nasal passages become inflamed as more mucus is produced to flush away the particles. It is often followed by sneezing. Nearly 1 in 5 Australians suffers with hay fever and the number is growing.


More than two years ago I had a client approach me with very violent hay fever. He was 22 and had suffered from hay fever since the age of 11.His symptoms included repetitivesneezing, runny nose- linked to dehydration and migraines, swollen eyes and itchy throat. It came on during the spring season and he attributed this to native grasses and other flowering plants.

He suffered sneezing fits or attacks quite frequently, up to six times a day, greatly affecting his productivity and emotional state. This affected his ability to workboth inside and outside. He felt limited relief with cooler environments. Cold wet towels made it bearable for a short time, but did not relieve the irritation.  Acute attacks were occasionally followed by headache, runny nose and eyes.

I prescribed Nux Vomica 30C, to take every time the sneezing fits started. I chose Nux Vomica 30C mainly because the remedy matched the clients overall nature as well as his violent, repetitive sneezing, itchiness, emotional irritability and anxiety.  He found great relief after the first dose with the symptoms gradually subsiding.

What was once frequent and violent became less so and bearable, and he could continue working. His nose was not as runny and the migraines were less frequent.  The swelling around his eyes gradually reduced after taking the remedy, and his throat became more relaxed.

Over the next two spring seasons the symptoms grew less, to the point where he could take a remedy every time he felt the sneezing coming on, and the symptoms wouldn’t begin. Even though the symptoms were manageable with the remedy, they never fully disappeared.

At this time I prescribed Arsenicum Album 30Cto cure it completely. This remedy did not seem to improve the overall state,but still provided needed relief in the main season and when symptoms started to appear. During an interstate work trip to a farm environment, the hay fever symptoms returned at full strength. After this experience we returned to Nux Vomica 30C for the rest of the spring season, which continued to relieve the worst of the symptoms.

About the author

Radka Ševčíková

I'm from The Czech Republic and graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health, Sydney in 2013 with
an Advanced Diploma in Homeopathy. I’m currently completing a Bachelor of Counselling at Australian College of Applied Psychology to complement my field. My passion for homeopathy is great and constantly growing. Since beginning my studies of homeopathy, I've always sought to develop my own practice and contribute to the field of homeopathy; such as conducting research, clinical studies and provings. I’m interested in people's behaviour and curious of the ways in which homeopathy can assist people to improve their lives. Through studying homeopathy and working with some of Australia's most renowned homeopaths, I've discovered some great benefits and possibilities of this medicinal system to complement a variety of lifestyles. I would love nothing more than to share my knowledge and passion for homeopathy so that everyone can benefit from it.

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