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Hemangioma in a Girl of 9

Dr. Rupal Bhatt shares a case of hemangioma in a girl of 9. Loquacious, desires iced drinks and ice cream, were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

A 9-year-old girl came to me on 20th April 2019 with complaint of eruption on right pre-auricular area. She had this for the last 1.5 months. On observation it was bright red and two in number. The part was very sensitive and painful to touch. Bleeding occurred after scratching that part in sleep.

Physical general:

Appetite: Poor since 15 days, no specific reason found, can tolerate hunger,

prefers cold food more than warm. No history of PICA

Desire: Ice-cream+++, ice-cube++, chocolate, sweet, sour

Aversion: Milk

Thirst: Takes little at a time (1-2 sips) water at every 10-15 min

Stool: NAD

Urine: NAD

Sleep: Refreshing, sound sleep 7-8 hrs/ night, position: left side

Milestones: NAD

Past history: NAD

Mother’s history during pregnancy: initially morning sickness and poor appetite, after that no complaint. FTND

Family history:

Father: A/H

P. Grand mother: A/H

P. Grand father: A/H

Mother: A/H

M. Grand mother: Hypothyroidism/ A

M. Grand mother: Heart issues/ A

Life history:

Given by Father, she is very good in study. Always gets A+ grades. She likes to dance, to read poems. Very talkative, mixes easily, many friends in school and she is a favorite student of the teacher. Everyone likes to talk with her.

On observation: Very restless child, curious (“aisa kyon hota hai?…aap sab kyon likh rahe ho?…sab likhne se kya hoga?”) Every time gives me compliments.

Totality of symptoms

  • Communicative
  • Talkative
  • Curious
  • Restless
  • Desire for ice-cream+++, ice-cube++, chocolate, sweet, sour
  • Aversion to milk
  • Thirsty, little quantity at short interval


  • Mind; loquacity; children, in
  • Mind; inquisitive
  • Mind; restlessness, nervousness
  • Generalities; food and drinks; ice-cream; desires
  • Generalities; food and drink; ice; desires
  • Generalities; food and drinks; chocolate; desires
  • Generalities; food and drinks; sweets; desires
  • Generalities; food and drinks; sour, acid; desires
  • Generalities; food and drinks; milk, milk products, aversion
  • Stomach; thirst; small quantities, for, frequent, often

Rx:   Phos 1M 1 dose in water

S.L 3 Pills OD in morning for 1 month



Size of hemangioma reduced

Slight pain occurs on touching that part


S.L 3 Pills OD in morning for 1 month


Size of hemangioma as it was.

Color changed to dark brown

No pain


S.L 3 Pills OD in morning for 4 months, as patient was going out of city


Size of hemangioma reduced. Color changed to light brown.

No pain


S.L 3 Pills OD in morning for 2 months


Size of hemangioma reduced

Color change to light brown

No pain


S.L 3 Pills OD in morning for 2 months


No pain

Size reduced, only 1 eruption present


S.L 3 Pills OD in morning for 2 months

About the author

Rupal K. Bhatt

Dr. Rupal K. Bhatt - B.H.M.S ( 2012-2018 ) attended C.D. Pachchigar College Of Homeopathic Medicine and Hospital, Surat, Gujarat. M.D part-1 in Repertory - ongoing from 2018 at V. H. Dave Homoeopathic Medical College, Anand, Gujarat.


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