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Hepatitis B Positive Became Negative – A Case Presentation

The author presents a case of Hepatitis B turning ‘negative’ with homeopathy.


Age – 40Yrs Male

From : Aurangabad District.

Occupation : Agricultural Work.

Date – 03/01/2011

K/C/O Hepatitis B (Homeopathy for Hepatitis B) with Jaundice.

Presented with History :

Fever with chills only in night and feels fresh in day.

Nausea < Morning Waking after.

> Eating After and Vomiting After.

Thirsty with dryness of mouth during fever.


Appetite – Reduced.

Desires – Sweet, Spicy food, Meat, Eggs, Boiled milk.

Aversion – Fish, Cold Milk,

Thermal – Hot.

Sleep – Disturbed Due to Tension Of his business not giving proper profit.


Mind :


Kind to superiors and hard to inferiors

Thinks his business will be suffer losses.

He gives money to other people and thinks that they will give him money in the future when he needs it.

Investigations :


HbsAg – Positive

Haemogram – Hb – 15.0 GM%

TLC – 6700/

Platelet – Adequate

Rapid Malarial Test – Negative

KFT – Blood Urea – 15 mg/dl

Sr . Creatinine – 0.8 mg/dl

LFT – SGOT – 867 I.U/dl

SGTP – 768 I.U/dl

T.Bilirubin – 27.9 mg/dl

Alk.phos – 163 U/L

USG Abdomen – Mild Hepatomegaly with tiny Nodes at the porta.

Borderline Splenomegaly.

Partially Distended GB with thickened echogenic wall F/S/O Hepatitis

Scanned copy of Reports : Before treatment

Diagnosis of disease – Hepatitis B

Phase of disease – Acute reversible

Diagnosis of Miasm – Psoric

Diagnosis of Remedy – Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Natrum mur

Selection of Remedy – Lycopodium 200 2 doses + S.L for 7 days.

Follow Up :

Date – 10/01/2011

Appetite does not improve.

Vertigo after standing

Dryness of mouth with thirst

LFT – SGOT – 540 mg/dl

SGPT – 565 mg/dl

Sr.bilirubin – 20.8 mg/dl

Alk.Phos – 160.0 U/l

Remedy – Phosphorus 200 one dose + S.L 15 Days. ( Appetite was not improved by previous remedy and it is used as intermittent Remedy )

Scanned Copy of LFT Report of 10/01/2011 –

Hepatitis B Repeat Done 10/01/2011 –

Follow up :-

Date – 25/01/2011

Appetite – Improved

Weakness >++

Vertigo – >>++

LFT – SGOT – 151.84 mg/dl

SGPT – 168.02 mg/dl

Sr.bilirubin – 14.0 mg/dl

Alk.Phos – 230.67 U/l

Remedy – S.L 15 days.

Scanned reports of LFT 25/01/2011 –

Follow up :-

Date – 08/02/2011

Feels better

Appetite Improved more


Vertigo after rising from site

Remedy – Lycopodium 200 one dose. ( As Alk.phos increased above that of previous report. It was 160 and now became 230.67)

S.L 15 days.

Follow up –

Date – 28/02/2011

Appetite normal

Weakness >>>+

Weight increased

No Nausea

LFT – SGOT – 42 mg/dl

SGPT – 48 mg/dl

Sr.bilirubin – 2.2 mg/dl

Alk.Phos – 110 U/l

Remedy – Lycopodium 200 one dose +S.L 15 days. ( Previous dose had made improvement in LFT)

Follow up –

Date – 05/04/2011

No complaints except slight weakness

LFT was normal

HbsAg – Negative, it was confirmed in two different laboratories.

Remedy – S.L

Scanned copy of HbsAg – Negative which is confirmed in two laboratories.

Comments :- Constitutional Lycopodium 200 was used with one intermittent dose of Phosphorus 200, again followed by Lycopodium 200 twice which gave best result with Negative Report of HBsAg.

About the author

Sanjay Padole

Dr. Sanjay Gavaji Padole M.D "“ graduated from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and Shri Bhagwan Homoeopathic medical college, Aurangabad. He worked as Resident medical officer at Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital Aurangabad and trained at Homoeopathic Education And Research Institute, Dr Kishor Mehta. Vileparle, Mumbai. Since 2003 he"™s has had his own clinic at Mit hospital Cidco, n-4, Aurangabad,Maharashtra, India. His special interests include Indian mythology.


  • Sir,
    I am interested with Dr. Sanjay Gavaji Padole’s article and want to know more about his treatment plan and where I can purchase Lycopodium 200 and Lycopodium 200. Please do let me here from you.

  • Surface antigen ( HBsAg ) clearance is absolutely normal after recovery from Acute Hepatitis B.

    Contribution of homeopathic treatment in this is doubtful, as about 90-95% cases of acute hepatitis B recover WITHOUT any treatment.

    • It’s very funny, doctor. In one hand you people say HBsAg(+ve)is next to AIDS & on the other hand you’re saying it needs no treatment. It became a routine phenomenon, Homeo bashing. Whenever a Homeopathic Physician reports a cured case,it becomes a fluke, sad , very sad. Then what about the hospitals treating Hepatitis B by looting thousands of bucks. Doctor, just try to stop them saying it needs no treatment.

    • Hello sir i’m Naushad from Bihar patna

      I want to know could it be the hepatitis b is negative?

  • Dr. Sanjay,
    Congratulations!!Whatever treatment you have given to this patient,YOU HAVE SHOWN AMAZING RESULT TO THE HOPELESS, LINGERING BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH. Moreover Homeopathy is more effective than any other method.

  • I’m hepatitis B patient last 4 years and i have routine tests every six months
    and this time everything was normal but In LFT sgpt is raised like 52 so please suggest, if i take homeopathy medicine it can be negative? Please suggest how I can meet you for start of treatment of hep B.

    • Good to listen tht now u r negative of hbsag. Can u tell me tht is it clear by itself or u have taken any medicines?

  • Hello dear sir
    iam kamal khan from pakistan karachi i read your article and see the resuilts which shows a good hope for the Hepatitis B patients iam Hep b carrier so its positive and i want to know that how can i recover or its become negative and how can i start treatment and if any medical resuilt you required i will send you plz help me in this regard .thanks

  • Hi Dr, I read your article and I love the comments people made about you pls keep up the good work, pls I was diagnosed today and I discovered that I have hep B+ , please help me I need the vaccine to become negative pls, I will await your response , remain bless

  • Hello Sir.Please where to get Lycopodium 200, I’m interested for the treatment of Hep b..hope for your reply.thanks so much..

  • Thank you Dr. Sanjay for success on HBsAG positive. We should be careful that Lycopodium is not only remedy for this treatment for HBsAg. Any remedy can work. It depends on the totality of symptoms.

    Best wishes to you for many success in near future.

    Dr. Fuad

    • I am a hbsag positeve how it can change to positev is there an treatment let me know where shoud i treet my self sujest me or give me the address that i can start my treatment.plz
      thanks & regards

  • Hello sir, I have recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis B. It was such a shocking news for me. I was donating my blood for a blood bank, from where i got to know that i m suffering from Hep. B. The doctor who had checked the blood said not to worry because u r a carrier and not the sufferer. but u have to take treatment so that the liver functioning is not affected in future. I was totally unaware of the disease.

    kindly guide me in this situation.

    Bhavesh Kadam

  • Sir,
    I Have Got Report as HBsAg-Positive, I Have Got treatment by a gastroenterology for Eight Months
    and In middle i Have Stopped using Medicines , now i dont know whether iam cured or not One of the symptoms of HBSAg-positive which the urine in Palle yellow colour is Coming yet to me everyday which was the symptom i read in wikipedia

    If it is not cured how can i cure it in how many days May i now it Please mail the details to my mail Id

  • dear sir, one of my relative has been diagnosed hepatitis-B+ .can your treatment turn it into negative. for how long the medicine will have to take and what will be the total cost…please suggest.and how can iI approach you and your medicine…

  • dear sir,
    I am Muktar Pathan from Vaijapur in Aurangabad Dirtric (Maharastra ). My sister suffering from

    HbsAg +ve, and She is pregnant of 8 months. she’s treatment going on from last month in MGM

    Hospital in Aurangabad.But no improvement found,Now she is at home. Doctor told us treatment

    will start after delivery,but she is health going to down,also HbsAg counting increased w.r.t.

    previous test report.

    Please help us, guide us.


    Muktar Pathan


  • i’m HBSAG positive for almost ten years can i be treated and what is ma cost and how do i get the drugs

  • hallo sir
    I am using homoeo medicine for hepatitis b positive from 2-5-2013 on 1-5-2013 HB’S ag value 17.75 after using medicine report on 3-7-2013 vale is 5.27 in ELISA method is come to negitive and one more doubt this test is confirmed for negetive or PCR test is required.

  • Dear Sir,
    I have affected by HBsAg positive since 2009 .my ELISA report says constantly every six months >2.5 result was positive .But i have not find any symptoms till now .can i get help to have HBsAg nagative.

  • Dear sir,
    I m positive of hepatitis B infection 4 years can u help and guide me sir please…any drugs.I want to work so i can help my family ..i can not work even in a fast food becoz of my illness… i really would like to help my family.please help me and guide me if what kinds of drugs.
    possible to cure?
    thank you so much
    I wait for your reply God bless you

  • Dear sir
    we are married couple.we married before five month then after we test hbsag the result is positive so plz sir guide us for positive to negative

  • priy sir
    mi 32 varsh aahe mi 3 varshapasune hbsag positive asune mi aaplya upcharane negative hou shakto ka Please mala madat kara

  • dear sir,
    i came to know about Hbsag+ accidently with normal ultrasound of liver, LFT normal, Hbsag=250iu/ml, HBV DNA Quantitative=1500iu/ml, Hbeag=Negative, Hbeab=Positive,

    These reports are of july 2013

    can u please suggest that how should i proceed..????

  • A friend have hepatitis b, positive please can he as well use lycopodiun 200 one dose and s.l for 15 days to be converted to negative please we need ur help and advice. thanks. we will be happy if you are kind enough to reply this comment.

  • i am hbsag positve value is 0.50.
    i am taking homeopathy treatmentfor the past 7 months( tablet chelag and tablet myrica) precribed by Dr.Rudersh BENGALURU.

  • please advise us how HbsAg may change from positive to negative and how much time its take to cure.

    thanking you,
    please guide us with the details of your treatment.

  • Dear sir,
    I m positive of hepatitis B infection for 40 years, I really need your help to change from positive to negative.

  • Dear Respected Sir, Myself Sukesh from Dehradun. I am suffered from HbsAg for 6 yrs. Kindly suggest me for any medicine or vaccine to convert it into negative. Please send me the details of medicine for proper cure of HbsAg. How long time it will take to become negative. It’s a humble request please advice me & help me.

  • Sir I m staff nurse and become hep b positive .I also got hep b vaccine .but become positive since 2007 now my PCR + ELISA both are positive .I m taking herbal medicine from some hakeem my ELISA become down from 4000 to 400 but I m still positive in my blood screening .Due to this I can’t work in any hospital .I need ur help .I live in Pakistan nankana sahib district .plz reply me on my email add.I will pray for u for my whole life

  • respected sir,
    the case you have shown is of acute hepatitis B , it is not of chronic hepatitis B.
    it is known to all that hepatitis with acute one…whether symptomatic(mild) or asymptomatic can be resolved in 90 % of adults with in six months by their ownself. if person has severe jaundice symptoms then he should go under treatment. in your shown sample case was acute hepatitis b with severe symptoms and you did good job to treat jaundice but politely saying that you cant take credit of this patient to make negative because it was acute . not chronic one
    person if chronic is difficult task to make him negative

  • Hi Friends,
    I am also chronic b positive, Came to know bfore 2 years while donating blood. I am residing in India.

    Recently I came to know aabout few ayurvedic/homeopathic clinic while searching on internet. Kindly let me know if anybody has idea about these clinics/medicines.

    Dr Shangloo clinic

    Minhans homeopathy kerala

    Shushruta clinic new delhi for both Hep B and C

    Kindly let me know your view on these medicines, if we can start the same.

  • Dear sir,
    I have immense faith in Homeopath. I have been tested HBsAg positive, HBeAg positive but LFT is all normal. How much time may it take for recovery.

    • did you get any response from that doctor?

      Mine case is also exact like yours and today I have posted a comment to thw doctor.
      Please mail me if you got any cure for it.

  • Hi, all of these patients are in phase of acute phase of hepatitis b,,, so they clear the infection by them self,,by their own immune system,, but is there any medicine to clear chronic hepatitis b.

  • Sir Iam Very Sad Every Time Because I Have Hepatitis B Positive What Is The Best Treatment Please reply

  • Hi, I want the address of the doctor who has cured hepatitis b of the case mentioned in this forum. Its very urgent as my mother is diagnosed postitive. Kindly provide the contact of the doctor . pls

  • Sir
    Recently I found I have hepatitis B positive, means HbsAg – Positive, I have done all the test that all are good enough except HbsAg – Positive, please help me how I can cure from it

  • Sir,

    My mother-in-law died due to White Jaundice but its virus attacks to my husband and my brother-in-law, til both have + ve in hbcsg due to this problem we are facing lot of problems. Please suggest me if any treatment is there it become negative

  • Sir,
    Plz help me.
    i have also hepatitis b. My Doctor said it never negative but ye body ke andar silent mode me rehta hai.
    kya aapke paas koi medicine hai jisse ye negative ho jaye.aur mera liver bhi fatty ho gaya hai.ureter me 8mm ka stone bhi ne kaha jab tak hepatitis b hai tab tak operation nahi hoga

    • I am suffering hapatitis b.kindly suggest me proper treatment. My liver function is normal.

  • dear sir ! I m a sugar belongs bhagalpur in Bihar. my brother is in hep b .please help me and what is connecting way ?

  • HI Sir I have Hepatitis b please tell me that it have any treatmet ,,and please guide me how finish it positive to nagitive please help me…..

  • Hi sir I m suffering from hepatitis b from 2009 and I am going to so many doctors but no one advice me a better treatment now I am so worried and frustrated from dis virus please advice me then how to cure from dis virus and how to get my report to negative please I m helpless now I have done all the test my lft is normal sgpt and sogt is high and the doctor was giving me only an vitamin, liver pill from year through thanking you sir this is the last hope for me so please reply me as soon.

  • Cronic HBV varies from 2001. Plz suggest /treatment me & help me from positive to convert negative. I will be greatfull to you.

    • Plz treatment cronic HBV from 2001. But all reports are normal. Suggest me convert to positive to negative.

  • Dear Sir
    How it can be confirmed that the case which you showed is chronic hepatitis B and not acute hepatitis B?

    As pointed by Dr. Amit Habbu in the comment section in 95% of the acute HBV cases, HBsAg becomes automatically negative within 6 months. So there is a huge possibility that this patient might have a recent infection and not prolonged infection.

  • A new study by Nigerian researchers which was published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Science has claimed that SAAAB and HAABS – bitter leaf-based supplements – can cure hepatitis.
    Clinical trials of the drugs demonstrated that the herbal preparations made predominantly from bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalina) provide cure for chronic forms of Hepatitis B and C.
    About 23 million Nigerians are infected with Hepatitis B, and 11 die every day, making Nigeria one of the countries with the highest hepatitis burden in the world.
    Lead researcher, Ben Amodu of the Halamin Herbal Products in Abuja and lecturer at the Department of Histopathology and Cytology, Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH), said herbal medicine could succeed where orthodox one has failed in the treatment of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.
    Amodu said, “This study has shown that there is a cure for the chronic form of hepatitis – HBV and HCV. The total clearance of HBV and HCV upon administration of SAAAB and HAABS for three weeks and one week respectively is a testimony to this fact.” Call +23409099673741

  • Dear Sir,

    For a few days, I investigate that, I am a patient of chronic hepB. After this news I am very very hopeless for my life. Have any real permanent solution for this disease. Please suggest me, how I can overcome or cure this disease.

  • Sir I’m raju Kumar Rajak I’m very sad because I have hbsag positive .please guide me convert to negative

  • Hi, sir I am hbsag positive.ani mala an chota mulga aahe 1 varshacha. Ani I think maze husband pan positive ahet plz sir tumchya upcharane bara hot asel tar mala madat Kara it’s hardly request.mala chota baby aahe .mi mumbaila rahte.

  • Dear Dr. Sanjay.,
    I have read your post and want to show my case.
    I am Hepatitis B posotive for last 15 yrs. Dont know when and how it came into me.
    In 2011 first time it diagnosed with HB DNA viral load approx 100000 but no treatment was started as I was expecting. Now in Dec 2015 I had 2nd baby delivery via c section and 2 unit blood given to me.
    In June 2016 I felt weakness and stomach upset frequently. So I went through all HB related tests.

    1. HBsAg – Positive
    2. HB DNA viral load greater than 170000000
    3. HBeAg – Positive with 1483.57 (this was negative in 2011)
    4. Ultrasound of upper abdomen for Liver – Normal

    Treatment – I have started Tenvir 300mg OD since 27th Jun 2016 after Gastroenterologist recommendation.

    Kindly suggest homeopathy treatment for my case and possibility of these virus removal.

    Thanks and Regards
    HB positive patient

  • Respected Sir
    Namaskaram. I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B+ in Dec 2014. I tried homeo at Dr Nikam for 6 months with no change. Then I tried Unani for 1 month and Sidhha. Now Hep B is .89 (negative).
    Can you suggest further medication for full recovery. I am a resident of Pune.
    Many thanks and pranam

  • sir…
    Thank you very much for your online helping and also I would like to know about the term ( s.l. for 15days). what is the meaning of S.L sir

  • Sir
    please give me your tretment for hep.-b
    HBV DNA 170000000
    please give me ur contact please

  • iam having HBsAg Positive.
    iam staying at visakhapatnam,Andhra pradesh.
    pls suggest me a good doctor in homeo,

    Thanks & Regards.

  • dear sir
    dr mrs sanjaya i am from sri lanka hep b positive it can really cure i like to mention my blood test result hep b surface antigen -poitive value (5100s/cl) hep b e antigen -negative, hep b e antibody -reactive,
    hep b core IGM antibody-negative, hep b core total anti body -positive, hep b viral load- DNA +0(not detactive) sgot(ast)-28 sgpt(alt)-58 serum bilirubin-1.6, pls explain this acute or chronic also explan sir hep b e IGM ANTIBODY – negative what is good positve or negative hep be total anti body – positive what is good positive or negative hep b e antibody reactive what is good reactive or nonreactive also mention sir liver function test range sgot ,bilbun etc value if can cure pls help me i am worship to you grateful to you,also mention if you can cure how can take medicine where is available i am from srilanka sri lanka available your medicine pls reply as soon as possible i am suffering and sorrowful. i can”explain everything write word i am worship sir help me sir

  • Hi sir mi hbsag positive aahe please mala help Kara medicine sanga .plus maz wait pan Kami hot aahe .please help me.

  • Hi sir

    Hope you are doing great.
    This is Ajay from andhra Pradesh and I m infected with hepitits B . I m really scared by reading about hepatitis B virus disease.i checked with doctor and I confirmed. Sir please help me with your address

  • good morning Sir

    I am ramesh I want Hepatitis B positive to negative HBSAG medicine or Vaccince please tell me where purchasing

  • Sir
    Dr. Sanjay Gavaji Padole garu my name is sreenu i am suffering from HBsag sir i tested LFT it is all normal when doctoe recomended HBS DNA test i am also using homeopathi madicine sir please give me sugisted me

  • dear sir
    am suffering from hbs Ag this not curable r curable?plz help me

    Where is the hospital ple letme know for undergoing the treatment.

  • Dear Sir, I am soumitra Bera. I am suffering from hepatitisb positive. LFT is normal. Hbsag is 14. 5. DNA virul load 3300 IU/ML. please suggest me medicine. I lost great job for this. Please help me.

  • Sir i am suffering from hepatitis B(HBeAG). It has been diagnosed last month in july. Bilrubin is 2.6, DNA viral load morr den 1 crore, SGPT 200, Sgot 100. Sir i am jst 22 years old. Nd student as well. Please suggest me something or how can it become negativee as soon as possible. i am keenly waiting for your reply. plz reply

  • I was diagnosed for hepatitis b and it was discovered that I am a chronic hep b patient last year. I am also suffering from this disease and I am very curious about the cure. Please help me?

  • Sir,
    I am interested with Dr. Sanjay Gavaji Padole’s article and want to know more about his treatment plan I have a medicine hepatitis B positive 10.54% plz tell me the recovery option Van Den Bergh : Normal

  • Dear sir,

    I am a hepatitis B positive patients .I dont feel any symptoms yet. I need your help can you please advice me how to convert positive to negative Hepatitis B.

    • Go to unani I am also goes there taking drugs with Surah fatihah 4 times may Allah S.W.T remove it from your body. insha’Allah…Allah insaniyat see is bimari ki khatm kare aameen.

  • Hello sir.. My mom had hystectomy operation.. And during that period they done some blood investigations which was showing as Hbsag positive .. So I have asked with doctor there and they have jst told me it s because she s having mild fever and it is because of that lyk that.. N they’ll again get the test done after 6 months like that.. So can you please please help me to out of that hurting positive results sir.. Please I beg you…help me.. I wish my mom to be healthy n live long..please please I beg you sir.. Please help to make it a negative.. My humble request…
    Thanking you..
    Waiting for ur reply sir.. Plzzzzz

  • Dear sir I am hepatitis b positive with 4year my virus load last year 2015 =5200 virus load its not latest report my virus load so please dr my help m……7509540309

  • Dear sir, regarding one one confirmation,
    A staff in ot had Needle stick injury during operation with hbsag positive patient immediately anti hbsag titre done a and it was normal after around 3 month s later staff came for hbsag test in Elisa very slight positive but not as like intensive colour as positive control. Rapid test ica (hepacard) with twice at room temperature but it is negative control is satisfactory what will be the interpretation

  • Sir,l am from tamilnadu state trichirapalli district.i am from ten years hbsag positive i am age 39 years to take medicine for negative.please help me.god bless you.

  • 13 years ago I did some test of HBeAg. Result negative. Dr. Told me not to take treatment. Sir pls suggest me what should I do? HBV DNA may be good. Dr. Forbid me to take treatment. DR.SUGGEST ME EVERY 6 months to test again. What can I do. Pls SUGGEST me.

  • Hepatitis b virus do not have medical cure because the virus is capable of hiding within the human cells, it remains protected from your immune system. Hepatitis abc isn’t a special virus – your immune system has the tools to fight it back. But because it is able to lay dormant in protected cells, your immune system is unable to remove it from your body,But my herbal medication is very strong and reactive in getting rid of the virus gradually and totally from your body without damaging any of your cells,my herb kills the virus totally not reducing just the out break okay…..add me on whatsapp with this number for you cure +2348151714295 or write me through my email [email protected]

    • If your medicine is so strong why it is not been introduced in main stream. you can be a game changer and bring life back in millions of peoples life right

  • still don’t know the right words to express my Gratitude to the Great Health Herbal Clinic After been diagnosed of hepatitis B in 2014, i was given so many health prescription and advice with no improvement, I totally lost hope, until i found testimonies of Health Herbal Clinic in an online research and on Facebook, Like anybody would be, I was very skeptical about contacting them, but i later did email them and they started the remedies for my health. Thank God, i was cured from hepatitis by the herbal medication I received from Health Clinic. I never thought that hepatitis can be cured, from the bottom of my heart I’m truly grateful,Contact Health Herbal Clinic, Email: Healthherbalclinic(AT)gmail(DOT)com or website on www(DOT)Healthherbalclinic(DOT)weebly(DOT)com

  • After looking the Case report I am greatly impressed. Previously I have treated two cases of Hepatitis B with starting Vacinum/1m(1dose), followed by Lycopodium, Nat Phos (Biochem), Carduus M/Q and Chelidonium M/Q and have got positive response. Your Article now refresh my clinical practice.
    Thanking You.
    Dr. G. Sahoo.
    Dt. 21/12/2016

  • Hi sir i am durga prasad i am from andra pradesh i am sufring from hbsag and also i lost my job for this one plese help me to negitive and where can buy for this medisine please sir help me

  • Sir mera report hbsag positive aaya hai isliye aap ka phone number aur hospital ka pata bhej dijiye
    From karnataka

  • I am a chronic hepatitis b patient. I am interested to visit you. I am from kolkata. I will stay at Mumbai from 07.04.2017 to 10.04.2017. Please give me an appointment on 07 or 10 th april.

  • sir mughe hb positive pata chala jab maine apna hole body blood test karbaya march 2017 kya positive se negative ho sakta hai plz batayen .nalanda bihar se

  • Hii
    Sir Mujhe 5yrs se hepatitis b hai
    Kaise negative hoga kitne din lagega
    Khana me chalega plese sir help me…..

  • Sir iam hepatitis b possitive patient last 15 years quantities test done is 20 non reactive.Doctor given me 0.5 mg entaliv tab.I need negative result is you have idea to slove my problem then plz.kindly sent me your suggestions.

  • Dear Sirs,
    Have hepatitis B are positive and negative right ? what is type of hepatitis infelicitous positive or negative ? Please answer me.

  • I m saffring hbsag positive and test value 1.136 if this report coming to becoming negitave it possible

  • sir my name Sharana basava I will suffering the hepatitis b virus in 2years how to I can use the lycopodium 200 please give the better advise

  • Sir Mene hapetitis b ka ek enjection Liya tha phir nhi Liya …jab me balod diya to doctor ne bola k aap ko hapetitis b hai …ab possitive hi dekhata hai… please aap medicine bataye….

  • There is a person in my family who has bèen detected a patient of Hbsag+ recently.Now his serum bilirubin is 4.65.I want to know about the remedy of hbv in homeopathy .Does the remedy can change the Hbsag positive in negative for life long. Please help me out .

  • sir i m mohd furquan shows i m hbsag patient and i want recover hepatitis B become negative so plz help me
    sir plz send address or contact no
    thank you
    regards by furquan

  • Sir hi my name is suhas and my wife is suffering from antigen hbsag+ve we resently new about this can u please help her to cure we r from mumbai (juhu)

  • Thanks for sharing the best information on Hepatitis B Positive Became Negative and suggestions they very nice and very useful to us. You made a good site it’s very interesting one.I am satisfied with your site and also your information.

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