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Herpetic Eruption in a Girl of 10

Oct Pravin

Name-T. K.

Date- 28/07/2017         Age-10 years          Sex-Female

Diagnosis- Herpes

C.C.  :She suffered fromherpetic eruptions on the buttocks since 4 days,

Burning pain++++.

Agg- touch, movements, change of position, seating, slightest touch of cloths,

H/o by patient’s mother:

They had visited to their native place (village)a few days back; then she went to the riverside for swimming; after coming home she had high grade fever with reddish eruptions on the buttocks.


Suddenhigh grade fever. She was dull and toxic in fever.

Thirsty ++.

She was restless due to the pain in the eruptions on the buttocks.Irritable and weeping due to pain. All the time she wants her mother near her. They went to the Dr. nd she took medicine without relief.  On the second day she developed dry blisters on the buttocks with severe burning pain and was not able to sit or move.

On the first day there was blister on the buttocks, then it breaks down, dry crust on those eruptionsand increasing in numbers.

Agg- change of position, walking, sitting, sleeping, slightest touch, clothes,

Amelioration- washing by warm water, only one position.

She becomes irritable and angry due to pain. Not eating, not sleeping, not talking to anyone. When she bends forward it’s difficult for her to get up in a straight position.She said there is a tight feeling “as if someone holds me in this region.”

Analysis of the case

In the chief complaint I gave more importanace to causative factors : Cold bath.

PQRS-The characteristic symptom is in modalities: burning pain

There is amelioration byhot washing/bath

(herpes occurs by cold bath and amelioration by hot water wash/bath)

Rx:  Rhust Tox 200

Follow up:



(3 doses)x2 days

01/08/17Pain is reduced but eruptions are increased- no fever, now she can move here & there, but her mother is worried about increased number of eruptions.Rt200+6+1dr

single dose

04/08/17Eruption are all over the buttocks, reddish in color, but burning pain is reduced from before, No fever, no irritabilitySl+6+1dr
08/08/17She is better; all eruptions are dried up- she is going to school and playing with friends.Sl+6+1dr
13/08/17All eruptions are gone – no fever, no burning pain.Sl+6+1dr
22/08/17No eruptions, mild running nose, dry cough, no fever, she played in rain after that she got running nose-cold and cough.Sl+6+1dr2D
16/09/17She is feeling better. Only black spots are remaining over the buttocks.sl+6+1dr.
30/09/17Visit- no eruptions, no fever, black spots on buttocks.No medicine.


In casetaking the first 10 minutes is very important for getting the chief complaint.

The idea here is to go to the hard facts at the LOCAL LEVEL and explore the LOCAL SENSATION and MODALITIES looking for PQRS.If there are significant charactertic symptoms at this level, they would be the surest symptoms to find the remedy.

SOURCE- Book- Synergy synopsis -chapter-case taking

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