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High Fever in a Baby of 6 Months

High Fever in a Baby of 6 Months

Dr. A.P. Sivakumaran shares a case of a baby of 6 months, breastfed only, with high fever, red patches on face and fear from sudden noises, in which Belladonna failed.

A 6 month old female baby was brought to me with high fever (Homeopathy for Fever).She felt hot to the touch, more on the head than all over the body and there were small red patches on her head and face. She had only been breastfed and received no other external foods.

Severe screaming before urination…

Generally she used to sleep well but nowadays wakes suddenly even from slightest noise from distant places (early morning sound from mosques).

Holds the hands of mother and sleeps on mother’s shoulders.

Crying when laying in the crib.

First prescription Belladonna failed….

2nd prescription Borax  – Based on: fear of downward motion, clinging,

weeps before urination, sensitive to noise, especially noise from a distance.

Potency -LM 3

Mode of administration:Plussing method with redynamization –

Single pill of Borax LM 3 mixed with 120ml water – take after 10 strong succussions. 1 tablespoon solution (15ml) taken and then pour into glass which contains 10 tablespoons of water.After 10 strong stirs, administer one teaspoon (5ml) from this solution every 30 mins.

Results: Fever reduced and gradually came down to normal

No screaming with urination after one day

Sleeping well

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AP Sivakumaran

Doctor.Sivakumaran graduated from Dr. MGR. Medical University , P.G in psychology, prof in yoga and natural living, dietitian, and is the founder of the Genuine Homeopathic Clinical Research Center, Tamilnadu India, where is practices classical homeopathy. Visit Dr. Kumaran’s blog:

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