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Homeopathic Healing of Patients with Hypertension

Background: Blood pressure measures how strongly blood presses against the walls of your arteries as it is pumped around your body by your heart. If this pressure is too high, it puts a strain on your arteries and your heart, which makes it more likely that you will suffer a heart attack, a stroke or kidney disease. Known as the “silent killer”, high blood pressure rarely has obvious symptoms.

If your GP says your blood pressure is 140/90mmHg, it means you have a systolic pressure of 140mmHg and a diastolic pressure of 90mmHg. You are said to have high blood pressure or hypertension if readings on separate occasions consistently show your blood pressure to be 140/90mmHg or higher. There are two main categories; primary, idiopathic or essential hypertension [1] , that is mainly due to environmental factors, genetics and lifestyle, and secondary hypertension that has organic causes like renal artery stenosis.

Case No.1: A married lady aged 31 was visited on Aug.7th 2012 with the chief complaint of high blood pressure [2]. She was a rather overweight woman with a BMI [3] of about 29. She suffered the problem for a year after experiencing a stressful life. It was 15-16/100 mm hg. She was first treated by an injection of some antihypertensive drug. The second time she got a sublingual antihypertensive drug. At first that did not lower her blood pressure, so the medical doctor at the emergency ward prescribed a shot of antihypertensive to lower the blood pressure.

The doctor prescribed Metoral and Lozartan to be  taken as needed. She took them for 1-1.5 months and then stopped taking them. She was referred to a psychiatrist who gave a diagnosis of panic attack as the main cause of the problem. The psychiatrist prescribed Imipramine 10 mg and chlordiazepoxide bd, after which  got better. She said her husband had caused the panic attack and they had decided to separate, afterward.

She was tested for any organic problem. The results were normal except for FBS that was 113 mg/dl. Her mother was a diabetic type 2 patient.  I gave her Lycopodium 30 c at the 1st session. She took 15 drops of the remedy with about 2.5 cc of water.

In the 2nd session, on Oct. 16th 2012, 10 symptoms including her blood pressure showed improvement; it was measured to be 135/85. The remedy was repeated with a higher dose but the same potency. Her blood pressure decreased to 12/8mmhg with the 2nd dose of Lycopodium 30CH. She felt better and less nervous with more inner calmness.

On Nov.15th 2012 she said that she had diminished the amount of anti-depressives because she thought she had better self-control over her nerves. She could sleep better and deeper with more energy in the morning for getting up and starting her daily activities.


Case No.2: A married man aged about 50 who had come to Tehran from Australia, to take part in the funeral of his cousin, was visited on Dec.30th 2012 for high blood pressure of about 150/95 mmhg. He was loquacious, usually cheerful and dictatorial.

MIND – LOQUACITY – changing quickly from one subject to another

MOUTH – TREMBLING of tongue – protruding it; when




His repertorizing with VES by Radar came out to have possibility of 566.8 and confidence rate of 144 points favouring Lachesis. Thus a single dose of 10 drops of Lachesis Muta 30 CH was given to him at home. After returning to Australia he took another dose after about 40 days. He reported that he had normal blood pressure afterwards. Increased inner calmness, coping better with environmental stresses and better sleep were some of the results of the homeopathic healing. After about 7.5 months his blood pressure is still normal without taking any conventional drugs and homeopathic remedies.

Case No.3: A lady aged 59 was visited on Aug 20th 2012 because of high blood pressure of 140/95. She was a sensitive and active person who would like to control her family. She was a tour leader of a group of women who did social activities and regularly visited various places.

Her main rubrics were as follows;


GENERALS – WARM – air – agg.

MIND – ACTIVITY; desires

MIND – COMPANY – desire for


SLEEP – POSITION – side; on – left side; on

MIND – FEAR – snakes, of

MIND – FEAR – suffocation, of

RESPIRATION – DIFFICULT – sleep – during

MOUTH – TREMBLING of tongue – protruding it; when



MIND – FEAR – death, of

MIND – LOQUACITY – changing quickly from one subject to another

According to Vithoulkas Expert System(VES), Lachesis was selected as the proper remedy with high possibility of 440.7 and confidence rate of 152 points. Lachesis 30CH was prescribed for her. She was visited for the 2nd time on Sept. 20th 2012. She experienced better sleep and fewer nightmares, fear of suffocation had diminished, her muscular cramps had improved by 60-70%, her blood pressure was measured at the clinic; 12.8/90. She had got beaten on her right eye with remarkable bruise. So a single dose of Arnica Montana 30 CH was prescribed.

Her blood pressure was measured at 130/70 mm hg on Dec.20th 2012. Lachesis 200 was prescribed. For the last time she was visited on June 13th 2013. It was 127/70 mm hg.

Conclusion: High blood pressure is considered a silent killer. The three cases were treated by taking homeopathic remedies according to Classical or Hahnemannian Homeopathy. All of them benefited and their mental emotional and other physical symptoms improved remarkably, especially the 2nd patient whose high blood pressure was cured completely. Therefore randomized and non-randomized clinical trials are suggested to be done to assess the efficacy of homeopathic remedies in patients with high blood pressure.


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