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Homeopathic Opium a Remedy for Diabetes and Narcolepsy

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Written by Deborah Olenev

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Case of a 46 Year Old Diabetic Woman Helped with Homeopathy

There are 671 remedies listed in my homeopathic software for diabetes. (I use Kent Homeopathic Associates software.) My job as a homeopath is to select which one of the 671 remedies will fit my client’s symptoms best. In order to determine this I have to look at all aspects of the person for clues as to the remedy he or she needs. I ask them to complete a comprehensive questionnaire ahead of time to help me gather information about the client, so that I can focus on trying to understand the root causes of the client’s problems when we meet.

I would like to present a case story of a diabetic woman to show you how the selection process works, and to demonstrate the wonderful life altering changes that can occur when a match is made between the patient and the remedy. I took a thorough case history of this woman on 11/9/07 using the Rajan Sankaran Sensation Method, which you can read about in his web site at: I last heard from her on 8/21/08 when she e-mailed me the results of her recent blood tests, which were all normal. Here are some of the questions I asked her during the consultation along with her answers.

What are your physical complaints? When did each of them begin, and what makes them feel better or worse?

I have an appetite that is out of control. It is killing me but I still overeat. My chief complaint is Type II diabetes. I measured my diabetes this morning and it is 177. Normal is 120. Apparently I have every reason to be worried. I should be calling my doctor, but I want to take a chance now. This is my major concern.I was feeling very sleepy until last week. I am reducing my Lipitor by a third. As soon as I started reducing the Lipitor I did not need to sleep as much, but I started to feel faint in the afternoon. I don’t have any pain in my body. I am taking the acupuncture, but the blood glucose is still out of control.
Diabetes and excessive sleep were my chief complaints when I started acupuncture, but then I started sleeping more. Then someone told me to be careful with the Lipitor. I feel dizzy. My cholesterol is very high. It was 290. Normal is 150.

Describe the symptoms and how you discovered you had it?

I had gestational diabetes. Then they told me I had a higher chance of getting diabetes than the rest of the population because of that. I was told to keep the same diet I had during the pregnancy, which was monitored by a nutritionist.
Then I had postpartum depression. My doctor put me on Prozac first and it didn’t work and then she put me on Paxil. This was after my youngest was two years old. At a certain point I felt I didn’t need it anymore. I went on the Zone diet and snapped out of the depression, but I was having panic attacks and took St. John’s Wort.

I started sleeping too much. The kids were in elementary school. I was coming home and feeling sleepy. I was sleeping all day. The doctors would do the fasting blood glucose test and it was low and then it finally came up positive for diabetes. I started the diet and exercise routine for the diabetes and it improved. It was like that for two years.
Two years ago my symptoms got out of control and my doctor started me on medication. The medication was Metformen (the same thing as glucophage) and she kept upping the dosage. Eleven months ago she put me on Lipitor and Paxil. I started snapping at people, and was very angry.

What do you feel?

I never felt anything with the diabetes. It is all the numbers. I had 177 today, but I was feeling so good, so happy. I don’t know if the sleepiness is due to the diabetes. I never had extreme thirst, loss of weight, extreme urination, loss of sensation in my feet. I never had any of them.

Please tell me about your anxiety?

It was totally crazy. On some occasions it was like an atomic bomb exploded someplace. That fear was so intense, that agony. It was total panic, the fear of the world being destroyed by an atomic bomb, and everything I loved disappearing. Every day I woke up with the feeling that in a couple of hours I am going to feel like this place is going to be attacked.
I went to talk to the doctor and she wrote a prescription for Prozac, then Paxil. With Paxil this panic attack went away. I became more mellow and relaxed and I didn’t worry too much about things, but I started to be more sleepy.
I had this melancholy that was really deep. People call it postpartum depression. My children were small and so loving and kind, and wanted to play with mommie, but I was surrounded by that feeling. I felt down, helpless, nothing would work out. I would look at my life, I had so much to live for, so why was I feeling that way?

Please describe this feeling to me exactly?

It is like when 911 happened. That’s the feeling, that my world is crumbling around me now. Shock and survival. The survival instinct kicks in, but there is no hope. Everything is hopeless. Then I look around me. Here is my husband so nice a ©nd sweet, my kids are healthy, but why am I feeling like this.

It is a sense of immediate danger. It isn’t just the adrenaline, it is helplessness, it is something that already happened. I was dealing with the consequences of something awful that had happened and I didn’t know which way to turn.
It is done. I lost everything. The total impact, even my heart beat in a different way. My whole body reacted. I don’t wake up anymore feeling like that. After she weaned me off the Paxil, I would feel like I needed the St. John’s Wort Sometimes I would have a dream and know that I have to do something before that feeling hits me. I felt it was better taking that than the Paxil.

(Interestingly this woman’s father grew up in war torn Japan, and had experienced the massive destruction that had taken place there during W.W.II. Like his daughter, he is also a diabetic.)

My behavior toward my schoolmates and at home was critical, demanding and abrasive. I became the monster. I was afraid of something happening. I felt so guilty when this happened with my kids.

I was telling the doctors to test my thyroid, my blood glucose, because I was so sleepy. This is what moved me to keep seeking for an answer. I felt it was not normal. They said you have three kids and you are allowed to be tired, but I had never been like that before.

The Metformen is not controlling the numbers. I have been on Metformen for two years and my numbers are getting higher. I am on three medications already. I reduced the Paxil to 20 mg., because the doctor said it may be contributing to the excessive tiredness.

Why do you feel your body is creating this diabetes situation?

Part of it may be my genes. The second part may be my diet. Once I arrived in the US, I basically stopped having vegetables and had a very bad diet for many years until I got pregnant. I was eating like I thought the Americans ate.

How do you feel about the diabetes?

I know it is there. I don’t feel good about it. I wish it weren’t, but it is. I feel fear because of all the things that might happen in the future. I wish I could control it, but I can’t. I resent it. I feel angry toward it, because of all the delicious things I wish I could eat, but I can’t. I also feel guilty, because it could have been some bad karma. I think about the word gluttony. I think I am supposed to overcome it by having control over my material body. I am thinking a lot about the gluttonous side of my diabetes.

Tell me more about your attitude toward the diabetes?

I feel it is a long-term threat, not immediate. I had my blood reading today and it was 177. I should be screaming at my practitioner at this moment and telling her to give me something else. I am still hoping that my body will be able to react somehow. I woke up today it was so high, but I wasn’t fainting, wasn’t dizzy. Yes, a lot of damage is happening in my organs and my body.

I have no physical indicator. I feel like I don’t have control there. Apparently if I never knew about the diabetes I could just die one day of a heart attack. I could have died young. Since I know I may die older, but lose my legs or my eyesight.

Please tell me more about the onset of your symptoms.

At age twenty-five when I had a nervous breakdown a lot was happening in my life. I started hearing this metallic noise like a shopping cart going on the asphalt. Instead of the normal thought pattern, it seemed that I could see patterns of images that would go on forever and ever, like geometric patterns that would undulate. At a certain point I couldn’t hold it together anymore. I was living in a new city, my parents were far away, and my husband and baby depended on me for everything. I was also in a masters’ program and carrying my work load. I talked with a psychologist who told me it was too much and to try to scale down. At the same time I was excited to be out in the world with my husband and kid. My memory seemed to have vanished.

Please tell me more about your sleep?

I sleep ten hours at night and another six hours during the day. During the summer I would fall asleep by 9 p.m. Sleep till 8 a.m. Kiss the kids good-bye and go back to bed or the couch and sleep there another six hours. Then I would do some shopping, prepare a snack and go to sleep. It happened when the kids were newborns.
My husband seems not to care, because I still cook dinner and drive the kids around in the afternoon. It is just the time that would be for myself that I spend sleeping.

How do you feel about being so sleepy?

I feel awful, my life is going away. I could be cleaning the house for God’s sake. There is something in the Paxil and the Lipitor; as soon as I start to get off it is better.

The Prescription

The remedy I prescribed for this woman was Opium LM1. It is not sold in the U.S. under this name, nonetheless this is the remedy I gave her. Opium is a plant remedy from the Papavaraceae family. I came to the remedy using the Sankaran method, hereby I had to determine whether the patient needed a plant, mineral, or animal remedy. I felt she needed a plant remedy. I then studied the sensations in Sankaran’s little booklet called Sankaran’s Schema and I saw that the feeling of fright, shock, agony, and a hell like state (apocalypse) were covered by this remedy. The remedy also has narcolepsy as a passive reaction. The lack of any of the ordinary symptoms associated with diabetes and the anesthesia also, is a characteristic of remedies from this plant family. Visual and auditory hallucinations helped to confirm the remedy.

Once I determined the plant family I looked for the miasm that her attitude toward her diabetes pointed to. In Sankaran’s system the miasm is the pace, intensity and attitude toward the chief complaint. In her case I thought about both the acute miasm and the cancer miasm, but finally settled on the cancer miasm. Opium is a remedy of the cancer miasm, and in this miasm the feeling that one has no control over the situation is prominent. This is what she expressed when she said, “I have no physical indicator. I feel like I don’t have control there.

I chose the LM potencies, which is a form of the remedy that can be taken daily, every other day or as needed in water. She took the remedy daily for six months and then discontinued it when she felt she no longer needed it.

The Follow up Appointment

I met with this woman for a follow up appointment three months after she started on Opium LM1. Her cholesterol had gone way down at that point, but she still had high blood sugar. This needed a little more time to resolve with the help of the remedy, a low glycemic diet, as well as monitoring the pH of her body, all things I recommended to her.

She said, “I am feeling much better. The catatonic state has been alleviated. The past three months have been really nice. I got a job and am really glad about this. I work three mornings a week babysitting and it is perfect. It is really good to have the energy. The blood sugar went down a little bit, but it is still high.”

Here is the chart of symptoms I made for her at the three month point in her treatment.


Her cholesterol went down very much.
The catatonic state has been alleviated. The excessive sleepiness is better.
She reduced the Paxil and the Lipitor. She was able to reduce the Paxil, and did not get the bad mood or quick anger.
Her energy level is much better.
Her periods are now very light. This was better after one to two months on the remedy.
The dizziness in the afternoon after cutting back on Lipitor lasted for four days and is now better.
The frequent waking at night is improving.
Difficulty with focusing and concentration has improved.
She is not having any panic attacks.
Depression is okay. I am happy. My mood is really stable. I am hopeful.
Crying easily is okay.
Cold feet has kind of improved. I am not feeling as cold anymore.


The sugar is still high. (It took a few more months for this to normalize).
High appetite and hunger for sweets is the same.
Dry skin on legs is the same.
Oily skin on the face is the same.

Most recent progress report:

The last contact I had with this client was on August 21st 2008. This is what she said in her e-mail: As of now all my blood readings are normal, so I would assume I am on my way to healing. I have weaned off of all medications and it has been five months since I took my last pill. I also have not taken the homeopathic remedy for the past two months. What I am doing now is being very active on the alkaline diet, as per your recommendation I found the site and I am following all the dietary recommendations prescribed there.

She also attached a note from her doctor, which said, “Your HgAlc looks better down to 6.4 form 6.8. Keep up the good work.”


I selected Opium for this lady because it covered all her symptoms well. If you are a diabetic and searching for a remedy, please consult a classical homeopath to guide you to the best remedy for you. No two people are identical and the remedy chosen must match the person who needs it to produce the miracle cures that homeopathy is famous for.


Deborah Olenev, CCH RSHom (NA) is a certified classical homeopath in private practice in Mountain View, California. Her clientele includes men, women and children of all ages, from all over the United States and overseas. Please visit her web site at to see articles about homeopathy, biographical information and to download a questionnaire. Deborah can be contacted via or by phone at 650-569-6219. Z

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Deborah Olenev

Deborah Olenev, CCH RSHom (NA) is a certified classical homeopath in private practice in Mountain View, California. Her clientele includes men, women and children of all ages, from all over the United States and overseas. Please visit her web site at to see articles about homeopathy, biographical information and to download a questionnaire. Deborah can be contacted via or by phone at 650-569-6219.


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