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Homeopathic Success in Treating Sjögren’s Syndrome

Dr. Usha Shah presents a case of Sjögren’s Syndrome in a woman of 50.

sjogrens syndromeA 50 year Indian woman came to see me in July 2014 with diagnosis of Sjögren’s Syndrome (Homeopathy Treatment for Sjogren’s Syndrome). Her main complaints were dryness of eyes (predominantly right eye), mouth and throat since one year.

Her other complaints were:

  • Hyperacidity which she described as “something boiling in stomach” which was aggravated by lemon and curd.
  • Gas, which would give debilitating abdominal pain leading to her becoming unconscious.
  • Left arm numbness due to cervical ailment with fear “Will I get paralysis?”
  • Very painful haemorrhoids resulting in her losing consciousness.


Past history

  • Suffered from frequent cold and cough.
  • At 12 years of age she was admitted for facial paralysis due to some allergic reaction.
  • Has undergone hysterectomy because of uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts.
  • Frequent aphthae.

Family history

  • Mother had uterine cancer with profuse bleeding and unbearable burning sensation, with the feeling of being put on fire. She would plead “Please give me some poison”.
  • Mother also suffered convulsions where the tongue would get bitten.
  • Father had right sided paralysis three times.
  • Strong family history of early deaths due to myocardial infarction and paralysis among her siblings.

Physical Generals

  • She is fair looking, normally built with brown eyes.
  • Cravings for fermented foods, food made of gram flour, bananas, vegetables and curd.
  • Aversion to cottage cheese.


  • Were always heavy.

Obstetric History

  • Two normal deliveries.

Thermal Temperament

  • Very chilly patient.

Mental Temperament

  • She is mild and kind, cannot see anyone in pain.
  • Her verbatim
    • I do not like to back answer, I will always talk softly even when the person says bad things about me behind my back.
    • I cannot insult or shout at anyone.
    • I do not like to keep any bitter feelings for anyone. Even if I get angry I do not express it.
    • I do feel angry when someone betrays me or lies in front of me.
    • I do not like to quarrel, I tremble in such situations and I am not able to speak during heated arguments.
    • I am very punctual about time and I hate to be late.
    • All work should be at appropriate time.
    • I am always dressed perfectly according to the occasion.
    • I get along with every age group.
    • I like to go to religious gatherings where I like to sing or dance on devotional songs.
  • She is very loquacious person.
  • She is afraid of husband’s anger, very sensitive he humiliates her and degrades her. She stops talking to him after every such situation.
  • She is afraid of many things
    • Strong fear of cancer+++.
    • Fear of ghosts+++.
    • Fear of dead bodies
    • She trembles out of fear on seeing snakes, lizards and centipedes.
    • Fear of physical violence, she shivers on seeing somebody fighting.
    • Fear of accident when anyone is driving the vehicle very fast.
    • Fear of paralysis.
  • Her dreams
    • Frequently dreams of missing the train, not able to reach the station.
    • Dreams about being scared on passing through a large body of water like ocean or pond having big waves.
    • Swimming in water with lots of fishes.
    • Going for a wedding and not able to get ready as not able to find appropriate clothes.
    • Going to strange places with family.
    • Mother becomes unconscious and her face becomes horrible “It is very scary”.
    • Wakes up after dreaming of lizards to find the lizards are there on the wall.
    • Sees lots of snakes with hoods. “After seeing these dreams I go and worship Lord Shiva”.
    • Sees lot of haunted houses.
    • Not able to complete the paper during the exams.
    • Collecting coins from sand and as she moves forward to find more coins.


She was prescribed Crot. Cascavella 1m based on the following

  • Mild timid nature
  • Thoughts and dreams of death
  • Metrorrhagia
  • Fear being alone
  • Mouth dryness
  • Paralysis on one side of the body
  • Dreams frightful
  • Dreams, friends betrayed by
  • Dreams, water sailing
  • Dreams, animals, snake
  • Death – thoughts of alone, when
  • Spectres ghosts, spirits sees
  • Loquacity
  • Frightened easily, night
  • Chilly patient but better in open air
  • Right sided symptoms
  • Haemorrhages, non-coagulable
  • Aggravations menopause
  • A/F anger suppressed
  • Anxiety health about
  • Company desire for, alone while aggravates
  • Delusion- animals, snakes in and around her
  • Delusion, insulted, looked down upon
  • Injustice cannot support


Follow up after two weeks

  • Eye dryness better.
  • Mouth dryness no improvement.
  • Acidity still persistent.

Follow up after six weeks

  • Overall much better.
  • Dreams:
    • Saw a big dangerous yellow snake hanging on the roof.
    • Someone is trying to rape my younger daughter, “I am trying that something like this should not happen”.

Follow up after ten weeks

  • Symptoms recurring.
  • Prescribed Crot. Cascavella 10m.

Follow up after twenty four weeks

  • Overall much better.


She is still under the treatment for symptoms of acidity and back pain. Her main symptoms of Sjogren’s as indicated in the attached reports are much better.



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Usha Shah

Dr. Usha Shah, (BHMS), studied homeopathy at CMP Homeopathic Medical College, Mumbai. She has had an independent practice in Mumbai, India for the last 21 years and has successfully treated many serious chronic cases, including psoriasis, hypothyroidism, PCOD, nephrotic syndrome, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety neurosis and varicose ulcers.


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