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Homeopathic Trauma

Written by Maria T. Bohle

A trauma case in which quick application of a high potency homeopathic remedy saved a life.

I got the call about ten in the morning; there was a bad accident and the ‘patient’ was in a coma at the local trauma center. “Maria, would you bring some remedies and come to the hospital with me?”

Will the hospital allow me to go in and dose one of their patients? No, probably not. But the tearful wife was insistent. “I’ll pick you up, am leaving now.” She said.

Homeopathic Trauma Remedies? What would I need? How should they be prepared? My mind reviewed the trauma basics: Arnica, Aconite, Hypericum, perhaps Opium, Gelsemium, the remedies whirled in my head. Potency? Well with such an acute situation we should go high.

Took 2 dram bottles, added a drop of water to the empty bottles, pulled out some labels and started writing: Aconite 1M; Arnica Montana 1M; Hypericum; Gelsemium; etc., my mind was racing, what else might I need in a case like this? Once labeled, a pellet of the chosen remedies went into the bottle to dissolve; once melted, I added a generous splash of Everclear alcohol, capped the bottles and packed them into a small zipper bag, added some absorbent cotton balls, grabbed a jacket and was ready to go.

Today, trauma medicine is effective, efficient, and justifiably highly regarded. Most doctors that specialize in this field are dedicated, well educated, and do a great job. We are lucky to have these facilities in easy reach.

Homeopathic medicine can work very well with trauma medicine; homeopathy helps to address the mental/emotional shocks that trauma can cause, and homeopathic medicine can help by stimulating the bodies repair mechanisms.

Our patient was a 22 year old soldier; he had just completed a tour of duty in the Middle East and returned home. He was under the effects of jet lag; long joyful meetings with family and friends, alcohol and exhaustion all seemed to have their place in what happened next.

At approximately 5:00 am, the patient was alone in his vehicle. It is most likely that he fell asleep behind the wheel and his foot hit the gas pedal. His vehicle traveled through an intersection at a high rate of speed, hit the curb, launching the automobile into the air and into two telephone poles, the poles snapped off about 5 feet up, the front of the pole was shredded like a broom for about 2 feet or more. Patient was an unrestrained driver; injuries were consistent with his head hitting the steering wheel and windshield, he went through the window and then fell back into the car. The vehicle rolled over 3 times, bounced off a building, hit a satellite dish on the roof of the building, the engine was in two pieces and the vehicle landed on its roof in the street and burst into flame.

The medical evaluation board reported that the Patient was “not expected to survive his injuries.” It further stated that the patient, “was involved in a motor vehicle accident and he was taken from the scene by ambulance in an unconscious condition. In addition we were also informed of a right femur fracture, multiple facial and skull fractures and lacerations and the patient was currently in guarded condition.”

The prognosis was not good; we (wife, mother and myself) were waved into the patient’s room; we were unattended.
His mental status was “comatose”; his diagnosis: “Closed head trauma with loss of consciousness, right femur fracture, multiple facial lacerations, multiple facial and skull fractures.” His prognosis: Death within 72 hours. Their recommendations: “. . . injuries are of a severity that make survival very unlikely, . . . (Imminent Death)”.

Arnica Montana 1M potency in liquid dilution was placed on a cotton ball and rubbed on the patient’s wrists. The response was immediate, the patient squeezed his mother’s hand.

The patient survived what would have been certain death. Arnica Montana, a remedy well known to prevent capillary bleed, reduce swelling and excellent for injured soft tissues did miraculous work in preventing the brain swelling known to be fatal after severe brain trauma. The patient made a miraculous recovery and after a couple of years of homeopathic treatment, was declared ‘fit for service’ by the United States Military and was further deployed to a war zone.

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    Thank you so much for publishing this interesting Trauma case of Arnica M.
    I have experienced this miraculous remedy in several cases. It is really great. Many Thanks to Ms Maria who managed the patient effectively and followed him responsibly.

    Best Wishes, S.Sadeghi M.D.

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