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Homeopathy and Covid: A Case Series

Case 13

Date: 23rd October 2020

M. Kh: A 31 years old female without history of any medical issues

Her PCR turned out to be positive and the CT scan showed an infiltration of around 10%-15% of the lungs. As a result the CT scan was delivered in the form of a motion  picture on a CD that it was not possible to include here.

“My friend was diagnosed with Covid about a week ago and we were in close contact. I was in photo shooting; I got a severe headache, I took a pain killer and slept and the next morning I felt my body is very hot.

When I move my eyes my eye balls ache; my head aches.

When I just want to do a little activity even scrolling the messages on the phone, I feel kind of weakness plus chilliness and I feel lying down, prefer to lie on the back now as my back feel better. (normally lie on the right side)”

Lower back pain

“I don’t have such a cough, but kind of obstruction and burning pain at the end of the throat, like when you go to the mountain and due to the cold air, you feel kind of pain and burning with sense of obstruction in the depth of the throat. <deep inspiration, talking .”

“Energy level is considerably reduced.”

“Generally thermally I am a cold person, now also I don’t feel colder than usual except the times that I get the bouts of chill. “

“Generally, I am a thirst less person, but now thirst is more and I feel more inclined to cooler things like mandarin, but that cool mandarin brings chill. But with water, I always drink water with normal temp, never I like to drink it cool.”

“I crave for sweet things as usual. “

“I feel hungry but the first piece I eat I feel too full. “

“Headache is in the centre of the forehead. When you move your head or when you step and walk it feels like something is banging in the head. “

“I don’t feel that weak to need sleep or lie down.”

“3 days before my symptoms started I was stuck in the elevator and it fell down for one story. I have phobia of closed and narrow and dark spaces and the elevator fell with a huge sound when it hit the ground and the alarm switched on. I was damn afraid.”

“I have coryza. Generally feel better in the daytime.”


Rx: Bry 200 C every 6 hours

Follow up: The improvement started with the headache and eyes pain disappearing and the energy level increasing. On the third day her coughs increased for about 5 hours and then totally subsided. The treatment was continued for 10 days with Bryonia every 6 hourly for the first 7 days and then BID. All disease symptoms were cleared on the 7th Day.


Not always the first remedy we get in our repertorization is the remedy that should be prescribed. It is mandatory to go back to the MM and read the remedies to confirm the accurate match.

The main thread running in this case is “aggravation with motion”. It is a part of the essence or genius of the patient’s imbalanced state and this needs to match exactly with the Genius or the common thread of the indicated remedy which in her case is Bryonia.


In the latest wave the totality of the symptoms called for a variety of remedies like Tub, Camph, Zinc, Sulph, Chocolate, Stram, Phos-ac, Kali-c, Nux-v, Carcin, to name a few. Puls, Bry and Rhus-tox came up in significantly higher prevalence compared to the previous waves.

Many cases needed an acute remedy and there were significant others whose acute state’s picture of imbalance matched with their chronic state’s remedy picture, hence repeated in adjusted dose and potency.

The most prevalent pathognomonic symptoms we encountered in our patients were severe prostration, cough, fever, chill and perspiration, complete loss of appetite, difficulty in breathing and breathlessness, headache, severe backache, calves’ pain and disturbed sleep.

After confirming the diagnosis, and risk stratification through keen observation and attentive listening, these prominent points were taken into consideration:

  • The exciting factor/ situation
  • The main presenting symptom(s) and the sensation running through
  • Behaviours and reactions
  • The characteristics and the peculiar symptoms and modalities
  • The general symptoms
  • State of the mind
  • Dreams

When applicable especially in cases whose acute state was compatible with their chronic state, we explored the patient’s state in a deeper level of experience.

From all these, the most definite, solid and unchanging characteristic qualities were considered as anchors to further clarify the pattern of disharmony and the prescription was made. Mac Repertory was used as the repertorization tool.

In more symptomatic cases the follow ups were taken in shorter intervals, sometimes up to twice/thrice a day till the patient’s state stabilized. All the patients were followed up one final time after 15 days to check if there was anything left from the acute state.

Unlike the previous waves where homeopathy was more of an adjuvant therapy hence a point of discussion in profession regarding the real efficacy of the homeopathic treatment in Covid patients, the majority of our patients in the latest wave were on homeopathy only.

No patient experienced worsening of the symptoms or progression of the disease with homeopathic treatment. The full recovery happened in less than ten days in 92% of cases.

This also might be discussed that even without treatment many cases would have recovered, which is a valid statement but it is noteworthy that the main idea of our practice with Covid patients was to reduce the morbidity, intensity wise and duration wise.

As it is clear to the profession, one important characteristic of Covid is its unexpected course. We can never know if a case that appears to be less intensely symptomatic will continue to improve consistently or things could turn suddenly wrong like the many healthy adults who succumbed to the disease. Hence the moment we received the patient’s case, once the symptoms were developed beyond the general pathognomonic symptoms of the disease an appropriate prescription was made.

Treating the acute diseases in different stages needs the appropriate knowledge and skill, and sure enough there will be cases that will challenge us in the peak of our (self-assumed) proficiency. But still the fabulous result of homeopathic treatment for Covid is quite comforting and I assume all colleagues actively involved in this Pandemic with homeopathy, share an increased level of confidence as well as enhanced skill in handling acute cases in this scale with homeopathy, reconfirming the principles that are based on an unwavering prejudice-free holistic individualization of the patients.


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