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Homeopathy and The New War Trauma Remedy

Written by Marijke Creveld

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Diospyros kaki Creveld: the World Tree


On the 9th of august 1945 the plutonium bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. This dropping signified the end of the Second World War. The greater part of the town was destroyed, a large percentage of the population killed. Near the epicenter one tree survived the bomb: the Kaki tree, of which the official name is: Diospyros kaki. This tree managed to survive the inferno. Its power for survival renders this tree the World Tree.

Everything in Nagasaki was destroyed by the enormous blast caused by the explosion, the ensuing fire and the radioactive and poisonous plutonium. Around the tree death reigned. The survivors had to deal with severe illnesses, thick scar tissue, internal hemorrhages, boldness, cancer (leukaemia).

In the following generations a high percentage of children were born with congenital anomalies.

The Kaki-tree in Nagasaki stands for the end of the Second World War, the end of the destruction, domination, rape, fleeing and death. The tree signifies survival and the beginning of hope.


In the blind proving with the remedy Diospyros kaki Creveld  which I conducted in the potency 200K, the subjects of the dreams centered on the topics of survival, insecurity, danger, soldiers, rape. Also death, fire and dilapidated houses as symbol for serious illnesses, were frequent themes of the dreams.


Diospyros kaki Creveld has now been in use for six years. I have treated over sixty patients with this remedy with good result. Also other homeopaths have been using the remedy to their satisfaction.

Diospyros kaki Creveld was used with positive results in cases of psychological and physical problems which were caused by a trauma as a result of war (PTSS) or a fire, problems resulting from chemo-, radiotherapy and from poisoning with radioactivity, electromagnetic radiation and chemicals. The remedy enhances the detoxification. It has a positive influence on the skin, like diminishing the itch in the cases of burns. Also in cases with problems in the region of ENT, asthmatic problems and multiple sclerosis, this remedy has proved itself.

Case Studies of PTSS

I will describe some positive results of people with a war trauma treated with Diospyros kaki Creveld.

The first case is that of a man born in 1954 who had fled his native country of Chile to live in Europe. He came to me following chemotherapy and radiotherapy he underwent to treat a brain tumour. He has multiple traumas caused by imprisonment under military dictatorship, when he suffered torture. He had nightmares about this as well. In 1999 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour, treated by chemotherapy in 2000 and 2002 and by radiotherapy in 2002. I prescribed Diospyros for him and after taking it, he was doing much better and made a quicker physical recovery. His dreams were much less disturbing. Now, he dreams about his youth. He realizes the change in his youth from hopefulness towards survival and his struggle against injustice.

He wrote to me: ‘I am delighted by this development and I am impressed. Diospyros kaki empowers me both in a physical and a mental sense and it’s regressive. It brings a lot of respect and gratitude.’

The second case is about a man born in Sierra Leone in 1986. He has a war history. His father was killed before his eyes. They wanted him as a child soldier. He escaped with his mother. His mother died in his arms. He escaped to Europe. Here he was a victim of rape. He couldn’t sleep on account of the nightmares. He often suffers the delusion that someone is standing behind him. He couldn’t talk about his problems. He was always very angry, obstinate. He had terrible headaches, his head felt hot, as if fire was burning inside.

He was prescribed Diospyros. The next day he told the therapist that he slept well and had not had any nightmares. He was cheerful and laughed. He had worked during daytimes as a painter on the house. After two months his physical, mental and emotional condition was much improved. The nightmares did not return. He felt happy and he began to talk about his parents.

The third case is about a woman born in 1939. She is Jewish and is living in Israel. Her daughter was raped and her son was in the army during the intifada (Palestine uprising against the Israeli occupation forces).  She always felt anxious. She wanted to be treated because she has breast cancer.  I prescribed Diospyros. After the remedy her anxieties improved and she felt much freer, more cheerful.

The next case is about a woman born in 1936.  She had lived abroad in her childhood days. She was an inmate of a Japanese wartime camp. She witnessed many fires caused by e.g.  bombardments. In her youth she was exposed to DDT spraying every week. Later on she became a laboratory worker involving radioactivity (on one occasion she worked with Cobalt 60 without protection).

She developed multiple sclerosis that started in the 1964-1969 period which left her in a wheelchair. She was treated by the homeopathic remedy Causticum, after which she was again able to walk, although she still had some problems. Now she also has become asthmatic. She has a lot of dreams about explosions and fire. She was prescribed Diospyros. Her physical and psychological problems improved a lot. The fine motor functions of the hands were restored and her function of the legs improved, she was again able to run. Her asthma improved. The fits have hardly occurred since. Her dreams are now much quieter.

The last case is about a woman born in the Netherlands in 1945, at the end of World War II. She saw me over sleeping problems. She has a war history during her mother’s (last) month of pregnancy and in the first month of her life, World War II was raging. She fights for the rights of refugees and has worked at a third world aid shop. She is very anxious about having no roof above her head and about nuclear war. She has sleeping problems and nightmares about fire. She wakes up every 10 minutes. She has had to stand guard even as a child. She is often afraid, anxious and has hyperventilation. I prescribed Diospyros. Her sleep improved, she doesn’t wake up after 10 minutes and she has much less nightmares. She feels much less anxious, freer. Her hyperventilation improved and her energy is much better.


The new homeopathic remedy Diospyros kaki Creveld is derived from the kaki tree in Nagasaki, which has survived the plutonium bombing of the city in August 1945. The tree in Nagasaki stands for the end of the Second World War and signifies survival and the beginning of hope.

Themes from the proving include survival, war, danger, rape, fire, house falling into decay, death, deformed creatures and love.

The remedy has been used four and a half year by therapists and medical practitioners. It has been prescribed for people who experienced mental, psychological and physical complaints caused by trauma on account of war, disaster and burning, problems caused by radioactivity as radiotherapy and by toxic substances as chemotherapy.

The remedy can be ordered from: – Heel Belgium (Homeoden). Phone +32 9 265 9565 (Gent) in the potencies: 30, 200, M, 10M, 50M

Information are available from: Marijke Creveld

The book ‘Diospyros kaki Creveld’ including the complete proving, ten case studies and additions for the repertory can be obtained from: Archibel

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About the author

Marijke Creveld

Marijke Creveld, PhD. was born in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She graduated the University Utrecht in 1973 as a researcher in plant ecology, and in 1981 she completed her Ph.D. in plant ecology. She has conducted fieldwork on lichen ecology in Norway and on old, indigenous trees and shrubs in the Netherlands and Belgium. She was a biology teacher from 1970-1996. Ms. Creveld trained at The Dutch School for Natural Medicine and later with George Vithoulkas, Rajan Sankaran and Jonathan Shore. She has been in private practice as a homeopath since 1989, occasionally integrating spiritual and shamanistic therapies into her practice. In 1999 she began making new homeopathic remedies using tree roots, which she connected to silicon (15 Radix remedies). She conducted dream provings of these remedies and has written and lectured about her research.These provings lead to the discovery and manufacture of the Diospyros kaki remedy in the 2000. Marijke lives and works in Zwolle (the Netherlands). She is a member of the Dutch Association of Classical Homeopaths.

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