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Homoeopathy for Nasal Polyps

June  Anand Rao Menji

Dr. Anand Rao Mengji presents a brief discussion of nasal polyps followed by a cured case.

Nasal polyps are polypoidal masses arising mainly from the mucous membranes of the nose and paranasal sinuses. They are overgrowths of the mucosa that frequently accompany allergic rhinitis. They are freely movable and non-tender.  Nasal polyps are noncancerous growths and they result from chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa due to asthma, recurring infection, allergies, drug sensitivity or certain immune disorders.

Small nasal polyps may not be a cause of concern, but large polyps block the nasal passages and lead to difficulty in breathing, anosmia (Homeopathy Treatment for Anosmia) (loss of smell senses) and frequent infections.  Nasal polyps are more common in adults.  Nasal polyps often return after surgery.

Common signs and symptoms:

Typical signs and symptoms of Nasal Polyps include watery discharge from nose, stuffiness of nostrils, postnasal drip, anosmia  (loss of smell ), headache, prosopalgia  (pain in the face), snoring and itching around the eyes.


It is not clearly understood, what causes nasal polyps to grow. There’s some evidence that people who have nasal polyps have a different immune system response. Some evidence suggests genetic predisposition associated with immune system function which may lead to the development of nasal polyps.


Chronic inflammation in the nasal passages or sinuses, may increase your risk of developing nasal polyps. Conditions often associated with nasal polyps include Asthma, Sinusitis, Meningitis, Cystic fibrosis of nose, Obstructive sleep apnea, spread of Infections to eyes.

Homoeopathic Management:

Time and again, homoeopathy has proved to be very effective in treating this disorder. In homoeopathic literature, drugs such as Calcarea carb, Conium, Graphites, Kali-nit, Lemna minor, Lycopodium, Phosphorus and Sanguinaria have frequently be used to treat these cases with total cures.

A Case of Nasal Polyps

This case of nasal polyps presented in September 2009.  Mrs. SB, aged about 24 years, complained of pain in the right nostril and face of two months duration. She initially experienced bleeding from the right nostril and later a soft swelling developed in the right nostril. The growth was very fast, consistency was fragile with bleeding on slight touch and inability to smell (anosmia). She also felt spells of vertigo when the pain in the nostrils was more intense. The polyp developed 3 months after delivery of her child.  She also complained of Irregular Menses. It was presumed to be due to lactation.

Physical Generals:

Her Height was 5 feet and she appeared obese, weighing 83 Kgs. Her appetite was normal. Her thirst was more than normal. She has a marked craving for beef and junk food. Her flatulence, eructations, stool, urine, perspiration and sexual function were apparently normal.  She had a sound Sleep, but had dreams of the previous day’s events. She was a hot patient and was always better in a cold weather and had an aversion to hot weather. She had a peculiar habit of watching tv and movies with her head bend towards the left.  She was hypermetropic since 7 yrs. Her tongue was coated in the middle with long streak.

Mental Generals:  She was an introverted lady, had a strong desire to be alone, sensitive, supportive, kindness, desires to roam and eat, angry disposition with > on consolation, Very Fearful lady with different kinds of unknown fears. She also had an element of sadness as her husband had some financial loss about 6 months back.

Life Situation:

She did not reveal any remarkable history of her life except the following points. She had a happy life in her parents’ house and after marriage she was confined to a nuclear family. She was not much attached to her in laws. She had a feeling that her in laws didn’t understand her.

Female Symptoms:

Menstrual cycle was normal with bleeding and periodicity maintained in order. She had 3 pregnancies and all the deliveries were Cesarean sections.

Past History:

Since Childhood she was Anosmic. There was an inability to smell. She used to have recurrent coryza with breathlessness during childhood. She had recurrent coryza until 5 yrs back. She had an anaphylactic reaction to kali-mehendi once

Family History:

Mother had diabetes, hypertension and obesity, father had hypertension, maternal grandmother had diabetes, hypertension and obesity.


CT scan of paranasal sinuses revealed complicated right nasal polyp.

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji1

How to prcoceed with this case:

The patient came to me after she consulted a leading ENT surgeon who advised immediate surgery. She was very fearful of surgery and she was referred to me by one of my doctor friends.

My Observations

Fragile bleeding polyp, polyps right nostril, thirsty, hot patient, right sided, anosmia, cowardice, introverted, non expressive, dreams of events of the previous day, taciturn, anger, rage, fury, desires loneliness, sensitive,  supportive, kindness, fearful with lot of imaginative fears, fear of surgery.

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji2

After the above brief analysis of the case I decided my first prescription to be an acute and specific remedy as the polyp was very fragile and was bleeding on slightest touch.

On 24-9-2009 I prescribed Teucrium Marum Verum 200, 3 doses along with millifolium Q
Follow up on 13-10-2009

She had to terminate a pregnancy (MTP) on 4-10-2009 for an early pregnancy. Her pain on the right side of the face decreased. Bleeding from right nostril was very mild and only when she sneezed. Anosmia – no remarkable improvement. She had an increased expectoration from nose and throat. She developed a few papular eruptions on her body since 2 weeks. When I enquired she revealed that she had a similar rash 2 yrs ago (old symptom)

Rx   sac lac was prescribed

Follow up on 27-10-2009

On examination the size of the polyp had regressed. The polyp which was previously wet was now dry in appearance. Mild bleeding occurred 2 days back on mild touch. Reddish papular eruptions on the face, neck and back with mild pain were still present.
Rx  placebo was continued

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji3

Follow up on 10-11-2009

The polyp was still present prominently. Mild bleeding on touch +. The polyp appeared raw with pain in the root of the right nostil

Rx  Teucrium Marum Verum 200, 3 doses were given along with millifolium Q

Follow up on 18-11-2009

Patient had mild relief but the improvement had stopped. Even though her complaints were slowly regressing, she was still feeling uncomfortable. I decided to repertorize the case.

Points considered for repertorisation

anosmia –smell wanting lost

polyp – right side

polyp – bleeding easily




dreams of the events of the previous day


rage – fury

Also I considered that the remedy selected should cover the sycotic miasm and it should be a right sided remedy. Thermals of the patient indicated that the selected drug should be a hot drug. Her mental generals indicated that the patient belongs to the plant kingdom.

I use HOMPATH software for repertorisation.

The repertorisation with the above rubrics indicated the following remedies – phos, puls, lyc, nat-c, sep, lach, nux-v, ign,

After using the following filters to get closer to a similimum.

right sided
hot remedy
plant kingdom
sycotic miasm

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji4
We are left with Pulsatilla and Lycopodium which covered 7 out of selected 9 rubrics. I decided to give her Lycopodium. And then you can see the drastic improvement in the patient which was just unbelievable.

On 18-1-2010   Rx : Lycopodium 200-3 doses were administered and see the result.
On 23-1-2010

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji5

Rx  placebo was continued

On 4-3-2010

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji6


placebo was continued

20-3-2010.  Sensation of burning smell is being perceived now

Rx  placebo was continued

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji7

On 2-6-2010

Rx placebo was continued

On 16-7-2010

Rx  placebo was continued

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji8

On 18-8-2010


placebo was continued

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji9

follow up on 22-1-2011

She has been perceiving all kinds of odors.

Rx  placebo was continued

On 31-1-2011    Polyp totally cured

June 2016 Anand Rao Menji10

Now she has all praises for homoeopathy.


  • Regardless of how experienced a physician may be, the case cannot be cured completely without repertory and repertorisation tools to achieve the simillimum.
  • A physician should be a keen and unprejudiced observer to give the right remedy at the right time.
  • A constitutional approach to a case shall always bring laurels to the system.
  • Hering’s law of cure should be found in every case to achieve a perfect cure.
  • Homoeopathy has a strong affinity to recover, even the old suppressions, as in this case, she also started perceiving odors which were not perceived since her childhood.
  • The mental sphere should always be taken into consideration for totality and constitutional simillimum.
  • Specific medicines always give temporary relief.

Why was Lycopodium was prescribed and not Pulsatilla? Because she had a strong desire to be alone and she felt ameliorated when she was alone. This fits Lycopodium but not Pulsat

About the author

Anand Rao Mengji

Dr. Anand Rao Mengji received his BHMS from Hkes’s Homoeopathic Medical College Gulbarga, Karnataka in 1995, and his M.D. In Homoeopathic Repertory – From G.D. Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College, Patna, Bihar, in 2011. He is registered with the Andhra Board For Homoeopathy, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and has been in professional practice for twenty years. Visit his website at


  • Very informative article with a very good case… Handled very well with a classical approach. Yes, i agree specifics give temporary relief & repertory is indispensable tool in Homeopathic practice.

  • Well managed in a non invasive manner. It’s good if a group of homoeopaths pool up their nasal polyp cases and work together and publish case series,which are acceptable in scientific circles. It’s high time the homoeopaths work in group and share the standard protocol for research on polyps . I appreciate the skill of Dr. Anand in handling the case successfully and documenting it systematically.

    • Thank u dr.srinivasulu for your valuable comment. I do agree with you, that there is a need for homoeopaths to come together and work for developing better skills in our system.

  • Nasal polyp is most common problem and conventional system have no solution to resolve it. Homeopathy offers wonderful cures for such so called incurable cases. Congratulation for this achievement. Would like to inquire about 3 doses repetition in 200 potency?

  • I am going through severe sinus problems and nasal polyps and hoarse voice for last one year. Eyes problem. Cant work on laptop for longer. Please tell me how can I give you my detail in order to take treatment.

    • Dear Vaibhav Ji

      I suggest you to opt Homoeopathy
      Nasal polyp are always associated with nasal and eye symptoms and needs constitutional treatment.
      Their fore you need to consult us for treatment.
      If you are in hyderabad, you can consult us at our center.
      Otherwise we are always available for online consultation.

      please visit our website to book an appointment

  • Sir I have nasal polyps in both nostril but in right one worst position in 2009 I have got operated but last two years present I have shortness of breathing,mucus at morning and nose filled at night . I am diabetic and in Feb 2016 I have done angioplast. Please help me.i shall highly be gratitude to you.

  • I have Nasal polyp both side.The 3,7 cm in CT vision before 1 year, i have this i think more 3 year some time i am better some time bad i try to tetree oil sprey in nose some time litle help and i dont take any medicamende.i have read few about Homoeopathy i have few books in my greek language .in only thema i have not yet I understand well is dosage and what combined. i have try to read, learn the vithoulkascompass so in end i only need what fur all medicine can use and how .How can find some to help me to treatment about my problem? regards christos

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