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Homoeopathy in Elevated D-Dimer – Post Covid

A patient presented with high D-dimer levels post covid. D- dimer can indicate increased blood clotting. She was treated effectively with homeopathic remedies.

Today I will present a case of high D- dimer post covid-19 and how homeopathy helped in reducing it without any allopathic support.

What is D- dimer?
D- dimer was a lesser-known blood protein component which came into ‘limelight’ after the pandemic of covid-19. It is a protein fragment which gets dissolved in blood when clotting of blood takes place to a significant degree. In low levels of clotting this fragment is not detectable in blood, so if we see its rise above the normal range of 0.50, then it’s time to be alerted to its changes on a regular basis.

How does D- dimer rise in Covid -19?
Covid-19 virus has a potential to cause marked inflammation associated with increased thrombotic processes in the blood. In patients where the thrombotic processes are caused due to viral attack, increased blood clotting leads to gradual or faster rise in levels of D- dimer, which is a potential marker of mortality and morbidity. Very high levels of D- dimer during covid infection also take time to come down during recovery phase, or may rise again after anti-coagulants or blood thinners are withdrawn.

Other causes of rise in D- dimer:
Recent surgery, heart attack, chronic DVT, certain kinds of cancers, chronic liver diseases etc.

Homeopathic remedies have proved really effective in high levels of D- dimer.  The following remedies show their effectiveness depending on totality: Hamamelis, Bothrops, Crotalus Horridus, Lachesis, Vipera, Kali mur.

Following is the case of High levels of D- dimer post covid.

Mrs. KN, 59 years, presented with high levels of d-dimer post covid. She is a k/c/o hypothyroidism for the last 15 years and her weight is 92 kgs with height of 5’4”. During covid-19 infection she was under homeopathic treatment along with her regular allopathic treatment.

Her d- dimer had risen to 0.86 after which general physicians had started aspirin for one month. She came to me two months after recovery from covid.  She had severe hair fall, and high – d- dimer of 0.84. After taking aspirin for a month, she was tested and there was not much change seen in d- dimer levels.

Case details:

Severe hair fall in bunches
D- dimer 0.84
Joint pains on and off
Associated varicose veins since last 3-4 years with occasional pain in legs.

Her main concern was getting her d-dimer level normal, as she also had varicose veins and was told by friends that elevated levels of d-dimer in long term also affect the heart.

Left sided shoulder pain extending to elbow
Dry skin and hair with severe hair fall.
f/h/o heart diseases and cancer
Patient is borderline hypertensive.
Tea lover but excess of tea causes dyspepsia at times, so she reduced tea intake.
Nightly aggravation of any physical complaint.
Associated trait: Small warts in various places.
Skin itching occurs on perspired parts during severe heat and in damp weather.

Anxiety about the future of her children. God fearing nature, very much disciplined in following her religion and traditions. Loves company; gets emotional easily; has a tendency to brood over things which may lead to weeping easily.  She doesn’t easily change her beliefs and tries to preach the same to others. She loves to give hospitality to those attending her.

This case was not repertorised due to above traits; as per our materia medica and miasmatic theory patient was manifesting traits of Thuja occidentalis,

Rx:   June 29th, 2021 :  Thuja 1M one dose was given and Vipera 30c was given as a specific medicine on a daily basis considering varicose veins.

Result after 1 month: D-dimer went from 843 – 232.



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Jhalak Khatri

Dr. Jhalak Khatri Nagrani is a Homoeopathic Physician practicing in Vadodara, India. She passed her B.H.M.S. in 2009 from S.M.M.H.M.C, Vadodara. She has been awarded with Gold Medal from Dr. Wilmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd. for standing first in graduation. In her past experience of working with Dr. Batra’s Clinic for 4 years she has been awarded several ‘Wow Certificates’ and ‘Successful Treatment awards’ . She is presently running her own clinic Holistic Homoeopathy where she treats various acute and chronic ailments.

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