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Hot Flashes, Menorrhagia in Pre-Menopausal Woman of 50

Written by Julia Gunes Bayram

Student homeopath Julia Gunes Bayram shares a case of hot flashes and menorrhagia in a premenopausal womam of 50.

Date of Consult: March 10, 2021

(March 10, 2021) Sam, fit lady in her 50’s,  42 kgs and 1.52cm had menorrhagia that  lasted for 2-3 months with irregular and heavy bleeding with large clots that started in 2015.  Consequently, her iron levels had dropped significantly.

She had used iron supplements for a  year but she suspected her recently elevated liver enzymes were due to the iron supplementation. The iron supplement did not elevate her iron levels so she stopped taking them a month before seeing me.

In 2016, she started to have daily hot flashes that would wake her up with choking suffocation in her throat and she was drenched in sweat despite having a cool bedroom temperature with light sleepwear on. She did not have any pre-menopausal symptoms during the day. It was only at night that hot flashes came over.

In 2019, she has started to have a needle -like pain in her left ovaries and when she pressed on it, she felt as if there was a lump inside. She was also feeling sore in the area and it was better with the pressure of tights and a pillow at night. She did a CT scan and nothing came up.

She did not like anything touching her throat and she loved slowly walking in open air. She did not like the sun/heat and she had to wear sunglasses every time she was in the sun. If she did not, she would get a headache in her occiput and around her eyes which would be better with pressure.

Her skin was so dry that she would feel a stretching pain in her skin despite applying cream every night.

She dwelled on past issues, had a hard time forgiving people, held a grudge, hung onto  hatred and had a hard time showing her emotions. She was filled with  remorse for leaving her kids back in her home country. She had a fear of snakes.

Lachesis was the best suited remedy because of her striking symptoms: fear of snakes,  headaches in the sun and had to wear sunglasses in the sun, nothing could touch her throat, choking feeling in throat with hot flashes and left-sided pain in ovaries.

She was prescribed  Lachesis 30Ch, 3 pellets, 3 days on and 3 days off. She was also prescribed 3 pellets of Cal  Phos 6X and 3 pellets of Ferrum Phos 6X.

In 3 days she had an aggravation as the hot flashes started to appear during the day and they were worse at night. She stopped the remedy and the symptoms went away. A week later, she started to take Lachesis 30Ch, 3 dry pellets once a week.

In the first follow up April 6th, in  terms of hot flashes, she was 50% better and second follow up on May11th, the hot flashes  were almost gone. Her hot flashes, pain in the ovaries, low iron levels, sensitivity to sun were completely cleared up and never came back after a dose of Lachesis 200CH. She said “ I have  never felt this good in my life!”

(February 17, 2022) I have checked with her to see if there was any regression in her case  and she stated that the hot flashes never came back, the pain in the ovaries came back only once in October and then it went away and never came back. She is not dwelling about the past issues (70% better).


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Julia Gunes Bayram

Julia Gunes Bayram has a Bachelor degree in mechanical engineering with an MBA in marketing. After a successful career in engineering and management, she studied with and graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM) in 2022. She is currently enrolled in courses in nutrition and live blood cell analysis and hopes to specialize in fertility.

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