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How I got into Homeopathy A Case of Pregnancy Induced Rash (PUPPS)

Written by Angela E.

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PUPPS stands for a lot of weird words that basically means a pregnancy induced rash (Homeopathy for Rashes). HORRIBLE. It’s like Pustules Urticaria and something of Pregnancy….but anyway. “They” aren’t sure what exactly causes it but they feel it’s probably an allergic reaction to either the pregnancy hormones or the foriegn fetal protiens (some feel it’s perhaps a reaction to the husband’s contributions to the fetus). Regardless, most allopathic doctors will tell you the only CURE is to deliver the baby…which means literally MONTHS of misery for women who contract it.

In my case, I woke to go to the restroom in the middle of the night and my palms were BURNING. Red, and burning…I just kept trying to rub them together and when I washed them after wards I just left them in the cool water for ten minutes. I thought, “Weird”….until I felt the burning spreading to my stomach and chest. I ripped my nightshirt off and sure enough I had raised bumps all over my body (not arms or legs, just stomach and chest). I screamed for my husband to bring me the phone and called my midwife in a panic thinking I had measles or something. **Laughing** she calmed me down, asked me several questions and started taking some symptoms. It began with burning palms, better for cool water, angry raised bumps that felt like (as I could best describe it at 3am) “I had rolled in a fire ant hill and been swarmed by mosquitoes at the same time.”

She had me take a tepid bath in oatmeal and said she’d call me back with a remedy. I guess she did some checking and in a couple hours told me to take a Homeopathic remedy called Apis Melifica 30C. I had HEARD of homeopathy but had NO clue about it. But at that point I was willing to try ANYTHING! I knew cortisone cream or antihisimines would be only temporary cover-ups at best. The only person in my small backwoods town I thought MIGHT have something homeopathic would be my chiropractor (whom I also work for as his massage therapist). I called him at five am and his wife brought the remedy by my house on her way to the office about 8am or so. I took as my midwife “suggested” (they can’t prescribe anything in this state).

One pillule immediately gave relief and the burning sensation stopped although the bumps remained. She told me not to take any more until the burning returned. 20 minutes later I took another dose. An hour and a half later I needed to take another. The next day about 3am (same time it started up the day before) I woke to take another dose and that was it! Two months later I was stung by a wasp and had the Apis with me at my in-laws house so took one more dose but that was it.

Later, on talking to my mother, I found out one of her colleagues had this same condition and suffered for three months BEFORE her delivery and for another 6 weeks afterwards. I could NOT imagine. All I can say is, THAT is when I became a believer in homeopathy and what it can and cannot do.

Angela E. from Texas

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  • i am 38 weeks gone andhave themost itchy annoying pupps rash in the world i literally feel like tearing my skinoff i am red raw from itchin or atleast i was untill i started taking dandelion root herb tablets and drinking dandelion tea! Itdoes notclear the rash butreduces it significantly andhelps with the itching if u rub the tea bag uused tomake the tea over affected areas. I spent somuchmoneyonlotions andpotions dandelionis the only thing that has worked 🙂

  • Hi, Thanks for your post. I just went through three weeks of puppps. I put up a webpage to help other women suffering from this terrible condition. It’s

  • Thank you for the post aswell. I have been living with pupp last 7 months already🥺All the blood test etc are okey and still suffering – doctros told me the same that after giving birth it will go away. Lately I heard about homeopatic pills and start using them today. I really hope the best of them🙏🏼

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