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Hypothyroid in a Woman of 30


Dr. Shraddha Samant shares a case of hypothyroid in a woman of 30. Fear of worms, desires for milk, sweets and salt, swelling of external throat, greasy face and acne were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.

A female aged 30 presented with swelling of face and amenorrhoea which had been happening for the last 6 months. Her TSH LEVELS were 24.63mIU/L. She had anxiety about her complaints. She also had hair loss, acne and oily face.

Family history revealed nothing except allergic rhinitis in her elder sister. Menstrual history revealed she’s had irregular, late menses since menarche. Duration and quantity of bleeding is normal; there are no concomitant symptoms before, during or after menses.

Her physical generals are normal. She has a craving for salt, milk and sweets. She fears expressing emotions, especially with loved ones, because she might be rejected by them. However, there was no history of any rejection in reality. She also fears worms. She is thermally hot.

The following rubrics were selected for

MIND- FEAR- animals of, worms of.

FEMALE- MENSES- late, too.

GENERALITIES- FOOD and drinks-milk desires.

GENERALITIES- FOOD and drinks-salt or salty food – desires.

GENERALITIES- FOOD and drinks-sweets- desires.




Based on the repertorization and M.M., Natrum Mur was selected.

05/03/2020  NATRUM MURIATICUM 200/2D

(1D stat and 1D s.o.s); followed by placebo for 15 days.

20/04/2020 – anxiety reduced, amenorrhoea, acne with oily face and hair fall

persists.Generals: Normal

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200/ 2D – (1D stat and 1D s.o.s) followed by placebo for 15 days.

05/05/2020  – anxiety reduced, amenorrhoea persists, acne with oily face and

hair fall slightly reduced. Generals: Normal  Placebo prescribed for 15days

21/05/2020 – Menses appeared on 20/05/2020, duration-5 days, normal bleeding, no clots, thyroid gland enlargement persists,  anxiety reduced, acne with oily face slightly better.

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200/ 2D (1D stat and 1D s.o.s); followed by

placebo for 15 days.

Hair fall slightly better. Generals: Normal

07/06/2020  – Menses regular, acne with oily face reduced, anxiety reduced, acne reduced, thyroid swelling persists and hair fall reduced.  Generals: Normal – Placebo prescribed for 15days


Menses regular, acne and hair fall reduced, anxiety reduced. Generals: Normal

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200/ 2D  (1D stat and 1D s.o.s); followed by placebo for one month.

27/07/2020 – Weight reduced by 5 kgs, acne and hair fall better, menses regular and anxiety better. Generals: Normal

NATRUM MURIATICUM 200/1D  – (1D stat) followed by placebo for 10 days.

01/08/2020  – TSH LEVEL: 08.91 Treatment still continues.

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Shraddha Samant

Dr. Shraddha Samant, BHMS, PG, UK, PGD) is a homeopath, nutritionist and dietician. She completed her PG degree in homeopathy from London and has been practicing homeopathy for six years and nutrition and dietetics for four years.
Dr. Samant has successfully treated many patients with gynaecological problems. She runs an obesity clinic and also consults for patients requiring dietary solutions for disorders ranging from diabetes and hormonal problems to pediatric nutrition. She has gained valuable experience managing diets for children who are specifically following the Glen Doman program for children with special needs.

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