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Hypothyroid in A Woman of 48

Homeopath Sara Kabariti presents a case of hypothyroid in a woman of 48. Calcarea carbonica didn’t quite fit the case, which was finally solved by the new remedy Zamzam aqua.

Female 48 year old                            

Observation: Dressed in black.

Chief Complaint: Hypothyroid

[Edited for brevity.  Bold highlights for parts pertaining to Zamzam Aqua]

First Consultation – January 28, 2018

I want to come off my thyroid medication (Mx).  I expect everything else will fall into place. Have heavy periods, spotting. Energy not always good; lazy. Weight loss will be icing on cake. Abnormally dry skin.  With gluten (free diet) finding so many things are being resolved…That’s it, to get fit. Once have more energy more apt to stick to exercise than not. No motivation. Not a multi tasker. Hypothyroid; started 3 months after daughter born.  Always forget things. Go into a room with a mission and ask ‘Why am I here?’  Used to get lots of colds. Had meningitis; viral. I can’t digest milk. Did a procedure for kidney; coming out of anesthesia, drowning in my own liquids. After that, sound in my lungs; bad infection. I think it was pneumonia. I have 4 kidneys so more susceptible to kidney stones > Berberis < dark leafy greens & high protein diet.  Put tubes between kidney and bladder to get good flow and told stone should come out. Doctor told my family, if you don’t do procedure she may die.  My mother and husband worried; dying.  They took the decision.  Stuck them in.  One in million chance they migrated (laughs).  Peed on myself. Dripping, dripping! Went back to doctor; took them out.  That’s when I was waking up drowning in my own liquid. Usually have a good well-tuned digestive system. Flatulence was before with gluten.  That’s all gone, bloating gone. Knee problems, groin sprain from military training.  Now, I realise I was fit.  Why didn’t I appreciate myself then? Army?  Adventurous, glorified, loved being in nature; feel soil under me, not marble man-made surface.

Polycystic ovaries.  Had endometriosis > post pregnancy.  Heavy periods, avoid going out on 2nd day because leak; completely drenched; lasts 24 hours then fine.  Period early; on 26th day.  When I ovulate; I spot and pain and 2 days before period start spotting; so all the time out of service. Clots?  Huge yes. Fleshy thick. Like liver exactly. Can’t wait till menopause are you kidding me?  I cut tubes. Ovaries still there.  Tied, cut and chucked them out.  Tough pregnancy; all IVF. Gynecologist suggested I never get pregnant again.  During pregnancy, stitched me up so she couldn’t come out.  Both of them.  Had cortisone, bed rest.  Said one of toughest cases up to that date.  Uterus doesn’t hold them.  Always bleeding.

> Winter, don’t like hot; < humidity.  Hate sunset because can’t be outside; > dawn. Thunderstorms; if I could be storm chaser wouldn’t mind.  < Dust storms. Love rain, sun. > Spring; everything coming alive new lease on life. Around sunset 5-6 pm, energy slump.  That’s when like to work out; distracts me from what’s happening in the day.  Crave salty, fatty foods. Not into small snacks, like good quality cooked food. Wouldn’t choose diet version if you paid me. Addicted to eggs; 2 boiled eggs/day. Addicted to chili.  Don’t like bland, > very well spiced.  Salty and sour; love sour.  Salads like more tart vinegar and lemony than oil. Love fish. Always thirsty because have 4 kidneys.  Favorite drink plain water. Chilly; not heavy perspiration. Head? Under occiput.

Childhood: Mind of my own.  Did not like authority, responsibility. Not very social but also not a loner.  Very independent, confident. Very outspoken but wouldn’t share my opinions; Didn’t feel need to.  All write very aloof. Lazy; in another world. Want to go out and play; fun, climb trees, love being outside.  Playing. Indoors, tidy room or study – don’t want to. Used to love sleeping unlike most kids; positioned bed so sun come on face and wake up. Fears?  Used to hear things; radio would turn on/off; visitors; Jinn (supernatural creatures in Islamic tradition).  Heard wings flapping going up. Petrified from the sea. Dark and being alone in a room in a haunted house; without adult.  Afraid of heights but not afraid to jump out of plane because have a parachute. Fears as an adult? I can overcome fear. Not one that gets shaken quickly.  Strong personality.  Not scared of blood. One guy crossing street suddenly gets hit; didn’t affect me. Didn’t shock me.


Something chasing me but no matter how much I move my legs they don’t move forward. Dream: voices of croaking frogs.  I’m floating up; flying looking down, see restaurant, abandoned – people trying to come out.  People dying. Have very vivid, violent, bloody dreams.  Years later during travel, someone took us to the countryside to a mountain top to see the beautiful views. I looked over and saw the exact location and the sound of frogs; shook me; thought, I’ve been here before. Trying to get out of water, to get out of death trap; survival of fittest – all about death.  Age 7 or 9, having teatime with friends, suddenly feel myself go out of my body in corner of room looking down; as if I took a psychedelic mushroom. Time contorted, all slow motion, then back in my body. Another time in Qatar; as I put my foot down, felt a magnetic force push me up. Thought it was an earthquake. I got scared; Jinn. Kept reading verses from the Quran. Another time after dawn prayers, went back to sleep.  Not fully asleep but not fully conscious, I felt my soul being chunked out of body.  We went up.  This person showed me something strange.  We were blobs of light not physical.  I asked him, “Is this real?  Did you just take soul out?”; communicated with thought. Knowledge pours into you.  Closest thing to compare it for you; Adam and Eve, I understood how she was part of his rib but not lesser, complement each other.  No feeling of negativity. Pure sakina (serenity in Arabic) and goodness.  Suddenly found myself out of my body. We were flying in different dimension, not on earth. Understood everything is One.  Unity, love, unconditional love.  Didn’t want to come back.  No dark.  No heaven and hell; no dichotomy.  All One. He pulled me, grabbed my soul; a tough tug. He’s a Sufi; got me into Sufism.  He was my spiritual guide. Not like my present spiritual guide, who jokes around. Told me you have to be proper.  So never pursued their tariqa (Sufi path) and got caught up in dunya (material world) until my spiritual guide appeared.

Forgetful, disorganized, don’t care about the world. Irresponsible; I do what I want and lazy.  Not perfect housewife. Live day by day not 6 months ahead of time. Anger?  Not being heard. Books/ movies? Braveheart; romantic without lustfulness.  Real hero – true. Glory, civil war. Hero, America is great but did not glorify trench warfare. Tolkien; whole other fantasy world. Would love to be living by sea, sail homestead. Love water; water is life. Not scared of death. Only thing fear what would happen to my children?  Need to learn life skills if I’m going to be true to religion.  I’m ready. I need to do Hajj (Greater Pilgrimage). What would you like to cure most?  The thyroid mostly and memory.  (It’s 6:06 pm! Session ends.)

Pt. later mentioned 2 incidents:

The water had broken for one of the twins at 4 months and the other was perfect. At 6 months lost both.  So when they said I had to deliver the one I had to also deliver the other.  She was completely perfect and that’s why I feel guilty, especially when she kicked me just before she came. Which I read as her way of telling me “Why also me?”, or that she was fighting for her life. I felt I had to be brave and suppress my feelings of loss and emptiness. Kept it to myself and didn’t allow myself to feel.  When I was born,1970 crises; all of us were on the hit list by Fedayeen (Palestinian militants).  They attacked our house.  My mother threw me in the back of the ambulance; they were shooting at us and all the glass fell on me.  I was protected by the blanket.  She thought I was a goner.  I was months old.  When I was born apparently the room my mother was in was bombed out and we missed it by minutes.


The chief susceptibility revolves around feeling loss and emptiness and violence (dunya)The vital force responds with leaving the body, dunya (material world) and traveling to another dimension.  The exciting cause is the loss of 2 babies specifically having to let go of the perfect baby girl who was fighting for her life and posed question, “Why also me?”

Jeremy Sherr’s Q-Rep:

Conclusion / Analysis :

Calc-c sounds like a reasonable remedy and is what first came to mind; hypothyroid, loves eggs, sweats on hairline, chilly. However, the patient is not easily frightened. Security doesn’t seem to be the issue in this case.  It’s more about feeling alone, loss and emptiness.  I don’t see the expansive theme that would indicate Hydrogen, although I feel that is a close option. The patient loves water. Neon has to do with birth, and the watery theme strongly indicates it. Yet Neon is too flat; in 2-dimensional space. The patient went to “another dimension”. Zamzam aqua is very much about fear for children.  The baby theme emerges strongly here, as do the numbers 3 and 6.  Zamz-a also includes the themes of time, flying, spirituality/material realm, love, right/left, kick/crack, emptiness, forgetfulness, Oneness versus duality.  This case requires a watery Rx; [“would love to be living on sea; love water; sail; ocean; fish”].

From the Proving:  Zamz-a

Water Content:

  • Mineral water usually contains 150-350 milligrams of mineral salts per litre of water. Zamzam water contains 2000 milligrams of mineral salts per litre.
  • Advanced techniques revealed 34 elements in Zamzam water with calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na), and chloride (Cl) in higher concentrations than natural water….Hydrochemical study of Zamzam water indicated that it is a sodium chloride water of meteoritic origin….Many scientists suggest that certain peculiarities make Zamzam’s water healthier, such as a higher level of calcium.

Proving Symptoms:

  • My throat is blocked with mucus, “I have a frog in my throat”.
  • My sleeping isn’t good. What occurred to me is, maybe my thyroid is getting better?
  • I just haven’t had the inclination to work. Procrastination at its best.
  • Zamzam is like shock to the soul, like a dismemberment of the soul.
  • The image is of being in a bubble in outer space surrounded by nothingness, cold, darkness, floating aimlessly in silence and solitude. I have no feelings at all.  I am resigned to this: acceptance, alone, unnoticed, un-missed, unconnected, solitary, unicellular, no future, no past, drifting, insignificant, a grain of dust with consciousness.  A torture of consciousness to know I am set apart to travel on the solar wind, whither and hither.  No destination to give me hope; no sustenance to give me pleasure; only existence to torture my consciousness, which teaches me grief.  Grief from loss of connection; grief of being loved; grief from being of value; grief from loss of feeling unconditional love.
  • …It was bleak for a while.
  • I felt lonely, void, empty.
  • Red. Base chakra.    Desert rose.
  • Femininity … male … dry … bored.
  • I felt I remembered my moment of conception and the initial reaction my parents… confirming for me the unwantedness of my existence.
  • Feel I’m up in the galaxies with millions of stars against the black space: pinks and oranges and yellows.
  • I find myself yearning to be amongst I know not what….I feel spiritually disinhibited ….It’s like a mist that has substance….A presence, a spiritual force rising up from my body and flowing into the area of my diaphragm, spreading out like an unfolded umbrella without the handle, to the interior boundaries of my form.
  • Into the light of the dark black

Blackbird fly Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise
You were only waiting for this moment to arise.
  • Started my meditation at 06 am. Towards the end it was as if I was amongst the galaxies and stars.  Then I saw a bright green light, emanating from my heart.
  • …about following your heart despite ‘the rules’, listening to your intuition and unlocking your creativity, which entails finding your unique voice.
  • I am floating on a fluffy white cloud, carried away ascending. I think of death, ‘If this is death it’s beautiful.’

I feel like I am travelling … transporting … flying.

  • I’m leaving my body.
  • Expansion.  Very present.
  • The way I think about it is I’m on journey so there are lessons to be learned. If I want to zoom up it’s almost like I’ve sacrificed my mortal being…we’re so entrenched in the material world.  As long as we’re in the material world, there are dualities.  If we take a decision to move linearly up, that means we have to let go of being down here.  Going back to Source and I think if we do choose to linearly go up then we have to let go of both and then you soar.  You just ascend but are we ready to ascend?
  • Thought in my mind on waking, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’
  • Forgetful.  Forgot what I sent my supervisor.
  • This is why there’s nothing to say about the remedy. It’s almost like you can say it never happened or it was in a different time.
  • Time is warped. So much in the present that the past seems soooooo far away.
  • Really want to drive on the right hand side of the road.
  • Driving today one butterfly flew straight towards my window and later an orange butterfly flew across the windscreen from the right then another orange one flew across from the left.
  • I had an amazing dream of flying! Can’t remember the details but I was with an older man.  It seems like we had to get away from someone, or some danger.  He put on a frog-like costume; it had green polka dots I think and the next thing I knew, we were flying.  Not sure whether I also wore the costume.  At one point I think I said, let’s go up towards this mountain.  The idea was not to look down, as I was very high up, but I was happy and enjoying it.  First flying dream ever!!  Once in the air there was no fear (NS).
  • Dream: I was being initiated into what seemed or what I thought was a Sufi But there was something not right…I realised they’re a terror organization…very sinister.
  • Two of my friends came over. At one point I realised the 3 of us were sitting in a triangle.
  • Had forgotten to take remedy earlier. Feel usually would have been more strict about sticking to times. Rules don’t feel like they apply to me; it’s fine to make my own way.
  • A lot of issues of suppression have come up.
  • Also been noticing my urine; once I’m done I feel there’s a little more that needs to come out, so have to sit on the loo again.
  • Thinking about the Ligo gravitational waves that scientists are listening out for, brings to mind this verse from the Qur’an:

Do they not travel through the land, so that their hearts (and minds) may thus learn wisdom and their ears may thus learn to hear? Truly it is not their eyes that are blind, but their hearts which are in their breasts.”

(Qur’an 22:46)

I’ve just realised it’s from Surat Al Hajj. Islam is about polishing the heart. The other verse is from Surat Al A’raf,

We have created for Gehenna many jinn and men: they have hearts, but understand not with them; …

(Qur’an 7:179) (7+1+7+9 = 24; 2+4=6.)

  • This remedy is for the true Seeker….All the Provers are in a state of shock…maybe it’s stuck in my core because I want to be here…memory of the boy who died in the Dead Sea….Someone had told me that he had wanted to ascend so he made the choice and he left. We’re so entrenched in the physical realm. We’re not ready to go there…if we wait a little bit will it show us the true Middle Way?

Rx: Zam 6c

In 8 oz water, ½ tsp 3x/week

Follow Up – April 1, 2018:

Dreamt I’m supposed to be at hairdresser and someone supposed to represent Al Habib Ali (Sufi) for a Dhikr circle (devotional act in Islam in which short phrases or prayers are repeatedly recited, aiming to draw the circle into deep awareness of God). Then a Sudanese guy comes along and it’s not him.  Are we supposed to do it (Dhikr) here in hairdresser? He’s preparing to sit here (points to the right). In front of me are ladies and little girls, 9 and upwards.  What astounded me, had black thing on hair, why put this on their head?  Horizontal line running this way over forehead.  Tied from behind.  I got fidgety in the dream.  Want to cleanse something so went to washing sink (points to the left).  Old 70s washing mirrored cabinets; started washing my hands.  Found plastic gaudy red soap dish and washing with it. Didn’t think he was he was black; he was wearing white but not who he was supposed to be.  Didn’t want to judge him in case wrong so extracted myself from situation as much as I could to get game control. Overall all the dreams are something not good, evil, the negative.  Could be represented as anxiety, not fear but disgusted.  Overall theme, either annoyance, irritant, or negative and overcome it. Before more war or monsters.

Emails me extra notes:

  • Remnants of the same headache comes and goes; irritable and impatient.
  • Dreamt of my childhood house’s kitchen store. The water pump was broken…somehow I was in a speed boat traveling really fast in a beautiful light emerald sea, green; almost jade in color but around me were arid mountains…the speed boat hit something and I flew but I managed to hold on to a rope and I pulled myself up using only my arms and swung high to fall up one of those mountains where this like Indian man had a cafe but the window of his cafe was set inside the center of a carving of an elephant head and it was colored black/ grey. But the rims of the crease were yellow orange and red. Very weird! I landed in the ridges of the elephant’s head about where the eyes were and had to climb up otherwise I would fall way down and I would die. But each step I would take, the surface would crumble.  Throughout was a feeling of yes I can do this just keep going and don’t stop! Finally, I ascended up to the top in a very victorious way. I remember distinctly that I wanted my celebration to help increase the business of the Indian cafe owner. And not so much for my personal gain.
  • Dream: all I remember is telling myself that “it’s the healing element of water”.
  • Dream: saw an amazing buffet; tucking into a violet eclair which had a violet wrapped heart shaped chocolate on one end.
  • Night prayer saw an aura around me; 4-5 m diameter, like a ripple extending out of me. Not a bubble that I was in; horizontal only. Me being the center of a droplet in water; coming out of me but a part of me. Very odd.
  • Dream: Ahed Tamimi sitting on a hospital bed; her legs have been amputated from lower thigh but she doesn’t care she jumps to the floor and scuttles off…with all strength as though it didn’t phase her.
  • Vivid dream about bleeding as though losing a baby; I felt very strong like nothing could shake me mentally spiritually nor even physically.
  • Dream: I was in a whole group going camping but then we came upon and area unknown but had some settlements. As the convoy was figuring out where to go (it included the Ambassador of Saudi, go figure?!?) next I jumped out, ran up a small hill turned around to look over the horizon to get my bearings I discovered beautiful waterfall. Sand and oasis all around us just around the bends from each direction. There was a mother from the settlers and son and she told me don’t forget to get your things and handed them to me, trinkets which belonged to my daughter. Went down but my convoy left me. And then a WWII convertible car passed and I can’t remember what else happened.

My period came 10 days early!!! Flooded me. Unusual?  Very.  Not to this extent. Went to gynecologist for enlargement of womb.  But not as bad as she was expecting it.  Then went back period after and did another test.  Normal period?  Yes.  She wanted me to be tested either to have a hysterectomy or to do biopsy but gynecologist said no, it’s surprisingly ok.  Let’s do another month of observation.  When reintroduced wheat bad, so off it.  Reintroduced dairy small doses; ok. Wheat* doesn’t suit me. My nails are much stronger.  My skin is better, not as dry and clearer not as clogged. Very irritable.  Have to control my temper but at same time stressful time.  Don’t know which front to open; how many battles do I want to open up.  School play – one skit completely disgusting. Sordid – subliminal messages; sapped me. There are certain things don’t expose children to. Need to centre myself.  I feel Rx definitely helping; there is strength building up. Abiding more by my spiritual practices very easily. Don’t want to miss any. I have a lot of detachment. Thyroid? It’s stable! For me it’s huge because every time test results would become worse, hardly ever better.

Rx: Zam 6c as needed

Follow Up – February 12, 2019:

Felt derived strength from it. Strengthened me not physically but in terms of personality.  I felt I had a strong connection to Force, Allah, nothing can stop me.  Made me prioritize myself and be vocal with no qualms.  On physical level the thyroid didn’t improve as much. Did it get worse?  No, I can’t gage because didn’t test during Rx intake.  But one thing is for certain, it regulated my period.  Every 26 days on the dot.  Stopped having mid period spotting during ovulation.  So on that level I’m very happy.

Dreams: The recurring theme always be an issue and I’d always overcome it.  Once climbing mountain, crumbles under me, I survive and thrive with strength. Used to always get this dream on a flight and crashing, and bathkur Allah (remembrance of Allah), and plane rises or damage is less.  Dream in hall like dance floor, wooden floor, a circular space. Many people around me standing in a circular shape such that the centre is empty.  Wearing a beautiful dress, navy blue chiffon, it had a belt but belt was more decorative.  An evil dark force came and started unwrapping the knots, of the belt but doesn’t mean will undress me because was just decorative.  Evil force wants to make me fault; I started reading Quran in defiance of it.  Very labored but got easier and easier as I repeated (recitations).  Force was representative of either Jinn of shaytan (the devil) and it was real.  I was in another dimension.  In the end I overcame it; exorcised it, expelled it, kicked it out.

Dry skin?  No much better.  Oh I forgot about that!  Kidney stones?  As though nothing.  Every once in a while if don’t drink enough immediately hits.  Now nothing I forgot about that.  Energy, lazy? No, very energetic.  No motivation?  No that’s all gone.  I cancelled last few sessions of exercise, not because I’m too lazy it was a force majeure. Always forget things?  Much better. Before would enter room wrack brain, why did I come into this room?  That’s all gone.  Used to get lots of colds?  Wow!  This year nothing; my immunity is so much better.  Digestive? <ore disciplined with gluten free thing really made huge difference and not eating emotionally as I did before.  Today had 2 really nice chocolates before would have eaten whole box or two. Regular (stool).  Not as gassy.  Clots? Not as many and not as heavy.  Always thirsty?  Now no have to remind myself to drink.

Afraid of heights? Flying staircase; hate it.  Recurring nightmares; in stairwell trying to go up between last step and landing, there’s nothing, no connection and have to get up there trying to figure out how to get there without falling.  Huge drop.  Or tight space and have to reach over and can’t reach the landing.  Since I was a child a nightmare.  Time contorted?  Sometimes if engrossed, I lose concept of time that’s why wear wrist watch; my sense of time not the greatest.  Soul being chunked out of body? No, always pray that it happens!

Forgetful, disorganized?  Less than before.  Especially for forgetfulness.  I’m calmer especially with dealing with kids. More verbal communication in a calm voice. Love water?

Still love water; have fish tank – so many baby fish. Guilt re. babies?  Not that conscious of it.

How are you feeling in general?

Much, much better so much so now ready to tackle weight issue.  Did you feel Rx helped?

120% yes definitely most certainly. Thyroid?  Pretty much the same.  Upped the dose on my own accord and feel very much better.

How did the Rx help you?

I don’t know if it’s forgetting as much as getting over it. Whatever bad thing is going on in your life, it’s no big deal. You forget, you don’t hold grudges.  Let’s live.  Move on. It’s not forgetting as much as letting go of negative and moving on forward with the positive.  No drama.  Today someone was telling me you’re always so positive. I think it’s the effect of Rx.


The Pt. seems stronger overall.  There is evidence that she is still in the Zam-aq state but as her energy is overall stronger, I feel it’s worth upping the dose.

Note: The themes of a circular formation, food, table, restaurant, boats, cars, wheat and a spiritual mentor all emerged in the proving, which can be found at:

Rx: Zam 30c one dose.

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