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Hypothyroidism in a Woman of 30

Dr. Shivani Harhare shares a case of hypothyroidism in a woman of 30. Aggravation from tight clothing, obesity, and desire for eggs were among the symptoms leading to the simillimum.


A 30-year-old female came to my clinic on 16 June 2019. She had been  diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year ago. The day she came to me her last TSH level was 5.57 and she was taking Thyronorm 100 mg once daily.

Chief complaints –

-known case of hypothyroidism since 1 year

-swelling of thyroid gland since 1 year

-weakness 3+

-easy fatigue on little exertion

-pain in lower abdomen with leucorrhoea, stingy mucoid consistency

vertigo -< mental physical exertion

-vertigo < morning

-acidity since 8 to 10 years


Hunger – can’t tolerate

Thermal – Ambi

Perspiration – head scalp 3+

Desire – spices 3+; boiled eggs 3+; chocolate 3+

Sleep – disturbed – Position – on back

Mind :

-Reserved 2+; sensitive 3+ gets hurt easily, keeps thinking about past events and cries.

– negative thoughts; suicidal thoughts 3+

-she has attempted suicide by jumping from her balcony

-confusion3+; aversion to mental and physical exertion 3+

-she cannot fight and avoids conflicts 3+

-sensitive to horrible news+ ; can’t see funerals

-fears : dogs, injections, blood -all 3+

-low confidence and dependent 3+

– Need support always a/f grief2+

-Sensitive to criticisms

Sensitivity: tight clothing 3+; noise3+ ; sunlight 3+

Physical – fat fair and weight was 74kg

Analysis – rubrics taken:

Mind -suicidal disposition -thoughts

Mind – sensitive

External throat – swelling -thyroid gland

Mind – laziness

Female genitalia/sex. – leucorrhoea – exertion aggravates

Generals – food and drinks – eggs desire

Rx: Calc carb 30 SD+ placebo


Calc carb was selected as it covered the maximum rubrics and the mental. The physical picture of the patient supported the same remedy.

TSH on 10 June 2019 – 5.57

First follow up – 29 June 2019

-Suicidal thoughts improved 100 %

-Swelling of thyroid gland improved 70 %

-weight loss up to 4 kg

-Leucorrhoea with abdominal pain since 3 days; lumbago since 3 days

– all general and mentals improved

Rx- placebo

Second follow up – 19 July 2019

-High fever since yesterday

-fever with chills and headache

-thirstless ; appt decreased

– sleep disturbed

( strong acutes after 1 year)

Rx : placebo

Third follow up 27 July 2019

-Acutes > 100 perc

-Mentally improved; generals improved

-No pain and swelling at neck

-acidity with headache and sour eructations

– Hand pain – rt hand pain from shoulder up to fingers (back symptom)

Rx – placebo

Fourth follow up – 4 Sept 2019

TSH was tested and it was normal

Tsh – 2.34 ( 0.45 to 4.5)

Weight loss – 6kg

(We reduced thyronorm 100mg to 50 mg )

– pt was confident and all generals were good

Fifth follow up -2 Nov 2019

-Weight-loss was remarkable

From 74. Kg pt went to 66 kg

– acidity still there.

Rx – placebo

Sixth follow up – 20 Jan 2020

– pt took coffee; case started relapsing

-constipation -hard stools

-Sleep disturbed since 3 4 days

-pt again started developing fears

– appetite started reducing

Rx :  As it was relapse due to coffee I repeated same medicine in same potency

Calc carb 30 single dose

Seventh follow up – 10 March 2020

-TSH was tested and was in normal range

-All generals improved

-Fears >100 perc

-Pt was happy and confident

Tsh 4.13 ( 0.45 to 4.5)

Rx – placebo

Now we reduced thyronorm 50 mg to 25 mg once a day

Eight follow up – 20 may 2020

– All generals good ; no new complaints

– pt was mentally emotionally better

Rx: Placebo

We reduced Thyronorm 25 mg daily to only twice a week

9th follow up – 29 aug 2020

-TSH was tested and it was within normal limits

– no new complaints

– pt was better on every level so we reduced Thyronorm 25 twice a week to only once a week

TSH – 1.70 (0.45 to 4.5)

10 th follow up – 21 dec 2020

-Nausea and vomitting since 2 days

-headche since 2 days intense pulsating headache

– started suddenly as pt went into cold air

-a/f cold air and < from cold air

Rx: on the knowledge of materia Medica

Belladonna 30 SD was given

11 th follow up – 28 dec 2020

-nausea vomiting> completely

12 th follow up – 16 March 2021

– no new complaints

– pt was much better mentally emotionally and was happy.

Rx – placebo

Now advised to gradually stop Thyronorm completely.

This was the last follow up and after that she gave me telephone follow ups and said that she is completely okay now.

Conclusion –

With proper homeopathic treatment we can restore the patient back to health. We can not only give relief but we can also reduce the allopathic medications and eventually we can free the patient from medication.



About the author

Shivani Harhare

Dr Shivani Harhare - I have completed my homeopathic graduation and am now doing postgraduate diploma of classical homoeopathy from International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy Greece under Prof. George Vithoulkas. I have been practicing classical homoeopathy since 2019 and have treated many cases successfully with classical homoeopathy. It’s my dream to spread homoeopathy to each and every person so that we can make people truly free from their sufferings.

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  • This is very good case.but I little astonishing about ur follow up, Patients who suffer from thyroid since 1 year and also taking thyronom 100 mg since 1 year.this type case, single dose effect this level. Though very well case..

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