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“I Want To Be One of Them”

Written by Prabal Howal

Dr. Prabal Howal presents a case of varicocele and irritable bowel solved with the Sensation method.

Mr. S.H., a 29yr-old male, consulted me on 13/10/14. He was suffering from – right and left sided varicocele, two right mid lower calyces, renal calculus, sudden urging to stool while going anywhere (anticipatory anxiety)and stammering.

D: Tell me what is happening with you.

P: Doctor I am not much concerned about my problem of varicocele or renal stone. It doesn’t create that much problem for me, but what I am really concerned about is my sudden urging to stool, that’s making me feel embarrassed in front of everyone. What they would think of me, that this guy has to go for toilet many times in a day. In my office there is a girl who sits in my way of going to washroom. What she would think of me? It’s disgusting. I feel embarrassed if I have to travel long distance, its big problem for me. I have to go to washroom before boarding to bus. There is constant fear what if I get urge in between two stops? I feel like dirty.

D: Tell me more about it.

P: It makes me embarrassed and this embarrassment is always with me. As child in our school we have to read newspaper in front of whole school. You know I have a stammering problem. One day when my turn came, I prepared a lot for it, but then also I can’t even read a single word in front of whole school. Words were not coming through my mouth, I started crying, whole school laughed at me.

D: Tell me more about this feeling

P: It’s like whenever I go to toilet I pass some amount of normal stool, is anything remains inside or not? Whatever is there thrown outside, it’s just like a water dam, when its close everything remains inside and when it opens up everything gets emptied. Just like the sand getting out of your hand, more you try to tighter the grip, more its gonna get out.

D: Tell me more about this embarrassment. What is it for you? Why do you get embarrassed?

P: Because they laughed at me, they looked down upon me, they talked about me; they come to know that I am “Abnormal”. They will ask me about my problem, discuss and laugh among themselves about my problem.They will pity me, give their sympathy to me, just because I am different, not like them, not “Normal” like them. They say look at this boy he is not “OK” ,he has a physical, mental problem, He has a “disease”. It feels bad, disgusting.This is private problem. They should not know this. My friends understand it but other people don’t and they just think of me as an ‘odd’ person. Why I am “abnormal” doctor, Why I am not “normal” like them, please make me “Normal”.

D: Tell me about this being normal and being abnormal.

P: It’s s like there are 10 birds sitting on a fence, 9 of them are beautiful Doves and 1 of them is a Black Crow. Tthen how does that black crow will feel? He will feel like he is Abnormal, he is not one of them, different from them.

D: Tell me more about this feeling.

P: Suppose there are 10 peoples, 8 of them wearing white dress, and 2 of them wearing green dress, so those green dress people will feel different from white dress people, if those green dress people also wear the white dress, then they will become one of white ones. They will be just like white dress people.

D: So what happens then?

P: There will be no difference between them, just like me, I know that I have many good qualities, I am fair, tall, handsome. I can dance and can sing, can make people laugh. Due to all these qualities those people like me, admire me. I have good impression on them, so I feel like one of them. I am just a normal person living normal life like them. I feel like I am amongst them. But due to this one bad quality, they got wrong impression of me and think I am not one of them, not normal like them. So if you cured me of this problem then I will become normal.

D: Then what happens?

P: Then I will be like them, will not have a different identity than them, then I would get included in there group. I would not be the guy who is not from their group but a guy amongst them. I will feel like I am one of them.

Understanding of the case:

Kingdom: Plant Kingdom

Here in this whole case we got sensitivity particularly to one sensation and its opposite sensation – excluded / included, so it’s clearly a plant kingdom.

Family: Liliflorae

Here we got the sensation of being excluded, not included, being part of , left out, belonging to a group, being one of them, being inside and thrown outside. Vivaciousness is the attractiveness of the Liliflorae family just like our patient who is dancing, singing, cracking jokes, having good looks. These are all qualities of Liliflorae Family.

Miasm: Leprous

At first it looks like a Sycotic Miasm, anticipating and avoiding, but at its core feeling we get words like disgusting, embarrassment, looked down on, dirty, feeling not accepted due to private problem. So it’s a Leprous Miasm.

Liliflorae Family + Leprous Miasm : Aloe Socotrina

Aloe Socotrina

Remedy: Aloe Socotrina

Potency Given: 10 M single dose as patient is experiencing his complaint in his day today life at sensation level.

Materia Medica: Lets see what Dr.S.R.Phatak says about the remedy Aloe Socotrina in his book Concise Materia Medica.

Generalities: Relaxation in Rectum. Rumbling, Gurgling in bowel, Sudden Urging, “Sense Of Insecurity”, “Anus Weak”.

Repetition of dose: Only once after 2 months as patient was going abroad first time in his life, thinking how he will manage in an airplane.

Follow Up: Within one month’s time he started perceiving lots of changes in himself overall. His physical complaint of sudden urging to pass stool decreased by 40%, and due to this he felt much more confident now, less feeling of embarrassment. Also his stammering improved up to 60% and he feels happy and energetic now.

After six months of treatment he was asked get some tests through which we come to know that his Right side Varicocele completely vanished and left side remains mild in appearance. One of two right side renal stones comes down from calyces to near ureterovesical junction, His complaint of sudden urging for stool decreased by 70%and stammering decreased by 90% according to patient. Overall improvement is going Very well. Patient is still under treatment.



  • “ An Insight Into Plants” Volume-1.- By Dr.Rajan Sankaran.
  • “ Concise Materia Medica of Homoeopathic Remedies”. By Dr.S.R.Phatak.

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Prabal Howal

Dr. Prabal Howal received his BHMS in 2008 and started practicing at his own clinic “Maya Homoeopathy” at Thane (Mumbai) later that year. In his second year of BHMS he read the book "Soul of Remedies" and has since then been following Dr. Sankaran’s method. Using Sensation, he has successfully treated a wide variety of cases including those involving infertility, thyroid problems, renal failure, cancer and HIV. Dr. Howal also takes cases via Skype.


  • the selection of Aloe soc 10 M for this patient by the Dr. has given tremendous relief to the patient. As per your article, you have followed Dr.Sankaran’s priniciple. Thanks for your excellent article. Hope you will contribute more of articles like this in future.


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