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Ileocolitis in a Woman of 38

Dr. Sarita Bhatia presents a case of iliocolitis, managed with Opium and Lycopodium.

This patient visited me in Dec 2018 for severe pain in the right lumbar region. She had not been able to pass stool for the last 4 days.  She also had difficulty passing flatus. She had been taking laxatives and antibiotics.

Her CT scan showed segmental mural thickening of the pelvic ileal loop with  inflammation of recto-sigmoid caecum appendix with paraovarian soft tissue thickening, with her increase in liver function tests and increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). For immediate relief I gave her Opium 30, three times a day for two days,  as it is suggested for spasmodic retention of faeces in Boericke’s Materia Medica. With that she passed her obstructed stool next morning. I observed her for five days and her constipation was relieved and she started passing normal stool. However, her pain persisted, so I took further details of the case. I learned that her father was a very domineering person and she was not allowed to make any decisions by herself. Taking the history of domination into account I gave her  Lycopodium 200, a single dose followed by sac lac.

Since then the patient has fully recovered. Her ultrasound done in January showed an absolutely normal study.  I am enclosing before after reports. Her liver function test is also normal.

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Sarita Dev Bhatia

Dr. Sarita Dev Bhatia is a Homeopathic Medical Officer at Government Homeopathic Dispensary, Dept Of Health And Family Welfare, Punjab, India.

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