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Incision Granuloma-Treated with Local Application of Natrum Mur 6x

Incision Granuloma-Treated with Local Application of Natrum Mur 6x 1

This case was a wonderfully pleasant experience of the rapid healing action of the constitutional remedy applied locally only twice.

A lady – I’ll call her Nora, aged 24 years who had just delivered her 2nd baby girl 15 before, presented with an incision granuloma 3 inches x 2 inches, in the shape of an ellipse.

Nora discovered that she had a granuloma in her episiotomy incision when she went for a check-up at the gynaecologist a month after her delivery. It was quite a surprise to her as she did not feel any discomfort or pain.

She shared that she was managing everything about her pregnancy and delivery without much help. ‘No one was supportive for my pregnancy so I decided that I will not take anyone’s help after delivery. While getting up from the bed post-delivery, I slid on the bed, and felt something shift in my wound. The gynaecologist advised me to apply Calendula cream, which I did 3 times a day but with no effect. She wanted me to get admitted again and she planned to scrape and re suture.’

The rubrics I found were:

Indignation during pregnancy- Nat Mur

Indignation is anger mingled with disdain, extreme anger, effects of anger (Disdain: haughtiness, pride, arrogance)

Granulations – Nat mur, Sil

I chose Nat Mur.

Since she was lactating and had no other constitutional symptoms that needed to be urgently addressed, I decided to prescribe the powder of one tablet of Nat mur 6X locally over the wound.

To my great surprise, the next day I saw a 50 % reduction in the size of the ellipsoid granuloma. It was gone totally on the 5th day after one more repetition of a local application of Nat mur 6X on the 3rd day.

Her gynaecologist was taken aback by the total disappearance of the granuloma!

The patient met me again a year later, and said:

‘’I’m a different person now doc… maybe motherhood changed me… all the love that I never felt from my mother as a child…. I shower it on my children…my mind is like the ocean, deep, internalizing, every memory is so vivid….I can never forget how I was treated as a child.. Totally unloved, neglected…”.

Natrum mur is contemplative, absorbing everything around, like salt absorbs water then thundering with emotion, sometimes like a Tsunami, pouring out words endlessly, all that they had retained for ages in the past. They have a deep need of nurturing and caring.

Natrum mur showed its action in a quick response in local application, being the constitutional in this case.

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