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Infertility and Homeopathy

Written by Nikunj Trivedi

A difficult case of infertility resolved with homeopathy and documented.

Mankind has never devised a better tool for solving mysteries of the universe than science. What is Science? Science is derived from the Latin: Scientia means “knowledge”.  Science is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of prediction and testable explanation. Homeopathy is one of the sciences that addresses, among other things, the unexplained health mysteries of male and female infertility.

Infertility is not a disease, but a derangement- a condition where the couple is unable to conceive. The patient may have tried the help of ART=Assisted Reproductive Treatment, starting from simple medication to expensive and invasive procedures, IVF, ICSI, PGD etc. These can lead to anything from derangement in the normal physiology, to gross irreversible pathology, leading to iatrogenic complications. Those most commonly affected are in the age group between 20 to 45 years.

What is the principal of Homeopathy, according to Hahnemann?

Hahnemann says:

  • The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.
  • To treat the patient judiciously and rationally. To restore the sick to health by removing the abnormal pathology and restoring the normal physiology.
  • He must investigate what is to be cured in disease and know what is to be curative in various medicines– without which a physician can not be called the “True Practitioner of the Healing Art.”

So, we must investigate our infertility patients to find out the causative factors, precipitating cause, maintaining cause, obstacles to the cure, abnormal pathology and restore normal physiology.

Infertility is medically defined as –“the inability to conceive after multiple sustained attempts of unprotected intercourse for at least 12 months.” Fertility in men and women is a complex process of the fusion of the gametes (male and female) to produce a new organism or new life. However, fertility tends to decrease with increasing age in both men and women due to social, biological, physical and mental, emotional and iatrogenic factors adversely impacting the child-bearing process. Here I present one interesting, complicated case of infertility treated with evidence based Homeopathic management.


Mrs. K.N.P Age: 28 years

Chief complaints:

  • Patient attended the clinic with a chief complaint of “Secondary Infertility-Sub fertility”
  • Unable to conceive after several years of various treatments from conventional to IVF.
  • H/O: Heavy and painful menstrual periods with acne on face before and during menses.
  • Breasts always painful and presence of discharge in mid-cycle, for the last two-three years
  • Severe Leg Cramps – patient can`t stand for long.
  • Leucorrhoea – White and Yellow – with Itching of private parts and occasionally odors
  • Falling of hair from scalp
  • Swelling of face, feet and ankles.
  • Dyspnoea on exertion.
  • Abnormal craving for raw rice-uncooked rice and sweets. Voluptuous grinding of teeth.
  • Recurrent Cystitis. Burning urination that made her scream before urination.
  • Pain in LIF. Tenderness:+++
  • No sexual desire – because of pain and tenderness in LIF , Painful Breasts and Depression
  • Strong longing for an heir. Obstinate and argumentative for IVF Treatment with husband.
  • Became slow and sluggish with severe mental and financial shock with unsuccessful IVF.
  • Weeping –due to unsuccessful IVF made her to think that she will not be able conceive.
  • Like company and seeking assurance.
  • Remembers long hurts by others and so the couple separated from the joint family.

Constitution: Hydrogenoid – Fair, Fat Flabby with moon face.

Tendency to retain water which developed after Fertility treatment.

Miasm: Psora and Syphilis.

Diathesis: Leuco-phlegmatic

Thermal Reaction: Very Chilly.

Susceptibility: Hypersensitive to every change of atmosphere, family circumstances.

Allergic Reaction: Reacts to many things, developing urticarial rashes, randomly.

Family History:

  • Grandmother – Hypertensive
  • Father – Hypertensive.
  • Mother – Hypertension and gout
  • No fertility problem runs in the family.

Past History:

In childhood she had unknown rash all over her body, which she still gets occasionally.

1995: Married to Mr. N. P., and has normal sexual life. Very healthy, lean, tall, Tubercular type.

Husband: His Semen examinations done 3 times was more than normal every time.

1998: 3 months of amenorrhoea, but pregnancy was not confirmed by any test.

Very heavy bleeding per va-gina after three months amenorrhoea, suggestive of Blighted Ovum.

1999: Diagnosed with Blighted Ovum

1999:13th January: Exploratory Laparotomy was done at local gynaecological hospital to remove the Endometrial Adhesions and to correct Tuboplasty.

2000: 1st August: IVF done at local IVF centre –K***** Hospital and IVF Centre-Anand-Gujarat, India, but remained unsuccessful, so patient decided to go for an alternative option for Fertility Treatment, as conventional treatment was too expensive for her to continue. I started investigating and treating her.

Investigations: Female part


CBC and Thyroid Profile: T3, T4, TSH within normal range.

Urine test: Mild Albuminuria and Pus Cells.

Serological Test has shown gross abnormal level of Rubella IgG.


HSG: done at Dr. J***K Shah on 13-03-2000

Filling defect in uterine cavity is seen. Endometrial Adhesion? Irregularity of uterine cavity is seen. Left sided Fallopian tube cannot be seen, Cornual Block. Mid and proximal portion of the Rt.sided tube is seen. Distal Portion of the Rt.sided tube is not seen. No spillage on Rt.Side. Possibility of Rt.sided Fimbrial end region block. Venous intravasation of contrast is noted.

Suggestive of: Lt. Tube: Cornual Block.

Rt.Tube: Fimbrial Block.


LH: 1.4 miU/ ml……..Very Low

Estradiol: 03 pg/ml…Very Low.

Radiological Investigations:

01-05-2000 at Dr. J. Bhatt`s Heli sonography Clinic

LMP: 19-04-2000

Follicular study:

Date Day of Cycle Rt. Ovary Lt. Ovary Free Fluid in POD Endometrial Reaction
01-05-2000  02-05-2000 14th day 15th day No Follicle  No Follicle No Follicle  No Follicle Not Present  Not present 03 mm  03  mm


USG: Scan is suggestive of ANOVULATORY CYCLE * as there is no evidence suggestive of Endometrial Proliferation. No ovulation occurred. No endometrial reaction.

Analysis from Various Investigations:

The sub fertile patient

  1. Initially, she had Heavy periods + recurrent cystitis + leucorrhoea, either due to Moniliasis or Giardiasis (Homeopathy for Giardiasis) – suggestive of chronic Infections, like Cervicitis and Endometritis.
  2. Blighted Ovum – occurred twice.
  3. Low level of LH and Estradiol.
  4. Hysterosalpingography was suggestive of Left Tube: Cornual Block and Right Tube: Fimbrial Block.
  5. USG: Follicular Study shows: Anovulatory Cycle with poor endometrial reaction.
  6. Serological Investigations: Revealed “Seropositivity” to Rubella Ig G Antibodies.

Note for Rubella Infection:

*Primary Prenatal Rubella Virus Infection may have devastating effects, in utero infections may severely damage the foetus, particularly if occurring during first four months of gestation.

*Primary postnatal Rubella Virus infection is typically a mild self limiting disease characterized by a maculo papular rash, Fever, Malaise and Lymphadenopathy.

Obstacles to cure:

1. Tubal Block 2. Rubella Infection 3. Anovulatory Cycles.


12-03-2001 *Severely Positive Rubella. (Syphilitic Miasm)

Serological Investigations: TORCH at Specialty Ranbaxy Laboratory-Mumbai-India.

Note for Rubella Infection:

*Primary Prenatal Rubella Virus Infection may have devastating effect. In utero infections may severely damage the foetus, particularly, if occurring during first four months of gestations.

*Primary postnatal Rubella Virus infection is typically a mild self limiting disease characterized by a maculopapular rash, Fever, Malaise and Lymphadenopathy.

Homeopathic Management of the case:

Considering her complaints, symptoms and investigations in Homeopathic totality, treatment and management of the case was planned as shown:

Stage: 1. Establishing her normal ovulation. Without it, pregnancy is not possible.Stage: 2. After normal ovulation and sufficient hormonal level, removal of Rubella Infection, to avoid foetal developmental anomalies, accidents and complications.Stage: 3. Then establishment of tubal patency for egg transportation.Stage: 4. There after, she will have normal fertile state to conceive.

*CALCAREA CARB 1M was selected to improve her over all constitutional make up.

Constitution Hydrogenoid. Fair, Fat, Flabby with rounded moon face,Tendency to retain water- Generalized Swelling Water retention is always related to Low estrogen level. Her blood shows Low LH and Low Estrogen level.*Calcareais useful for Pituitary and Thyroid dysfunction….Boericke William.
Compatibility Husband: Tubercular Wife: Calcarea
Generality DiathesisTemperament Scrofulous Leuco-phlegmatic Obese.Fair, Fat Flabby. Overweight. BMI was more than 31.
Miasm Psora –Latent Psychologically very fearful, sensitive, emotional, weeping, Likes sympathy and assurance.
Miasm Syphilitic–Dominant. Destruction is predominant in her case. Blighted ovum, Exploratory Laparotomy, Adhesions and Tubal blocks and latent Rubella infections has destroyed her fertilized embryo. Threat to immune system to carry further healthy pregnancy. No Sexual Desire. Painful Breasts.
Syphilitic Sexual Symptoms: Offensive odours-Vaginal Discharge Hypersensitive —Pain, Dyschasia, VaginismusFainting after sexual activityDepression + Fear Recurrent Infections
Discharge: Leucorrhoea Pain in LIF + Tenderness White and Yellow. With Itching of private parts and occasionally smelling.Pain in LIF, suggestive of Moniliasis and Giardiasis
Thermal Reaction Very Chilly Feels Cold too much Low Immunity “Seropositivity” to rubella IgG Antibodies…makes her to feel chilly.
Bad Effects of Childhood skin eruptions 1.Conventional Fertility Treatment = Water Retention 2. Bad Effects of Laparotomy= Adhesions
Susceptibility Low Spirited. Hypersensitive to every changes of atmosphere, Family matters.Catches infections easily, like cystitis, Cervicitis. Never well since Fertility treatment. Never well since IVF.Started retaining water. Due to Leucorrhoea, she catches retrograde UTI, Cystitis and Endometritis.Became slow, sluggish after IVF.
Allergic Reaction Too many things,Develops Urticarial rash abruptly. Latent Rubella??
PQRS Abnormal Craving Grinding uncooked rice was voluptuous to her. Abnormal craving for Raw Rice-Uncooked Rice And Sweets.

Why Calcarea Carb?

  • Pituitary and thyroid dysfunction.
  • Is a haemostatic.
  • Easy relapses, interrupted convalescence. Persons of scrofulous type, who take cold easily, with increased mucous secretions,
  • who grow fat, are large-bellied, with large head, pale skin, chalky look, the so-called Leuco-phlegmatic temperament;
  • Affections caused by working in water. Great sensitiveness to cold.
  • Crave eggs and eat dirt and other indigestible things; RAW RICE.
  • Mind.-Apprehensive
  • Sterility with copious menses.
  • Before menses, headache, colic, chilliness and leucorrhoea.
  • Cutting pains in uterus during menstruation. Menses too early, too profuse, too long
  • Leucorrhoea, milky.
  • Burning and itching of parts before and after menstruation
  • Hot swelling breasts. Swelling breasts before menses.
  • Breasts tender and swollen before menses.
  • Palpitation with feeling of coldness, with restless oppression of chest; after suppressed eruptions
  • Anxiety about health, future.
  • Despair of recovery.
  • Worry about small things.

Boericke`s protocol:

*To remove the Bad Effects of Surgery: Exploratory Laparotomy:

Staphysagria 1M One dose/ week.

Posology: Frequent repetition of dose

  1. CalcareaCarb. 1M  4 pills morning, 4 pills evening every week X 8 weeks.
  2. Belladonna 200 and Rhus Tox 200 Combinations 4 Pills A.M., 4 Pills Evening X 8 weeks
  3. Pulsatilla-Q 10 drops to be diluted in a glass of water. To rule out Rubella Infection.

To be taken on alternate mornings for 8 weeks.

Complementary to Calcarea : are Bell, Rhus, Lyco, Silica.

After Two months, we succeeded in eliminating the destructive miasm, as shown by the following report.

REPEAT TORCH TEST ON 25-05-2001. Showing NORMAL Result after Treatment.

Now, we were much concerned about her adhesions and Tubal Blocks. Considering internal and external resolvent for adhesions and Tubal block, she was prescribed :

  • 1. Calcarea Carb 1M 4 Pills Twice a week X 8 weeks.
  • 2. Tabacum Thiosinaminum 3X 1 tablet of 5 grain three times a day X 8 Weeks
  • 3. Bio-Chemic Tabacum Silicea 3X 3 Tablets every day at bedtime X Four Weeks.

Why Thiosinaminum?
*THIOSINAMINUM (thiosin-A Chemical Derived from Oil of Mustard-seed)

A resolvent, externally and internally, for dissolving scar tissue, tumors, enlarged glands; lupus, strictures,adhesions. Ectropion, opacities of cornea, cataract, ankylosis, fibroids, scleroderma. Noises in ear. Suggested by Dr.A.S.Hard for retarding old age.—  Boericke Materia Medica, 9th Edition.

Patient started showing significant improvement in her menstrual periods. Ovulation was established and her breast pain was completely gone. She started feeling more energetic, vital and enthusiastic. She regained her normal sexual drive with NO discharge p/v. We advised her to continue Four to Six Follicular Scan to observe normal ovulation pattern. Hormonal assay was also within normal range. Homoeopathically, I was very confident about the outcome of treatment and one day…………!!!!

Pregnancy Test Confirmed on 11-11-2001.

At last: What other proof do you need, to demonstrate evidence based Homeopathy?

Please, Note:

*Patients have consented to present their case for any publication and so gave all their reports and photographs to the Arti Clinic.


© Nikunj Trivedi @ articlinic

About the author

Nikunj Trivedi

Dr. Nikunj M Trivedi was born in India - Gujarat and presently lives in England. He graduated Homeopathy with First Rank in University with D.H.M.S (Gold Medallist) and PG-Hom at HCH London.UK. He was honoured as a Fellow by HMA UK and Fellow of British Institute of Homeopathy.
Dr. Trivedi has practiced homeopathy since 1980 with a full-fledged homeopathic hospital in India till 2004. He was affiliated with various Homeopathic College in Gujarat India. With his vast clinical experience in gynaecology and obstetrics, he treats male and female fertility, problems. He invented a technique to open a blocked fallopian tube with intra-uterine use of homeopathic remedies. He also used potentised L-arginine to correct sperm abnormalities. He works on oxidative stress in semen, an underlying cause of sperm DNA damage. He also worked on eosinophilia, considering the real obstacles to cure in many clinical conditions. Dr. Trivedi migrated to the UK in 2004 and established a clinical practice in Leicester. Presently he serves as Chairman- UK HMA. His publications related to Infertility are:
1. Repertory of Infertility.
2. Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders
3. Sperm Disorders and Homeopathy.
4. Mind at Menopause.



  • I have a similar case anovulatory women with tubes abnormalities. She has never had mucus discharge (ovulation). She is asthmatic, tall, lean. Pretty coldblooded. wart on nose. Craves beer, spice-salty food. She doesnt like desserts or sweets. She feels pretty disappointed and sad because 14 years of marriage and never got pregnant. She had several treatments (hormones, even in vitro fertilization but the embrions did not implant). She had papiloma with lots of warts on uterus that were cauterized. She is allergic to prawns (vomit and hives) and dust mite (asthma). I gave her several remedies that just help with her menstruation. What remedy should I use to induce ovulation? that seems to be the cause of her infertility . I will appreciate any help because she is my cousin and I will be so happy for her if she gets pregnant. Thanks


  • Excellent job.I’m also suffering from this problem.After reading the case ,it resembles with my wife.

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    Dr. Abhisek Ray,Westbengal

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    I am from kolkata. My wife’s age is 30 yrs.
    She got 2 times miscarriage in 2014 And 2015. In which there was 1 ectopic case for which 1 tube got removed and other in bad condition.

    This yr we tried ivf but egg quality was not good.for which it got failed.

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